Ways You Didn't Know You Could Stimulate Her Clitoris

The tiny bump over the vagina has been the reason of confusions for men over centuries. This is an important lesson to learn more about women’s vagina when you are on your way to satisfy your girl.

Most men take pride in themselves, assuming they have all the comprehensive insights into the woman’s clitoris and many of them regard this highly sensitive woman’s sexual anatomy as a ‘nub’ or a ‘button.’
And for them, it is quite easier to give their girl stimulation through a display of their penile member, followed by a few kisses. You think these are enough to arouse her and bring her to the edges of an intense orgasmic pleasure. By assuming all these irrelevant things about her reactions to sexual stimuli, you are missing an important approach of women’s sexual satisfaction parameters, which is highly dependent on their clitoral stimulation.

Since, women have so many erogenous zones in their bodies so as to trigger stimulation, it is crucial for you to find the exact spot, responding more vivaciously to touch and stimuli rendered by you.  When you do not know where exactly you need to hit except her G-spot, you need to pay heed to her needs to orgasm. It is time to know every detail pertaining to her clitoral anatomy so that you can make the most of the advances and keep her coming back to you for more.

About The Clitoris
Women’s most sensitive body part clit is shaped like a wishbone, retracting backwards into their body and residing on the sides or on the front of their vagina. The inner labia forming a hood allows the clit to rest in it. As every woman is different, so are their vaginas. The size of clitoris stands between 1/8 to 3/8 inches in most cases.

To your knowledge, the clit is as same as an iceberg. Being wrapped around the vaginal walls, and extended towards the thighs, it remains invisible below the surface.  You cannot see its mystical build unless you retract the hood behind to expose it. Once the hood is brought backward, you can see the tiny clitoral glans, forming the head of the clitoris. And you can hold it responsible to create that magical sensation on being touched or stimulated.

There are many who have inborn larger clitoral hoods, which prevent their male counterparts from triggering a stimulation. However, you need to go deeper down to the clitoral glans and render finger strokes and touches to stimulate her clits.

There is a similarity between a penis and clit and it exhibits the same functioning just like a penis. Being built with twice as many nerve endings as men have, clitoris too becomes fiery and highly engorged when there is arousal.

The majority of women are interested to be stimulated by clitoral frictions, rather than penetrative strokes. So, this is enough to clear your assumption about how women can orgasm to the fullest through clitoral stimulation.
You have full lessons on the woman’s clitoris and know how it reacts to stimuli. Now, it is time to give more attention to the tactics that can arouse her through clit stimulation. Let’s get those crucial tricks to stimulate the most sensitive part of her body.
Go through the step-by-step guide to enjoy sex at your full potential and arouse her clitoral glans for the ultimate orgasm.

Turning Her On
Take into account that sexual stimulation is a cerebral work, and it needs more than just frictions and strokes on her private parts to raise the stimulation, but you need to pay attention to the mental needs to turn her on as well. It is only possible to get her to ask for more and reward the same back to you once she is highly turned on. So, whisper into her ears some dirty words and see her aroused before both of you go naked.

Stroke Her Shaft
It does not need to say, you need to clip your nails and adopt a better hygienic approach while going down to give her clit stimulation. However, right at the beginning, diving to attack her vagina does not sound good and it does not yield you the best result you want from your act. Give strokes in between her thighs, and caress the areas adjoining the vaginal opening as well as labia. A direct pressure on her clits may make her feel uncomfortable and she is less likely to feel the pressure enough to be aroused. So, shift your focus to the right below or just above the clit. Use a circular motion there to build the right amount of sexual tension.  If you like, you can even try your tongue to give an excited stroke.

To note, you should not exert an abrasive pressure on her clit unless you have a clear understanding how she reacts to your touch and strokes.

Meet Her Mons
Her vagina is more than just a clit and other intricate minute parts. Now, get to know her mons pubic or mons as it is called as a short term. This is a triangle shaped area, which expresses its excitement and stimulation on being touched rigorously by you. This is the area, where pubic hair grows. By rendering some pressure and strokes, it is possible to arouse many sensitive nerve endings situated underneath the area. You can press her mons using the heels of your hand, while getting your middle finger to insert her clit glans.  It gives her an exciting feeling and high intensity when building pressure in this region during intercourse.

Take The Back Way
You can put pressure on the walls of the vagina; this may result in building tension in her body as you stimulate her super sensitive regions inside the vagina. Fingering deep inside her clit gives out the same reaction when done for G-spot stimulation. Give her vagina a massage, when her pussy is wet. Do the same when you give her penetrative stimulation using ‘women-on-top’ or rear entry sex positions.