What are Aphrodisiacs and How Can They Help in Reducing Impotence

Did you know that certain foods can give your sex life a boost? Natural aphrodisiacs for men will give you details on how to improve your performance in bed and thereby make your partner happy and satisfied.

Men have always in the history pursued every method, to intensify, preserve and redeem their sexual performance and ability, or to motivate the sexual desire of their partners. Consumption of aphrodisiacs has been one of the most common and persistent means that has been used in the past. The advantage of the benefits of aphrodisiacs for thousands of years, in fact, various cultures and civilizations all over the world have been taking. Major sources of aphrodisiacs are certain herbs and natural foods. But, what are aphrodisiacs?

An aphrodisiac is "a drug or preparation stimulating venereal desire"; venereal desire means a strong desire for sexual stimulation according to the Oxford English Dictionary. An agent that arouses one's sexual desire is, therefore, anaphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are also believed to treat sexual dysfunction, which is due to etiological factors and old age In addition, apart from heightening one's sexual desire. Sexual dysfunction is an inability to achieve a normal sexual intercourse including:

Premature ejaculation

Retrograded, retarded or inhibited ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction

Arousal difficulties (reduced libido)

Compulsive sexual behaviour

Orgasmic disorder

Failure of detumescence

According to their mode of action, Aphrodisiacs are classified into two types; these are:

The sexual desire or libido is surged by the first type of aphrodisiac.

By increasing potency, the seconhttps://www.invigoorder.comd type acts to improve the ability to indulge in sexual activity in your quest to a satisfying sex life. An extensive list of natural aphrodisiacs is contained in this article that can be of great help. You'll eventually reap the sexy benefits by including the following aphrodisiacs to your daily diet for sure.

1. Maca
Maca is a plant cultivated as a vegetable produce by the local inhabitants 3,000 years ago that thrives high in the Andes in Peru. During this time, the shepherds of the Andes noticed improvements in overall health and fertility by feeding maca roots to their livestock.

Is possible to enhance health and sexual functions in humans in similar terms. Also, maca root may also help for improving sexual functions. Thus, it became a traditional medicine for erectile dysfunction in men and women, anaemia, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, as an energy booster, immune system booster, memory enhancer and treatment. 

Maca has no role as a sex enhancer in spite of several studied conducted and hence experts aren't sure how maca works as a sex enhancer. It has no role in increasing androgenic activities. Maca root is effective in increasing libido and sexual performance, nevertheless, results showed that how to use it. You can prepare maca chicha after roasting the maca root, prepare it as soup. Gelatinized maca powder capsules are the most common way of consuming maca 

 2. Tongkat Ali
As an aphrodisiac, Tongkat Ali has an age-old reputation. Tongkat Ali as a tree is found a native in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. For fever, fatigue, high blood pressure, malaria, and sexual dysfunctions the root is used as a traditional cure.

Scientific studies to prove its effectiveness because of its potential, Tongkat Ali is subjected to later on. A substance called glycoproteins was identified after years of research by Dr Joahri Saad proven to increase androgenic activities or testosterone production. A patented method of extracting the sex enhancing compounds, which was used in both animals and humans were brought out. Dr Saad also came up with How to use it: Traditionally, Tongkat Ali tea is made by boiling the Tongkat Ali root. By taking Tongkat Ali extract capsules is the most effective way to get the benefits from this powerful plant.

3. Panax Ginseng
In the list of natural aphrodisiacs, you might probably have heard about Panax ginseng over and over again. It is because ginseng is really a potent natural sex enhancer. Panax ginseng is found in places with cooler climates such as countries in Eastern Asia particularly Bhutan, China and South Korea. The product is the fleshy root of a perennial plant usually. 

Ginseng stimulates libido and improves stamina and also it contains steroid-like compounds. A study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research showed more than 60 per cent improvement of men with erectile dysfunction compared to the placebo group with only 30 per cent. 

How to use it: To make tea you can either steep in water or chew the root. Taking a supplement is the most effective way to get the best results from Korean ginseng.

4. Ashwagandha
Ashwagandha belongs to the same family as the tomatoes and is a shrub.  It also bears tomato-like, but much smaller in size fruits in terms of appearance that red-orange in colour. The plant is one of the most potent herbs in Ayurveda and originated in India.

The production of DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone, a hormone converted by the body into testosterone and estrogen is stimulated Ashwagandha as per Studies.

How to use it: Ashwagandha comes in as tea, loose powder, capsules or extract. It is best to take ashwagandha extract in a dosage of 2 to 4ml twice a day for sex-enhancing purposes.           Check with your Doctor first as Ashwagandha is also known to heighten the effect of other herbs or medications. 

As a fertility symbol and an aphrodisiac, Almonds have been well-known. Almonds are vital for fertility, reproductive functions, hormone production (specifical testosterone) and having a healthy libido. Almonds are abundant sources of essential fatty acids. This is as per Dr Charles F. Glassman, who has professionally worked and practised in the field of internal medicine for 25 years. He has remarked how to use it. Almonds can be eaten raw. But moreover, almonds can be used for great exotic different recipes, including baked goods and salads. 1. By adding sliced almonds, Chicken salad can be complemented. 2. Or by adding sliced almonds enrich a sauté of curried vegetables.


