Ways men can make their orgasms even better

Ever wonder how you could make your orgasms even better? In this article, you will find some tricks and tips that might just help you get there. Sadly, when it comes to sex, men are not exactly likely to trade tips among one another. Only if they did would they be able to see how much better they can make their orgasms and even please their partners. But no worries, cause right here is the compilation of everything that you need to know in order to max out on the pleasure!
1)Touching your perineum
Also known as someone’s taint, the perineum is the strip of skin that can be located between your buttocks and your balls, which is packed with nerve endings, making it an extremely sensitive area. It has been observed by some men that by applying pressure on this area, they have even been able to have multiple orgasms, which is made possible probably from the stimulation of the prostates externally with the help of the perineum. You could ask your partner to place a finger on that area while having sex and apply pressure until you get to the point where things start feeling good. 

2)Doing kegels
If you ask a woman about the things she does in order to help her sex life, you might hear her mention doing kegel exercises and something along the lines of how it strengthens their vaginal muscles and help with orgasms. Well, guess what? You could do the same. 
Why, you ask? Well this is because kegel exercises work in contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor, which further provides better intensity and control while having sex. You could try lifting your penis up and down using your muscles, while you are erect. You could even try writing the alphabet using your penis.

3)Changes in diet
Getting in shape is directly proportional to a better sex life and you can get there by simply watching what you are eating. You want to include more green stuff in your diet. Spinach can help improve the dilation of blood vessels which further helps with the blood flow down towards the genitals. Folate, which is good for reproductive health, can be found in veggies like kale, cabbage, and bok choy.
Next up in the list you would want to include eggs. Rich in vitamin B, they lead to better orgasms as they ease out the stress and improve your libido. Another thing you can have is oatmeal. One of the most natural ways to boost up the levels of testosterone in your bloodstream is by including oats and whole grains in your diet. More the testosterone levels, better the orgasms.

4)Holding back
Delaying it might seem like quite a task but when it comes to mind blowing orgasms that follow, they are well worth it. Edging, or the process of delaying an orgasm on purpose is becoming a popular way of reaching better orgasms. This can be done by stopping right about when you have almost reached the point of climax and then resuming with a slower pace. You want to repeat this a couple of times before finally letting yourself go.

5)Finding your G-Spot
The male equivalent of a G-spot is their prostate. It can be stimulated externally when some pressure is applied on the perineum. Also, if you want to take things to the next level, you might want to consider some anal probing. Ask your partner to put some lube and put their fingers about 2 inches into your butt. There is a small nut sized lump that you will know once they reach it as it is super sensitive. Once they do get there, ask them to gently apply some pressure and thrusting.

6)Boosting up on testosterone
One of the most major hormones that help with your orgasms is testosterone. So before you indulge in intercourse you might want to stock up on it by trying out some activities that are known to help boost up the testosterone levels in the body, like going for a run, playing sports, watching the appropriate kind of movies for the occasion, or even working out.

7)Stroking your sack
Right before your ejaculation, your testicles tend to rise up above to give you a better orgasm and if you gently press upwards on them right before you ejaculate, you might experience one of the best ones you have ever had. You could ask your partner to place her palm while holding your balls upwards and bringing them closer to your body. Ask them to gently squeeze on them as you get close and it will heighten the sense of arousal and intensify the pleasure while letting you have an amazing orgasm.

8)Focusing on the physical sensations
Don’t allow yourself to get lost in your thoughts, just stop thinking about everything else and concentrate on what you are doing to get the best results. Don’t let your partner’s hot body distract you, stop thinking about that porn video you watched last night, or anything else that might be going on inside your head. Push away all of that and focus on the sensations travelling across your body as you do what you are doing, feel them and let your body respond to them naturally. Just keep your mind focused at that one place and you will see how much better you can climax with the help of that.

9)Breathing right
Slow down on your breath until it matches with your thrusts. When you reach closer and closer to climax, you will notice how your breathing becomes faster, but by slowing it down you can help control and make your orgasms better. The concept is inspired from tantric sex, where you need to move your strokes with the help of your breathing.

Now that you know the secret stuff, use the above mentioned tips and let yourself reach the mind blowing that climax you have always wanted.