Top 5 Most Essential Ingredients In Male Enhancement Pills

According to research from the internet, down below are the top 5 most essential ingredients that are used in male enhancement pills:

Tribulus Terrestris
This age-old Chinese aphrodisiac has been in use for making of male enhancement products for thousands of years. It has been scientifically proven that this ingredient positively affects libido and stamina of an individual along with increasing one’s muscle tissues. This is possible due to the fact that Tribulus Terrestris contains diosgenin, a phytosteroid which is responsible for improving the sex drive and energy levels of an individual. It is known to enhance the androgen receptor density present in the brain which increases the libido. The fruits obtained from Tribulus have been found to help protect organs like liver and kidneys from oxidative harm and bring about anti-stress outcomes which make Tribulus an adaptogen. Moreover, it has also been found that this ingredient helps in the rise in levels of free testosterone present in the body which further elongates the penis and also upgrades one’s sexual performance. As the levels of testosterone are boosted by this ingredient, one noticed side effect is increased muscle mass.

Maca Root
Found mostly in higher altitude regions of Peru, this ingredient is obtained from the root of Maca plants and is a major ingredient in any male enhancement pill known to man. For a long time, it has been used in increasing the stamina and improving one’s sexual drive.
It benefits one’s hormonal balance, boosts health and energy levels as it is rich in nutrients. It is also known to increase fertility, in both men, and women. It makes the sexual functioning better, at the same time resulting in better memory and focus. It is also considered to be an adaptogen (a substance that naturally acts as a stress reliever). Consumers of maca root have been noticed to feel more energetic and lively as it restores the hormonal balance in the body and elevates levels of endorphins that have a positive effect on the physical as well as mental state of the individual. Black maca is known to have a good effect on the production of sperms in the male body. It helps improve one’s prostate health as well.
It also helps the consumer have more persistent and intense erections. 

Emblica Officinalis
Commonly known as ‘Amla’, or ‘Nellikka’, it is one of the most referred to herbs in books that treasure Ayurveda. It is known for granting energetic vigor and power, helping the consumer last longer and perform better. It helps escalate one’s sex drive by improving stamina and vitality. It has also been known to increase the sperm count or sperm volume. This is made possible as amla, or Indian Gooseberry mixes well with the natural human body’s system and nourishes glands that are responsible for secreting semen.
It can also enhance one’s sperm quality as it contains traces of iron and zinc.It betters the blood circulation towards the genitals, which in turn assists erectile performance along with potency. Apart from these things, the fruit also strengthens the memory power of an individual and ‘Chawanprash’, a popular ayurvedic tonic majorly consists of this ingredient. It also helps boost one’s immunity and metabolism. It is known to improve eyesight and remedy common ailments such as a cough and flu. Amla also helps reduce cholesterol levels and flushes out toxins from the system.

Epimedium Leaf Extract
Another name for it is “Horny Goat Weed”, and it helps eliminate the issue of erectile dysfunction and improves sexual desire and libido in an individual. Containing icariin, a PDE-5 inhibitor which makes more amount of nitric oxide available to the penis, further aiding its increase in girth, length, and size, in general. According to an Italian study, it was found that icariin is capable of having a similar effect on the erectile tissue of the penis as viagra.
It is known to have anti-aging properties and works as a memory enhancer, as icariin is known to enable in increasing flow of blood to the brain which works in improving the memory and learning ability of an individual.
It is an important ingredient for any male enhancement product since it allows the above-mentioned nutrients to flow from the upper body to the penis. It becomes even more fruitful when incorporated and used with other ingredients in the male enhancement product that is responsible for boosting the production of testosterone and dopamine in the body.

Moringa Oleifera
Also known as Sigru, it is one variety of Indian drumstick which works wonders in improving prostate health. It can even help prevent prostate cancer, thanks to the anti-tumor properties that are gifted to it by the isothiocyanates present in the plant. This ingredient has proven out to be helpful in maintaining the prostate health of middle-aged and old-aged male consumers in the country. It also helps improve one’s reproductive health, in general. It’s anti-tumor properties help it work as an aid in the treatment of diseases like genital warts. Moringa has been found to be effective in increasing sex drive and energy in both men and women, alike.
Some other health benefits of Moringa include lowering blood sugar levels, being rich in antioxidants, reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol levels and protecting one from arsenic toxins. Moringa leaves are widely known for being highly nutritious, rich in proteins, vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, and riboflavin. It is also known to help protect and nourish the skin as it gets hydrated and restores the natural moisture barrier. In addition to all these things, Moringa also contains serotonin, a hormone that helps stabilize one’s mood and betters the brain health.  
With so many male enhancement pills available out there, it can get confusing to find the right product.

Which one to choose?
The ideal product of choice would be one incorporates all of these ingredients.
However, many male enhancement pills that are available in the market at the moment have only a handful of these ingredients. Invigo, one of the leading products at the time, contains three of the above-mentioned ingredients, namely; Emblica Officinalis, Tribulus Terrestris, and Moringa Oleifera. It is, by far, the best choice in terms of meeting the consumer’s needs.