6. Arugula
Arugula belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, kale, and Brussel sprouts. It is also known as rocket. With a slightly tangy mustard-like taste, Arugula leaves are overall tender to touch.  Ever since the vegetable is believed to be a potent aphrodisiac, Arugula's origin traces back to the Mediterranean region. To enhance libido and sexual performance Greeks and Romans from the 1st century A.D. used arugula. For poor sexual functions, the Arabs used arugula's leaves and seeds as a traditional remedy. 

How to use it: 1. You can eat arugula leaves fresh. 2. You can also add it to your leafy greens salad or any pasta dish. When the vegetable is slightly cooked, the nutrients are better absorbed 

7. Asparagus
The aphrodisiac properties of asparagus have been for thousands of years, praised by various cultures around the world. The Kama Sutra recommends drinking it. While how to use it, the Greeks have referred to it through love poetry. Till it naturally breaks, you can cut about two inches of the asparagus stalk or bend its spear. Making use of the breaking method will make sure the tender spears are used without any waste. Asparagus can be grilled, sautéed, steamed or roasted. You can use a vegetable peeler to trim away woody and tough stems. 

8. Avocado 
Aztecs named the avocado tree as Ahuacuatl, which means "testicle tree" since a pair of avocado hanging from its tree reminds them of testicles of men. Avocados are great sources of minerals and have potent antioxidant glutathione as it turns out that the Aztecs were sure into avocados. Carotenoids, vitamin E, fibre, vitamin B6 and potassium are all richly contained in Avocados. The intensity of orgasm during a sexual engagement is increased by Vitamin E present in avocados.

How to use it: 1. For a delicious twist on the old-style guacamole Combine cilantro, onions, chopped avocados, lime juice, and tomatoes, and add a dash of seasoning. 2. When you can use ripe avocado as a spread instead of mayonnaise making a sandwich. 3. Mix sliced avocados along with fresh mint, fennel, and oranges if you want to make a great salad.

9. Basil
Basil is related to peppermint which is round and pointed and sometimes mistaken with peppermint for which it's related. It is famous as the main component in pesto, which is a combination of cheese, pine nuts. Basil is used for seasoning various dishes as it has aromatic leaves. Basil is used in the European culture as it can be traced back from ancient Greece.  It is believed to come from Asia.

How to use it:  By placing a layer of fresh basil leaves above slices of mozzarella cheese and tomatoes to make a traditional vibrant and sumptuous salad, you can enjoy a dish with origins from Italy. 

10. Celery
Celery has great benefits for a man. Through its rich amount of magnesium, zinc, potassium and vitamin E, it can give increasing semen volume and enhancing sexual potency. By making it stronger and providing longer erection time as it also has the arginine, which helps to escalate the flow of blood to your genitals.

 How to use it: Celery be used as a flavouring for many dishes. Stalks can be added to soups, casseroles, stews, and salads etc. 1. Indulge in tuna or chicken salad with chopped celery. 2. Enjoy eating celery stalks with peanut butter. 3. By including some celery to it, give your fresh carrot juice a unique taste.

11. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is used in cooking, it is a widely used spice. It is used as a condiment and flavouring. Cinnamon is a known aphrodisiac and also has many medicinal properties. 

How to use it: To benefit from cinnamon, the following methods are used. 1. Boil cinnamon sticks on soymilk and honey for a refreshing warm beverage. 2. For a unique and delightful taste, put ground cinnamon into black beans that are used in nachos or burritos 3. You can sauté lamb with a cinnamon stick, raisins, and eggplants if you want a Middle Eastern meal.

12. Damiana
The word ‘damiana' sounds sensual and a bit exotic for your ears, no? Actually, a plant with a sensual use it's a name of an ancient goddess of love. Damiana is a shrub native to warm, sandy or rocky places such as Texas, Mexico, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. It has lovely yellow flowers. From the age of Mayans and Aztecs, Damiana is used as a traditional bladder tonic and sex enhancer. Mainly its leaves, as a sex enhancer in both men and women, there are a few studies establishing the effect of damiana. Improves blood flow for a better erection and increased sensitivity to the genital area. It contains flavonoids and essential oils. 

How to use it: you can also make a tea out of the leaves also Damiana is available in oral supplements. You won't have to worry about gagging just to achieve its sex-enhancing effect as it has a pleasant taste so you.

13. Dates
Dates from date palm are exotic fruits growing in the deserts. It resonates with other sweet, sensual delights and is a fleshy fruit with a delicious sweet taste. People say it may have originated from the dry lands around the Persian Gulf even though the origin of dates is still unknown.

The fruit was a symbol of fertility and was portrayed in wall carvings and coins thousands of years ago, in the Arab lands. This sweet treat is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibre that make it a potent reliever for various health conditions such as anaemia, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach problems and sexual dysfunction.

How to use it: You can add them to your cereal and when baking cookies, pies, and cakes or you can eat them as such. Dates are even added to other preparations in other places and dates are added to stews and casseroles.

14. Garlic 
Garlic is a strong aphrodisiac for one specific reason: due to its extremely high allicin content, even though it is not a popular choice, however. Allicin helps to improve energy, increase blood circulation and significantly increases one's stamina. People will feel much better If all these properties become synergistic.

How to use it: You can include it in numerous recipes and the role of garlic as a recipe ingredient is endless. 1. It is very popular among the normal public to make an easy, quick hummus dip, purée fresh garlic, tahini, canned garbanzo beans, lemon juice, and olive oil. 2. With olive oil create delightful garlic mashed potatoes, purée cooked potatoes, roasted garlic altogether.