What are the Health Risks That Come With Male Enhancement Pills

Safety and quality concerns regarding male enhancement pills available over the counter has become a huge matter of health risks all across the globe to people using it. Nevertheless, quackery is everywhere and it is increasing in a large number at a steady rate, according to the National Institute of Aging.  Hence, the use of these sexual enhancement pills are spreading beyond the boundaries as people perceive their use to be safe and healthy to promote overall sexual health and ensure satisfaction in the declining performance anxieties.  But, being herbal or natural, does it really mean that they can ensure your overall sexual improvements without any health concerns?

In the recent times, the widespread of herbal and natural sexual enhancement products has raised an uproar among the global health authorities like the FDA and others as they are an easy escape to be adulterated and to contain unknown counterfeited and hidden ingredients. 
Nevertheless, being herbal and natural products, they do not fall under stringent health security checks and do not require any approval from a regulatory board. That’s being the key reason,  it is widely and easily accessible everywhere such as local stores, food stores and over the internet.

And the dangers are always lurking into these sexual enhancement products.

Why It Is Unsafe To Use Male Enhancement Sexual Pills Or Supplements?
Male enhancement pills are actually designed to treat erectile dysfunctions in men, and their inability to participate in a successful physical intercourse with their partners.

As per reports, almost every type of male enhancement pill may have the containment of higher doses of compounds like sildenafil, the key and active ingredient of Viagra, and sometimes, unknown and tainted chemical compounds of Thiosildenafil found in Cialis higher than the legally prescribed amount by doctors to treat erectile dysfunctions. While even prescribed and proper regulated Erectile dysfunctions drug like Viagra and Cialis could cause medical interactions and other serious health conditions, the counterfeit and tainted herbal or natural male enhancement pills could pose huge health risks to those who prefer using these products.

Simultaneously, the regulatory authorities cannot trace the amount of hidden chemical compounds being used in these products. On the other hand, the makers of such herbal sexual enhancement supplements and pills use vague methods to not disclose the products’ ingredients, their efficacy and safety and also possible side-effects.

The makers are making false hopes in order to capture a larger market share and making false claims to treat the erectile dysfunction issues over a period of months.

Furthermore, it has been observed that people those who have the prevalence of impulsive hypersexual behavior with traces of a few medical conditions like bipolar disorder, borderline personality behavior and substance abuse are twice as likely to use these male enhancement pills.

In addition, these people never shy away from discussing their sexual dysfunctions with their physicians, and likely to increase their health risks by showing more adamant behavior for using male enhancement pills.
At the same time, we can blame the manufacturers’ unscrupulous tactic to avoid mentioning any warning against the use of these products and proclaim them to be safe. The safe tag wins over their trusts and influences them to purchase their products no matter if they read any use instructions, safety or efficacy information.
ED and its causes
It is more likely due to andropause, men suffer from insufficient counts of testosterone level, that declines their libido or sex drive and lead them to face erectile dysfunction. With erectile dysfunctions, as we know, men cannot achieve an erection and maintain it for longer to successfully have an intercourse. ED actually does not allow letting penis get engorged with sufficient blood flow and occurring erection. Despite the use of legitimate methods of treating erectile dysfunctions being there, patients with andropause prefer not using them and opting for these chemically enhanced sexual enhancement products.
The issues of ED are highly prevalent these days among men older than 40 years, and instead of checking with the real issues behind it, the makers of male enhancement pills want to promote their brands claiming these are beneficial to reverse the issues of a wide range of sexual dysfunctions including ED.  
Let’s find out what are the health risks that different types of male enhancement pills are causing to their consumers.

The products to promote and improve overall sexual health with the use of health supplement and pills have always been there over a century. The problem of these products is that they are highly exaggerated and overly promoted to boost sexual health, despite having no proven scientific and research track report to validate their efficacy. Lack of evidence and regulation from the regulatory bodies expose thousands of users to the health hazards.

Health risks
As we have already known that almost every type of male enhancement pills use compounds of prescription ED drugs or pills, the dangers of the ED pills also exhibit and increase our vulnerability to suffer more.
Although ED pills or male enhancement pills work like a vasodilator and dilates the blood vessel to improve the blood flow and cause an erection, its side-effects or health hazard are likely to take a toll on our health.

Muscle pains and body aches
It is common to have permanent muscle pains and aches as well as body ache as long as you take ED drugs. In some cases, you may experience lower back pain or muscle pain in specific region. Most often, over-the-counter pain relief pill can reduce your pain. However, since ED pills or male enhancement pills are sensitive to certain drug interactions, you should not take it without consulting it with your doctor.

Headache is what that is highly prevalent among the users no matter what ED drug or pill from which brand they are using. It generally occurs due to a sudden change to your blood with a higher level of Nitric Oxide that ED drugs cause.
Since, every type of ED pills causes this symptoms of headaches, switching brands of ED does not help you with your problem.
Vision changes
First of all, know it that users having problems with their retina cannot use ED drugs or any kind of male enhancement pills.

