Weight Training – Good or Bad for Your Sexual Life

Sex and exercise--- is there any link between these two phenomena? Well, several types of research have established a direct relation between sex and exercise. Sex- a natural and an intuitive feeling of every living being helps build a good physical health and cure a lot of health complications. On the other hand, physical exercise or weight training is believed to boost your sexual drive. Scientists and researchers have long proved that men who take daily exercise can have better erectile functions and also sexual indulgences.  Lets’ crack what facts establish the truth about these two key factors.

Sex – How does it help boost your physical health?
Sex is seen as a kind of a workout that is why; it is often referred to as ‘sexercise’. How much truth is there in this establishment? A fitness freak or a sportsperson who is engaged with high-octane exercises must feel an adrenaline rush after a session in their muscles, heart, and veins that triggers blood to the right places to rev up the sexual drive in them. This is quite a simple theory. However, did you know the process of sex requires muscle strength to feel the pleasure? Isn’t it quite interesting? The human body has 657 muscles and for every specific action, we need a few numbers of muscles to execute that chore – as stated by a new study from Upbeat Active.

The Muscle Actions
The quick sprint to catch a bus takes 99 muscles to do the chores while texting a message involves 38 muscles. However, the key aspect of the study focuses what length can you go to flex all your 657 muscles during a sexual activity? The bottom line of the research throws a light on how all the muscles of the body can be activated during a sexual performance? If you are an expert and know all the tricks to do it right, you can easily use all the muscles. To get high on sexual pleasure, you need every muscle to fire torch in the bedroom.  Muscles play important role in improving digestion, circulation of blood; and of course the cardiac muscle that pumps blood to the right places.

Muscle Urging the Sexual Actions
Amongst so many muscles, the bulbospongiosus also known as the sex muscle act as a stimulant to ignite the desire between the partners. This is responsible for infusing erectile and ejaculation in men while triggering a clitoral erection in women and not to mention- raising orgasms in both sexes. Hence, the more time you spend between the sheets with your partner, you tend to work out more and unknowingly, make your sex muscle more fiery and active.  
In addition to this, since all the muscles are involved in the sexual process, you are likely to burn as many as 100 calories during a 30-minute session with your partner. Why? Any sexual act involves swapping of positions and foreplay, and they evoke sensuality in you and in the end, your heart rate, metabolic rate, and muscle strength tend to rise up. And at the end of the session, you feel relaxed and stress-free. Therefore, exercise and sex are integrated in a natural way.

Why Exercises Boost Sex Drive?
Testosterone or sex hormone is the key elements to offer a man his masculine features. It is vital for the bone density, development of muscle and the production of red blood cells. This hormone is responsible to ignite sex drive in men and help in sperm production. Women do have this hormone but in lower numbers.Now, how is strength training or physical exercise responsible for the high production of testosterone?
Any form of high-intensity exercise causes the brain to secrete endorphins that help in the production of sex hormones or testosterone. The secretion of this hormone alleviates heart ailments and comfort the body, therefore; you feel primed and love to get naughty in the bedroom.

How Effective Is Weight Training For The Arousal Of Sexual Drive?
Foremost, exercise has the strength to help reduce your stress and thus offering you a better sleep at night. As a result, you feel relaxed.
Unlike regular health exercises, weight training is proven to arouse men to quite a few notches higher. When you hit the gym or workout with weights, you are likely to charge up your nervous systems which cause the blood to flow into the genital area. Simultaneously, the secretion of sexual hormones or testosterone happens together. And when this hormone gets secreted, your sexual behavior gets impacted and you feel aroused.

Keep the Testosterone Activated for better and impressive sex life
Testosterone levels remain at high peak at the tender age but tend to drop with the age. After the age of 30, the level starts getting leaner and between 60-65 years of age, the desire for sexual pleasure decline.Nevertheless, do not break down. Staying physically fit and enjoying a better sexual life depends on your course of action.  Once you reach 40, you must make it a point to hit the gym or workout with weights regularly. Since your sex drive is likely to decline after the age of 40, regular exercises can help you to a great length.

As per the research conducted by Harvard University, men aged between 40 and 60 can experience a good frequency of sexual intercourse if they engage themselves in a regular exercise; while physically active men who exercise regularly can avoid the risk of impotency as suggested by another study published in the medical journal. Additionally, the middle-aged men with poor sexual health can reduce the erectile dysfunction by 70% with the practice of the regular brisk walking.Therefore, it is clear that with a regular physical training in the gym or with your weight tools, you can become a real beast for your partner in the bed.

However, men with low testosterone can heal their lack of strength of sexual pleasure with exercise. But in many cases, it is found that exercise alone is not enough to cure this disorder. In such cases, you must try health supplements or see your doctor for the best advice for an impressive sexual life.