Things You Didnt Know About Orgasms

An orgasm, or, the climax of sex, in other words, triggers a whole other world of biological processes as it leaves you in a state of euphoria. There is more to an orgasm than the pleasure it brings. Read along to find out more about what is for sure the best feeling in this world.
Here are some facts about orgasms that we bet you didn’t know:

1)It gets you feeling high
Brain scans were performed on men while they experienced an orgasm in order to see what goes on in there and studies revealed that during climax, the most excited part of the brain is the ventral tegmental region which is meant for a person to feel emotions associated with being rewarded. As it happens, the same area of the brain lights up upon use of heroin, which makes an orgasm almost as effective as drugs in making a person feel high.

2)It feels better with your partner
Solo loving is surely fun, but if you really want to the most out of an orgasm, you would probably want to include your partner in it. After you reach an orgasm, a hormone called prolactin is released into the body. It is capable of disabling your sex drive for almost as long as an hour and that would explain why you suddenly find yourself bored after shagging off to pornography. It was found from research that both men and women release 400 percent more of prolactin when with a partner as compared to when they masturbate. 
3)You fake it sometimes
According to research conducted during a survey at a college in the USA it was found that around 28 percent of the guys had happened to fake an orgasm with their girlfriends. One third of these guys said that they had been too drunk to reach an orgasm while half of them revealed the main reason behind their faking it to be wanting to go to sleep. Since most of the guys who faked it happened to be in committed relationships at the time, they did not want to hurt the feelings of their partner. On being asked about how they faked it, they answered it was done by louder moaning and speeding up of thrusts and even hiding or discarding the condom afterwards.

4)You can do it again
The time between a man’s last orgasm and his ability to get hard again, known as the refractory period, for most guys, can lie anywhere between a few minutes to an hour. A case study suggested a German man to be exceptionally capable of being able to keep things rolling merely after 3 minutes of a climax. Upon collecting blood samples right after he orgasmed, his body was found to produce no amount of extra prolactin, which allowed him to get excited again quicker than other men.

5)You might not necessarily enjoy it
There exists a medical condition in which genital stimulation brings about all the signs of an orgasm, like the ejaculation and contraction of muscles, just minus the pleasure. The good news is that it is rare to be found in men. However, the condition is caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs like Prozac, Zoloft), which is a class of antidepressants. It can persist even after the person stops taking the medication.

6)Your belly determines the amount you can ejaculate
On an average, the amount of ejaculation released during orgasm is 3.4 milliliters, given that you are not overweight. According to a study, men having a BMI of more than 30 were found to be capable of producing only 2mL or less of ejaculation upon climax. The exact cause of this could not be determined but some theories include lack of exercise and proper food diet which may lead to a reduced volume of semen to be produced or the extra fat hampering the sperm production.

7)You can get pregnant even without an orgasm
Most men happen to release a pre ejaculatory fluid which helps as lubrication during intercourse and clears out the path down the urethra for the semen to pass through without any complications. This pre ejaculation happens during foreplay and sex. When this fluid was analysed by scientists it was found that 41 percent of the men produced sperm containing pre ejaculate. So if you are not trying to make a baby, you may want to use protection for the entire duration of intercourse.

8)It can cure pain
When you orgasm, your brain gets flooded by feel good hormones called endorphins which have an ability to block pain. According to studies and research performed on patients suffering from migraine, it was found that around 60 percent of them felt the pain fade after they had an orgasm. Researchers also believe that athletes who participate in marathons have higher odds at curing a headache by having an orgasm given how their bodies are conditioned with a capability to release more endorphins than that of a less physically active person.

9)It constitutes largely of minerals and vitamins
From a study meant to develop an artificial semen substitute, it was found that semen consists of a bare 1 to 5 percent of sperms. The semen used in porn videos is mostly fake and could be anything from a colada mix to hand soap. Just like any other fluid in our body, semen too mostly consists of water. About 10 mgs of sodium, less than 0.2g of protein and 9 mgs of fructose can be found in a typical load of 3.4 mL of semen. It also contains minerals like potassium, zinc, chlorine and calcium.

10)Semen can travel pretty fast
The average speed of an ejaculation was found to be 28 mph, which is almost as fast as the speed of the fastest man on earth. However, after they leave your body, the sperms slow down and take, on an average, around 5 minutes to enter the woman’s cervix.