As soon as you start using the ED drugs, your sight will experience certain changes and hinder your vision. Blurry vision and poor eyesight are the common signs of ED worst health risks.
It is likely that you can have a complete loss of vision gradually due to use of this drug, which can pose as a serious threat to your vision. Stop using ED medication until you resolve your problem and find a solution from your doctor.

Flushes or redness or patchiness of the skin is temporary, but it can give you discomfort while you go out. The signs of skin redness or blotchy skin eruption come out on your skin, and may erupt to other parts of your body. The eruption can be mild and sometimes severe, and in such situation, it appears like rashes.
While on ED pills, the conditions of your flushes can worsen, if you follow some unhealthy lifestyle like chomping on spicy food, drinking alcohol and going out in the hot summer.

As ED pills or male enhancement pills cause Nitric oxide to increase in the blood, it suddenly affects your system and cause dizziness to you. Although it is mild, and does not trigger any serious health issues, it can interfere with your daily activities, and destroy your concentration at your work. Hence, ED pills or enhancement pills foster products loss at your workspace.
However, when the situation goes out of control, it can cause fainting, which is a serious concern as it can lead to damage to your health.
Stuffy Or Runny Nose
The onset of congestion in your nose or sometimes runny noses can occur due to seasonal changes. But, when you take ED pills, it is quite common to get affected by this symptom of stuffy or runny nose. The sooner the drug gets used to your system, the better as it goes away on its own but till then it can irritate you. You can consult your doctor at the earliest.

Digestive issues  
We all know how irritating and uncomforting is the problems of digestive system. The problem becomes more serious and severe when coupled by heartburn. ED pills cause heartburn or acid reflux when the lower esophagus sphincter in the esophagus relaxes and does not open to let food in, and as a result, the stomach content creeps back to the throat and cause stomach fullness, acidic reaction or sour tastes in the mouth. It cause uneasiness and discomfort that dissolves after some hours.

The problem can be more serious if you already have the symptoms of acid reflux or heartburn.
If you are careless, the simple indigestion can trigger the onset of diarrhea, which can be fatal for you. You can either stop the use of the ED pills or male enhancement drugs or go for some dietary changes. This will reduce your stomach upset.

You can prefer taking lots of fluids like water, fruit juice, and avoid alcohol to improve your conditions. Nonetheless, if the problems do not go away, you can take to your doctor.

More Severe Side-Effects Of ED Pills Or Male Enhancement Pills
So far, these side-effects can be categorized as a minor health risks, but there are some unknown and hidden severe health risks that ED pills cause to you.
Priapism- When erection stays longer than four hours, it is too much painful, and you cannot get relief from it unless the level of nitric oxide reduces and your penis becomes flaccid. The problem becomes too much severe and prominent when you raise its risk by taking male enhancement pills or ED pills.

Sometimes, the severity of the dangers of ED pills can touch a new level when you develop hearing loss. The dangers of potential hearing loss are associated with all types of male enhancement pills.

As per reports of the FDA, it was observed that 29 cases of hearing loss had been reported. At the same time, the male enhancement pills are reported to cause the blood pressure to go down and trigger death.

Sometimes, drug interactions with other medicines like that of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertensions could lead to serious health hazards for patients. And in some cases, the matter can be worse and even results in death.

Popular Male Enhancement Drugs To Cause Health Risks
For the last years, the FDA has issued warning against the use of male enhancement pills or dietary supplements as they cause severe health risks.

Many of the products have more than 45 unregulated ingredients that have been never tested on humans to prove their efficacy.

Boost - Ultra Sexual Enhancement Formula was found to have contained sildenafil although claimed to contain herbal composition. Lighting Rod, a sexual boosting product also was reported by the FDA to contain counterfeit sildenafil citrate. Vicerex, a male enhancement booster contains the tadalafil.

Rock Hard for Men was reported to contain tadalafil and glibenclamide an ingredient to treat diabetes. This male enhancement supplement can reduce blood sugar to dangerous level if not having diabetes.

In other case, if these male enhancement pills are taken without any knowledge of prior health risks, the drug interactions can affect your blood pressure, and bring it to extremely low position, which can be lethal.  

There are more to this number that contain to have unregulated proportions of illicit and tainted compounds found in prescription drug Viagra like Zimaxx,  LIbidus, 4EVERON,Nasutra,  and Vigor-25. All of them and more than 27 dietary supplements proclaimed to be a natural and safe product have ingredients like sildenafil citrate, although they are marketed to contain most erotic, aphrodisiac ingredients with amico acids to boost sexual performance to a higher level.

The FDA warns men not to use these products even for recreational purposes.
Be aware of the risks of male enhancement sexual pills and limit its use, and even better if you stop using it.