What is Edging

Edging has become very famous and talked about with all sexy blogs and magazines talking about edging these days! What is edging? When it's done by your partner with the intent to control when, how and sometimes how intensely you can cum, Edging is sometimes known as orgasm control. If you're so inclined, you can experiment with edging yourself.

What is edging well for?
Bringing yourself to the precipice of orgasm and backing off, especially if you can do it repeatedly, can lead to more intense orgasms and more gratifying release (more tips on that here). Then if you were a man, as a woman, edging might be easier, a man can have a more difficult time preventing themselves from cumming.

If you want to try edging, get ready to spend more time masturbating or having sex. Keeping your eye on the goal (orgasm) isn't the quickie in mind. It makes it especially fun when Edging can be with the help of your partner which is much more attractive than doing it alone. 

But edging isn't for everyone. Some people find it frustrating. It causes you to miss that window of opportunity, only to lose your orgasm during the session completely, this may be the case if backing off from orgasm. It is perfectly okay when Edging might be easier at some times rather than others. Get it right with these edging techniques?


You might find it more difficult than anticipated if you want to jump right into it as you might be excited now that you know what edging is. Proper edging techniques require you to recognize and understand your body's response to sexual stimulation. You have to know when you're getting past the point of no return as it's not enough to feel the approach of orgasm. No matter how much you might want to edge, which negates the entire process, at that point, you'll likely reach orgasm. However, edging isn't about avoiding that point. Rather, you want to get as close as possible without going over it. Instead of just allowing them to happen, you should begin to pay more attention to the orgasms you already have. As you've always been focused on the end goal of orgasm, this goal can be hard to beat. Enjoying orgasm control or edging, is mastering this skill which is the key to success. Based on the type of stimulation, one thing to note is that this point might feel a little differently. The point of no return if you're using a vibrator on yourself as opposed to receiving oral sex from your partner, for example, you might have an easier time recognizing and controlling. 

To help you get used to edging, here are some tried and true techniques as follows.

With your lover's skilled tongue or vibrator, for example, stimulate your sensitive spots in the normal way. Slow down once you approach the point of no return.

Rather than a quick buildup, use slow and steady stimulation. This method might be a good method to your utilitarian approach If you typically aim to get off as quickly as possible.

As soon as you feel the point of no return oncoming, switch techniques. So move to your fingers from your vibrator.

Move to another type of stimulation after stopping stimulating your current sensitive spot. Move to penetrative sex for vaginal, G-spot or A-spot stimulation, for example, you might back off from your clit. Perhaps you'll take a break from clitoral stimulation and focus on your back door! It can lead to more intense orgasms over which you have more control and may even enable you to have multiple orgasms pleasuring multiple spots at once or in a session!

To prevent yourself from cumming, redirect your focus away from sexual stimulation entirely. Focus on your breathing, you will definitely find it useful. Take the time to focus on each breath and inhale and exhale more slowly which is one of the best unexpected edging techniques. your breathing is probably quicker and more shallow. As you get closer to the point of no return, Imagine your arousal and proximity to orgasm on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not aroused or close to cumming at all and 10 is right on the verge. Where you are on the scale at any given time try to establish and categorize. Back off, slow down or stop what you're doing entirely whenever you're higher than an 8 (7 if you're the point of no return is more fleeting!), 

Tips to make edging even better
Although we at the BadGirlsBible absolutely recommend learning what edging is and how your body reacts to it on your own, especially at first, it's wonderful to add your partner to the mix.! This power will be found by your man over your body super sexy hopefully! 

Your partner probably introduced you to prolonged orgasms and you may even be reading this article because of it. Might be you did not even know what they were called. Your partner could the dominant one. Secondly, to use enough lube it is highly important. This is especially true this will definitely be the case if edging involves prolonged anal or vaginal penetration. To keep the friction to a minimum and to prevent any possible tearing, even your clitoris and vulva might want a little of the slick stuff. We recommend since water-based lubes can become sticky as they dry over time a high-quality silicone lube that's condom compatible.

Can men edge?
You might be wondering if your man can do it, too before you run off to try this edging thing on yourself. The good news is yes, he can! It also involves ejaculation as it can be more difficult for men to prolong orgasm.

When it comes to slowing down or changing parts of your body that you're stimulating you can use some of the same techniques from above. Breathing exercises can also help your man gain more control over his body.

Here are a few male-centric tips to help your lover with his quest to edge:

One of you can reach between his legs and firmly wrap your thumb and forefinger around his scrotum in a loop when he's about to cum firmly but gently tug down to prevent ejaculation.