Touching the Right Areas

So, you know all the tricks and techniques to please your woman. Maybe, you are good at it downtown and you do not require any special and comprehensive insights into how a woman reacts to your touch and strokes. Sure, your moves down are great hits and you are satisfied knowing your woman is all done well. But, things which are done repeatedly on a daily basis lose its interests, edge and look very tedious.  This is what something ruining for your sex life.

Are you up to scratch your head and finding no ways how to actually do it? Fret not. There are plenty of ways to please your woman by knowing how to touch them appropriately at the right areas. Women actually have lots of erogenous zones in their bodies to be stimulated, which give them ultimate pleasures and prepare them for more again and again.

However, identifying those erogenous zones always work best for both you as she seems quite stimulated and feels more connected to you and more interested to return what she receives from you.

So, when it comes to touching her at the right areas, you must know what is the erogenous zone in a woman’s body?

It is the area, which responds to touch and strokes and feels stimulated to have an arousal. Eventually, the arousal results in a great motion of sexual bliss or orgasmic pleasure.

Now, let us see how to touch their erogenous zones for the ultimate development of sexual arousal and orgasms. The most common erogenous body parts of women are nothing new to you, including their breast, nipples, and clit. However, rather than these usual areas in the women’s body, there are other parts as well to stimulate. When you are accustomed to do that common stimulation to your woman, there still remain some important things to be tried on her as you do not know how to carry them.
Taking Your Time To Arouse Her
Always aim to save much time later in the session, which is worth for an excited sex session. If you do not play it with time, maybe, she loses her interests, when you go down south to act immediately with vigorous thrust and penetration. This will work inversely, and she appears less interested to carry on with you, and eventually she ends up faking it lest you do not hurt your ego.

So, try to take your time to prepare her and slow the whole process. Take her for a sexy shower. This ensures you try anything you like, such as fingering her, penetrating her or mouthing her. Plus, it wards off her apprehension and concerns about herself being clean, if you work at her down.

Get Her Wet Again
It is not that you are going to wet her with a shower only. When it comes to taking her to a new height of sexual thrill, you must pay heed to her clitoral region to make her wet. If she is wet, it works better for you to reach the same height as same as her. So, now turn your focus to tease her genitals without intruding into her too much with your fingers. As you are kissing her, squeeze her thighs between her crotches. Move up and down and grind in there. This is how it works to stimulate her erogenous zones like her clit indirectly, and make her gasp for more. Another way you can make her wet. Do not hit her clit directly. Try to stimulate it with her pants on. Now, move your fingers over her vagina, and give her a friction over her panty. This will build a greater level of sexual tension between her thighs, and she seems to be readily eager to jump at the work.
Find Her Clit Now
If you want to give her a quick orgasm, you need to find her clit at the quickest possible time. Find her labia minora and her inner lips to find her clit. Just below the pubic mound, you can spot her labia minora, which is a part of the clitoral hood. The clitoral hood lies just above belly button. Now, put your finger into it, and retract it close to her belly. It now exposes a small button, it is her clitoris.
If you want to know about a woman’s secret spot of pleasure, get to know not every clit is the same. Some women have a large clitoral hood, while some do not possess it. And some clits love to hide and some pop out as usual.
Therefore, you need to explore this secret spot with precision and careful attention. So, when you find it, just see how it is engorged with blood and it looks so lusty to be doused off.

Exert The Right Pressure Into Her Clit
So, when you find out her clit, it is time to put the right amount of pressure inside it lest she does not get hurt. To confirm about your stroking, you can ask her preference indirectly. When you go by her guidance, she will be able to achieve a faster orgasm.
You can try caressing the area outside her clit as some of the girls have sensitive zones outside. So, apply pressure there to arouse her sensuousness and take her to the heights of orgasms.
For a magical hand-job to her clit, you can find her shaft, which is as similar as a man’s hand-job. It is a thin wire attached to upper labia. Grasp it and stroke it slowly to up her sensation.
Apply more than just stroking and touching. Most women love the sensations of tapping. Use different motions and moves on her clitoral hood to increase her sexual tensions.   

Stick To The Same Strokes
Stick to the strokes while you are stimulating her as they are wired to rhythmical stimulation during foreplay. So, don’t change the motion. Keep the motion steady and get going. Now, look how she quivers in orgasm. This is pleasing to your eyes as well.