Top Techniques to Last Longer In bed

Sex is a phenomenon that does various good things for your well-being. The more you indulge in it, the better benefits you are likely to get. It is not hidden to anyone that sex itself is an exercise that keeps our heart, lungs, and blood circulation in a good condition. Well, a single session of sex can burn an average of 100 calories. In a 30-minute session, women are likely to burn 213 calories while men burn 276 calories. Hence, sex is no less than a physical exercise that intensifies our bones, tones muscles. With more time spent in bed, you can reap a good number of benefits.

Benefits Longer Sex Duration Offers
Male hormone testosterone and female hormone estrogen are believed to offer youthful appearances for men and women. With a regular practice of sex, it promotes these hormones, making the heart healthy. Hence, the longer the time of sex, the more secretion of these hormones and the better orgasms.
Sex boosts immunity through the release of endorphins.
Sex improves psychological well-being and makes you confident about having a great sexual pleasure.  
When it comes to sex, women want a longer period of sexual intercourse from penetration to ejaculation. An average time period of the male sex is seven minutes. Therefore, women prefer to last longer in bed. In many cases, the lack of knowledge about the proper sex act may prevent you from having a great sex.

Reasons Why Some Men Cannot Last Longer In Bed
It gives a certain sort of mental pleasure when you finish your assignment quickly and early. But, how about getting it fast during a sex? Well, a fast act of sexual performance cannot properly feed your partner's sexual appetite. Men around the world are quite insecure when it comes to sex and their penis size. Except for surgery and clinical interventions, men cannot do anything about their sex organ. But abstaining from premature ejaculation can help men have the sexual satisfaction to the fullest potential along with making the sex last longer.

Premature ejaculation is the foremost factor for so many causing the quick and early sexual activity, making them distressed and unhappy about their sexual life. This disorder is baffling every couple and wreaking havoc on their married lives. As per a study, men on an average end up reaching their climax as quickly as within two minutes while the average period is seven minutes.

On the contrary, women take four minutes more than men.Whereas premature ejaculation is concerned, the condition can be treated with a doctor’s consultation. Otherwise, there are several unknown things that can help you last longer in bed while controlling ejaculation from happening.

Ways to Hold Back The Premature Ejaculation
Trick #1: The Squeeze- by controlling your ejaculatory tension, it is possible to last longer in bed. And to do this, the squeeze technique can assist you in your endeavor. All you need to do is hold the tip of your penis and squeeze it under your penis when there is a sensation of orgasm. Use thumbs and forefingers to put the pressure back on the urethra. This can actually help send the blood flow out of the penis, thus restricting the orgasm.  

Trick #2: Biofeedback- in general, with the practice of Biofeedback, the physical response to stimulation or generally known as by the medical term “neurophysiology” can be controlled. Amongst many Biofeedback procedures, the most practiced one is the technique helping you bring to the edge of the climax prior to abstaining from all sexual acts until you control your orgasm. One of the best techniques to avoid premature ejaculation is believed to be as similar as the edging. When you master the skill, you can easily make your brain and body control your orgasm reactions.
Note: Penis lubrication is necessary while doing the edging to prevent chaffing and pain. 
Trick#3: Allow Your Woman first- No matter what best technique you use to arouse your lady. Allowing her to reach the climax may alleviate your tension and also the pressure on you. And as a result, you tend to last longer in the bed.

Trick#4: De-Sensitizers- In the surgical field, using anesthesia is quite common to cause the loss of bodily sensation. The same technique can be applied to your penis to make it insensitive, so as to avoid the premature ejaculation. In the local market, you can find lots of such desensitization products to lessen the sensation of orgasm quickly. Be remembered to use always a spray as it can control the over-use of the elements and avoid transit to your partner.

Trick#5: Prefer the thickness of Condom- condom with thin layers tend to get torn or burst when pressed hard. However, condoms with extra layers of thick rubber can function as a slip-on desensitizer. Hence, it can adjust to your penis in a good manner and also help avoid premature ejaculation. So, always go for a thicker condom for a lasting impression.       
Other than these techniques relating to preventing premature ejaculation, there are some interesting unknown secrets too that can help you last longer in bed.

Circumcised Adult:
A circumcised adult as compared to an uncircumcised adult can enjoy a longer sex period with his partner as reported in the journal “Adult Urology”. In addition to this, the circumcision in adulthood can be beneficial in terms of ejaculation rather than a complication. It helps in holding back the sensation of the penis and also the ejaculation for a longer time, thus making the period of sex longer.
The longing for spending more time in bed with a partner is desired by a woman too. But sometimes, they fail to stay longer in bed and hold back their orgasms. As per the study, a woman should have three orgasms per week, but to her dismay, she ends up with only one. To fight this concern and make the orgasms last longer, a few tricks can be helpful.

Tricks for women to last longer in bed
Trick#1: Edging- As stated earlier, it is a technique to hold back before reaching the climax.Practicing this a few times makes your orgasm better and stronger.

Trick#2: Distracting- Sensitize your clitoris before nearing the orgasms. Give squeezing or tapping your genitalia a try.

Trick#3: Pausing-  Pausing onset of the climax is a good trick to avoid early climax. Move away from the hands of yours, your partners or his penis’s when you near the orgasm. Relax and settle down for a few moments and begin again.  
Last but not least, what can be a better option than to ask a help from a health expert when all the tricks seem to be a failure? Regarding this, a sexual dysfunctional specialist can help you overcome your problems and last longer in the bed.