Ways to Guarantee All Night Sex - Channel her Inner Vixen with Fail-safe Moves!

A common notion equates the sexual stamina with longevity. Although, a brisk and reasonably long sex makes the perfect date night, rather than awfully long bangs. But, most of the people would want to last longer than 5 minutes and would not admit lesser than that. If the idea of “making love all night” arouse mistrust in you, rather than confidence, then, this article is for you. It is very important to keep your content in the situation. A cool and composite gesture, makes you last longer. To be exact, it manages the anxiety about the performance.
Try some of the below-mentioned techniques to keep your weapon ready all night!
1. Squeeze it to Hold
Staying longer is more practical than you think. When you don't put a condom on your penis, it reduces the levels of sensitivity. This makes it quite convenient for you to pull off for longer minutes. However, here you have to try one another thing. Experts suggest trying the 'squeeze technique'. “A firm squeeze of your penis with finger and thumb just below the bell end when you think you're about to come will stop it happening”. You can master this with practice and also ask her to cooperate. With multiple practices, you will fathom smoothly with the idea. You should also discuss this with her to get the consent.

2. Time Matters
You might be getting the horny thoughts during your work week, but it’s worth holding it. Caress yourself till the weekend to make pleasure in leisure. You would not want to be lost in thoughts about next working day while caressing her. So, choosing a simple relaxation will serve you a long night with plenty of rest the very next day.

3. Pace of the Race
Multiple sex sessions do not ask you to be herculean. So, never set a goal to be fast and furious. Rather, choose to show your long service with different sex positions. While an extensive missionary may challenge your shoulder strength, the cowgirl position may race a grief in her thighs. So, to keep both of you relaxed, you can choose a convenient one. Something like a, spider web. In this, you both lie on your sides, facing each other. Then, slide your legs into one another, making a scissor-like appearance. The position is perfect to keep a close contact, heavy bang and pleasurable orgasms. Why staying too apart while loving?
Hot Tip: Take a nice nap in spooning position. This will revive both of you, ready to get into action.

4. Sumptuous Massage
Getting into a sex from dusk to dawn will not be easy for your hull. To keep warm and moving through multiple sex positions, plan a pamper time with massage. In this, apply some extra pressure on back, shoulders, and butts. Also, do not forget thighs. A gentle caressing will make her snuggle into you like melting cheese. You can also choose to do wonders just with your hands. A meld of your soft voice and touch will arouse her enough to take you again.  
Hot Tip: You can do the pleasure massage into spiderweb position. This will be much easier for you and delightful. While teasing her with a sensual touch, impress a feverish kiss for good measure.

5. Water by the Bed
It is important to keep water handy for drinking. Your body loses a huge amount of liquid and moisture while making out. A team of British scientists confirmed that, when it comes to losing liquids, one round of sex equates to 3 kilometers of the marathon. So, to keep aqua balance in the body and not get tired out of dehydration, it is important to keep water handy. You would not want to end up in fatigue. So, before you start loving her, drink a plenty of water. It’s an expedient method to keep you fluent throughout the session.

6. For Zealous Orgasms
So, now you have learned to stretch it longer with pleasure. However, for lingering orgasms, you need hands-on in good training. When you delay the ejaculation, it builds a higher amount of sensation throughout your body. Keep yourself bedroom-ready by including an exercise in your routine. When you squeeze your pelvic muscles, to control urinating, the same can work for your ejaculation. You just have to be accustomed to it. A good amount of practice helps.
Make a routine of squeezing them 10-15 times, twice in a day. You have to make in and out movements and set a better control over there. Gradually, you can push it to 75-80. So, don’t shy away from practicing it while in a meeting, traveling, and waiting in a queue. Just don’t announce it with your expressions.

7. Get Relaxed with Breathing
Keeping a check on breathing is important. To keep your sexual energy in check, breathing is the key to control the body. In the puffing technique, you have to pull air from the mouth and pull in the stomach. The constant release of air from mouth maintains blood flow chemistry. This helps in delaying the ejaculation and soothing the blood supply to your penis. So, the moment, you feel that you are about to come, you will force out breath to control it better. This creates a sensation around the abdomen which leads to healthier orgasm. Also, you can try rubbing some ice on your testicles. Remember, that the cube should be wrapped in the cloth to avoid nerve stiffening. Rubbing ice strengthens the ejaculation.
Your living space plays a hefty role in your good mood. Make sure, the room is not cluttered. This can keep your thoughts busy. A good aroma, clean space, and soothing lights add freshness to your psyche and mood. Music that suits your spirit will be a good boost too.
Remember, when you both got along for the first time, and you couldn’t pull yourself out from the sheets? If it’s been a long time, now is the moment to recall the pleasure. Don a different sex personality this time to entice her for better!