What it's Like to Have a Big Penis

During the late 20s, Jordan held all the attention around for showing off his mammoth sized penis. He always said, “I understand human curiosity”. “If I had a friend who had six or seven fingers on each hand or two heads, I would be curious to see them, too”.

On the other hand, Jordan was not getting too near the 40s and the freshness of holding the carnival attention was fading off. Eager to get some action, he would sway around his penis like a hanging rope. He would put it back and the show was over with this.

A drunk man would often ask Jordan to have sex with his girlfriend. He then asked for an encore and asked him to “just let it hang”. Jordan just wanted to shut him up and he went on like that.

As Jordan mentioned, “He literally tried to pull it off my body”. “Maybe he was drugs, trying to drag a man’s penis off like that”.

Jordan could not keep it for long and fell off. He had to sprint to his home. Within next 10 minutes, his complete shaft area was bruised and had blackened.

When the flabbergasted Jordan took on to Facebook to mention this hilarious encounter, his friend Jonah Falcon commented, “You’re not trying to catch up to me, are you?” Jonah Falcon was also recognized as the owner of an atypically large penis organ.

So, this is how it goes for men with giant penises. 

This takes us to another story about mammoth like penises. Todd, who wanted to keep his identity anonymous, shared one his first mishaps happening because of his unusually large penis.

Todd, who is 36 years old now, said, “She was doubled over in pain after we finished”. Further, he added, “Looking back, I don’t know how we avoided the emergency room.” 

He literally explains that the end results of packing a python are not necessarily always bad, but they are countless. “When I tell people that, they kind of laugh”.  Also, he says, “as if I don’t have rights to say it”.

You may also feel like rolling your eyes round, but Jordan, Falcon, and Todd suffer from the consequences of “Unusually large penises, which become problematic after a while. As per the studies of Journal of Sexual Medicine, an average size of an unerected penis lies between 3.5 to 4 inches. On the other hand, the average size of erected penis lies between 4.5-6.5 inches.

Dr. Steixner mentioned that “From what I can determine, if your penis is larger than 8 inches in length when erected, it puts you in the top 2 percent of people in the world”.

Todd was measured as 10 inches in erection. Jordan hit him back by having an inch longer. On the other hand, Falcon boasts an unimaginable length of 13.5 inches. 

With these examples, we like to conclude that, having a huge penis is quite a great thing.

“If a guy could have sex with almost anyone he wanted to,” as Falcon mentions, “he most certainly would. In my 20s, I was like a kid in a candy store”.

As Falcon says, it was great but gradually, those blessings were overshadowed by the related burdens.  

“When guys tell me they wish they had my penis, they look up to me from a sexual, alpha-male point of view”, mentions Jordan. “But, what percentage of your life do you spend actually using your penis for sex”? Set a comparison between that duration to for how many hours you have to carry on with that big burden.

Take bike riding for instance, “It seems like a nightmare with that huge penis”. “Where do I put my penis when I’m on a bike seat? I have to keep my legs closed, but they are rubbing. I end up just sitting in the main thing. If I want to go for a nice ride in the country, the pain distracts from the euphoria of the journey itself”.

Also, he explains the restroom hysteria like, “In a public urinal, if I am not careful, my penis will hand down and touch the edge of the urinal- or say the water”. Because of this, he ended up being a “germophobe”. Also, he had to give up on peeing while sitting down for life. 

As if these general life issues were not enough. He explains problems with condoms like, “I use the largest sized possibly which is 7.5 inches- and it covers just half of my dick”. 

Literally, he has kept his one hand busy while holding one portion of the condom, so that, it doesn’t slip off. Yet, as he explains, “a lot of times, the condoms end up either breaking or slipping inside of her when it’s all done”. 

Also, having people used you for just sex is another painful story. Jordan has accommodated 3 months avoid-sex rule. He says, “I’ll tell girls that I want to wait quite a few months before we do it”. His motive is to weed out those girls, who are purely interested in him just because of his bigger penis.

Life stories go differently for both Jordan and Falcon. Falcon does not have enough time to look for love and feel cherished. He is facing bigger issues with his bread and butter routine. He says, “When employees do a background check on me, they see that I am famous for owning a huge penis- and for whatever reason, that means I can’t do the job”. 

Since he is an actor; he wants to get real roles, instead of just ending up with being a dildo on the screen. 

He continues saying, “If I had a graph that showed how many people on Earth would give anything to have my penis, for that reason alone, I should appreciate everything I have”.

Jordan mentions, “Now, I don’t pull out my penis for a crowd anymore”.