Your Trouser Snake - Divisions Based on Penis Sizing

Here are Different versions of what people call Penises according to their Size:

Anaconda – Having an Erect penis length of 6.5 inches or greater
This might sound like the best possible size, but for a lot of women a penis this big is going to hurt. "If a penis is longer than her vaginal canal; it will hit the back wall of her vagina, giving her a painful sensation internally," as per sex advisers and authors of Sensational Sex.
Good positions: her on top, where she has control of how deep you go; you on top from behind, but with her body flat against the bed and your legs outside hers – excessive penetration is avoided.

Girth (erect) of more than 5.3 inches
You know how it works, if the key's too big for the lock, there's no way you'll get inside the love-house without breaking in, and nobody wants that. Those with excessive size penis should be careful to avoid injury when shifting from foreplay to intercourse." "Always begin gently, to allow her time to relax and for her vagina to accommodate you. Plenty of lubrication should be used to make movements easier. Ask her to guide you in – one over-enthusiastic thrust and she'll be in pain, as will you.
Good positions: "Missionary is your best bet, as she can relax her body completely."  "Or try it with her on top so she can ease you in herself."
Python - Erect penis length within the range of 4.5 to 6.4 inches
You are ideally equipped to stimulate the nerves ending area which is ideally located in the outer third, closest to the entrance.
Good positions: In any position, you can avoid drilling her through the entire length like a woodpecker in an attempt to impress her. You can dip the nose of your penis in and out of that shallow third to give her the same pleasure and effect.

Girth (erect) size between the range of 4.6 and 5.3 inches
If you're at the lower end of this scale, you need friction in your sexual relationships and plenty of it. Men feel lost inside the vagina with smaller size without getting a full hearty sensation even though women don't usually have a problem with thin blokes.
Good positions: With spread legs and her knees are together if her vagina is stretched front to back rather than side to side – it's elongated yet you will get a tighter feeling and sensation.

Rattlesnake - Erect penis length less than 4.5 inches
You may not have the size of the anaconda or boa, but you've got just as much bite. Men with shorter penises have comparatively more options which larger men don't have in freedom of movement.
Good positions: The coital alignment technique (CAT) Missionary is good, with an added extra push. "You simply ride high, bringing the base of your penis up against her clitoris."  Then, instead of thrusting, rub and grind against her pubic bone. "Since you're not thrusting, it doesn't matter how long or short you are; it's all in the rocking motion."

Girth (erect) of 4.5 inches or below
This is one time when being a Slim Jim isn't ideal. "Try wearing a ribbed condom," suggests Spurr. "This will increase sensation for her."
Good position: enter her from behind as she lies flat on her stomach. This reduces the depth and increases tightness.
With a 19" astonishing penis size, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera just got an offer that could earn him a fortune. The 52-year-old Mexican citizen was offered by Vivid Entertainment in an attempt to negotiate a deal for a sex tape.
Insemination in male animals is generally made possible using the penis as the primary sexual organ that  (usually females and hermaphrodites respectively) during the process of copulation. Most of the vertebrate and invertebrate have a similar organ even though all males do not bear a penis in every animal species. Whichever species that do bear a so-called penis, the penes in the various species are not necessarily homologous.
The penis is present in most species of animals, the major function being intromission, or conveying the sperm to the female. In the placental mammals, the penis bears the distal part of the urethra, discharging urine during urination and semen during copulation.
You can't hold yourselves to yell out the name of your lover as passion peaks out. If you're in a committed relationship, you may even have a nickname for his penis. "Peek-a-boo, I see you!" you coo. When his pecker or penis comes out, you kiss it with love and passion. Unknowingly if you mumble "My little Willie", the ego sets in and his erection is all gone.
The size of the penis is an egoistic affair to any male and never would appreciate being compared to something minute or cutesy. They want their penis to be upheld and respected — like a missile or an anaconda. So, what do you call his penis?
Trouser Snake is an elusive animal that comes in many shapes and sizes. In its limited environment, the rare hooded trouser snake collects cheesy matter and keeps it in its hood. White venom is produced and stored when it reaches maturity. Waste removal system and mouth are operated through one opening. The snake does not like cold weather and will shrink in cold conditions. It stays in burrows in warm conditions, and it spits into in order to mark its territory. It will double up the size quickly in case if touched by any predators so as to frighten them.

How To Catch a Trouser Snake
The Trouser Snake (Trouser serpents) is an elusive creature.  It spends most of its life holed up in the soft, cottony confines of its den; only venturing out on rare occasions to feed and mate.
Trouser Snakes became very popular in the 1920's. Baiting and trapping became so prevalent that they were almost hunted to extinction.
Today, the Trouser Snake population is heavily monitored by the USDA. There is a limited hunting season and only a few approved methods for capturing these majestic beasts.
Heavy regulations have scared most would-be hunters away, but the benefits of catching a Trouser Snake outweigh the costs of finding them.
When a crew of engineers stumbled across this critter while building a dam in the Amazon, many dubbed it the "penis snake," and it's easy to see why. While draining the Madeira river in Brazil, a group of engineers discovered six such creatures, identified as Atretochoana eiselti. It's also the largest known tetrapod to possess no lungs; it's believed that it breathes through its skin, but it's still unclear just how the amphibian manages to intake sufficient oxygen to survive.