Things You Didnt Know About Your Penis

Given men and their fascination with penises, it is quite shocking as to how little they actually know about their most valued possessions. In this article, you will find everything you need to know in order to be strong, healthy and action ready throughout your life.

1)Smoking is injurious to penile health too
Being a regular smoker can actually shorten the length of your penis by a centimeter. Having an erection is all about the blood flow down there and smoking can seriously mess things up by calcifying the blood vessels, which stifles erectile circulation as a result. 

2)Skin can be grown for burn victims
Surgery had made almost everything possible. The skin down there can now be grown using the foreskin from the circumcision procedure performed on infants. One foreskin is actually enough to generate as much skin as 23,000 square meters in area.
3)Effect of prostate on penile functioning
A prostate that has become enlarged in size can lead to problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. So if you do happen to have either one of these problems, your doctor would probably be interested in checking up on the health of your prostate to see if it is related.

4)Average timing of an orgasm
For men it happens to be 6 seconds, while in case of women it can take upto 23 seconds. If there were to be a debate on equality, men would want to be granted four orgasms on every one of their partners’.

5)Oldest species with a penis
It is the Colymbosathon ecplecticos, which is a hard shelled sea creature. The Greek name translates to being an amazing swimmer with a large penis.

6)Circumcised foreskin can undergo reconstruction
The movable skin present on the shaft of the penis is pulled upwards toward the tip and then using tape, it is set in place. Later on, doctors may add rings of plastic, caps or weights. After passage of some years the complete coverage can be attained. 

7)Tough oral odds
As it turns out, only one out of four hundred men have enough flexibility down there to be able to give themself oral pleasure. According to estimation, all of them have given it a shot at some point or the other in their lives. 

8)Types of penises
There are two different categories of penises. One of them consists of the ones that expand and increase in length when they become erect. These are called the growers. The other category consists of the ones that appear big all the time but hardly grow in size upon an erection.

9)A grower or a shower
A survey report suggests that 79 percent of men out there have growers, while 21 percent of them happen to have showers. 

10)Average intercourse time
According to researchers, the average time of intercourse happens to be 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Women, however, seem to think of it to be 5 minutes and 30 seconds. 

11)Does size matter
In some cases, yes. You can achieve a better semen displacement while having intercourse if your penis is longer in size. This was found from research done using artificial phalluses in order to test the scooping mechanics of the coronal ridge of a penis.

12)The most enjoyed penis
History suggests that the most enjoyable penis, or the one that has been ridden by the most women, could belong to King Fatefehi, who took away the virginities of around 38,000 women in a matter of 14 years, between 1770 and 1784, which brings the figures to as many as 7 virgins per day.

13)Looks matter
Having good looks can mean that you have stronger sperms as well. In a research, women were shown pictures of men who produced 3 different kinds of sperms: good, average and lousy. They were then asked to pick the most handsome of them all. More often than not, the women seemed to pick the man who produced the strongest sperm. 

14)Ejaculation does not require thinking
That is correct. The order to ejaculate comes from the spinal cord, and not the brain.

15)Too much masturbation is dangerous
Penile ruptures happen mostly due to vigorous masturbation. However, that does not happen to be the only damage that you can inflict on yourself via masturbation. Too much of it can lead to opening up of abrasions present on the shaft of your penis, which can make you vulnerable to catching an infection. Almost 60 percent of penile fractures can happen due to masturbation as a result of squeezing the penis too hard. Also, while stimulating oneself during masturbation, some men happen to cram things into their urethra and as reports suggest, it almost never works out well.

16)One can deadlift using their penis
There is an actual thing out there known as the iron crotch. It also happens to be a legitimate form of Kung Fu. A martial arts instructor, Tu Jin Sheng in Los Angeles teaches his students to lift weights with straps that wrap around their flaccid penises, which are actually trained to life more weight than an average man can bench press. He became famous in the 2000s for being able to tow a tractor trailer using just his manparts and then two years later for pulling a world war 2 fighter plane weighing 8,000 pounds on a runway, which was broadcasted on the National Geographic channel. 

Even your erection can be categorized under different types. The stiffness of your penis, or your tumescence may be measured to lie under one of these four categories- fully engorged, big but not rigid, not rock hard but hard enough for intercourse, and not hard enough to penetrate. This scale was developed by scientists who were testing the drug called Viagra in the 1990s. It was done by asking men to rate their hard ons on the basis of their confidence and frequency of having intercourse. 
Well, that uncovers quite a lot of information that you might not have known previously about the favorite part of your body!