Will a Bigger Penis Make you a Better Lover?

In everyone’s life there comes a point, when we want to reconsider our sexual relationship. We doubt that is still good in bed as we think we are? No matter it is your self-doubt or your lack of confidence, such questions are necessary for you in order to maintain a good sexual relationship with your love. You can even notice that women are complaining about their male partners for being a jerk in bed by saying a one-pump chump and other dump words. You must consider that how you could satisfy a real woman. Is having a bigger Penis sufficient?
When we hear women, who are discussing their dissatisfaction with men, it always confuses us. How come all of those women seem to enjoy sex than they think would? Is it all just acting? Apparently, it is more obvious than we think it would be. It is porn conundrum. The easy availability of watching porn has made us aware of many things and so it also aware women. Let’s discuss some of the hazardous effects that we can experience while watching porn.

The hazards of watching porn
Because of the unpardonable porn culture, we misapprehend that, women can be turned on just like a switch. Also, that she loves strangers coming on to them. We are also misguided that women love swallowing. While most of these things turn out to be the opposite of reality. However, one thing remains certain that women love big penises.

Women Love Big penises
Just like men love big boobs, women also love big penises? They just love having sex with well-endowed men. It is not just in porn that men with big penises have much success. For many women having sex with a man who is having a penis like a horse is like getting the biggest jackpot. It is the equivalent of men having the hottest women as the sex buddy. It is also equivalent to women having the hottest male partner with the bigger penis. Women just love the thought of a fantasy of having a big penis sex. The size of dildos and rabbit vibrators should you an obvious clue that most of the women preferred bigger penis size and the preference is more reasonable than you would think it would be.

Big Penis is like a Jackpot
Research says that only 1 out of 20 men would have a penis size that is bigger than 6.5 inches. So, in accordance with this, having a big penis is like hitting the genetic jackpot. The average penis size across the world is between 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches. This size is considered as an average size and is not even considered as large. The 95% of the world’s entire male population has this size of a penis. The real large penises are ought to be considered as 7.5 inches or bigger. Only 2.5% of the entire male population of the world has this really large penis. Thus, having a big penis is like a genetic jackpot. But as described in porn, the idea that women love big penis and big penises are great lovers in the bedroom for making women go crazy over them. Is it really true?

Will Bigger Penis make you a Better Lover?
Finding a real large penis might be a tough job for a woman when it comes to genetics. Although it is not always true that bigger penises are great lovers in a bedroom, but science has a different answer. According to scientific research, men with bigger penises can be better lovers. The bigger penis cannot only anticipate the excitement, but also help the woman to get aroused, and to get into the mood faster. Having a bigger penis would undoubtedly get in contact with more nerve endings which would make sexual contact much more erotic and sensory overloaded. That is why men with bigger penises are not just rare, but they are scarce since women just won’t let them go deeper.  For any man, having a bigger penis would give you a much more attractive scope in the dating market. You would be the blue-chip among the penny stocks and you would be the sure thing that any women would want to be with.

Why should you get a Bigger Penis?
It doesn’t matter that you have a big penis or an average one. You can satisfy your lady love. All you need is to have a technique to stimulate her till sex. There are several ways to make your lady love feel more sexually aroused and energetic, instead of just a bigger penis.
  1. The first thing which you need to learn is to love your woman. Not all of the woman love big penises. Some of them want more of genuine love, hugs, kisses and like being caressed by her loved one. You need to talk to her about her sexual preferences and discuss your concerns with her before indulging in sex.

  2. You can also try out sex toys which are a great way to spice up your sex life. Yes, you can try out them with the utmost safety by following their usage guidelines.

  3. Lastly, there are daily supplements that you can take together with your daily multi-vitamin supplement. These supplements are designed to make your wildest dreams come true. No matter if you can have a bigger penis, but you can have quality orgasms and can perform long lasting pleasure in bed.
Try out Penis Enlargement Pills
For enhanced sexual pleasure, you can also try out penis enlargement pills that are available in the market. All you need is just two capsules or as described in the usage. You will have everything you need to make your penis bigger in a matter of weeks. In a couple of weeks, you should be able to notice a significant increase in the penis size.

Get to know Penis Enlargement transplant
If you are not satisfied with the pills, you can also opt for cosmetic surgery of your phallus. The penis enlargement surgery popularly called as Penoplasty is designed to enlarge the glands by using silicon tube. Although the surgery is quite expensive, you can undergo knives and stitches if you really want to have a really big penis.