The Best Condoms

It can be tough to find a condom that you both approve of. This article will help make things easier. They key is to find the right condom for you.
Most people are not very fond of condoms as they find them to be obtrusive and bulky. But the truth is that if you think condoms suck, it is probably because you haven’t found the right one for yourself. You want to find the one which will give you a perfect fit but that can get confusing to figure out due to the wide variety of designs, textures and materials available out there. 
Here are the top rated condoms and details on each one to help you out while making your choice:
1)Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy
This condom has been voted as favorite by a majority of guys out there. With its shape like that of a baseball bat, it allows more access for movement inside, having two different sets of ribs, with lubrication on both the sides, inside and out. The testers for this condom said that the lubrication lasted for a long time and the ribs provided a pleasurable experience for the ladies as well. It has been rated high in terms of fun and comfort, while not so much in terms of natural feel.

2)Trojan Charged Orgasmic Pleasure
Priced at 6 dollars for a box of ten, and lubricated on both sides, inside as well as outside, this condom contains L-arginine, which works in heightening the sensation down there. The difference was felt by the testers of the condom, who said that they could feel a cool and tingly feeling down there. On the other hand, some testers even said that it felt too cold and as a result made it too sensitive for them. The condom is highly rated for comfort and increased sensation. But when it comes to lasting long, the ratings for the product were not up to the mark.

3)Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy
With a shape resembling that of a slim light bulb, this condom happens to be ribbed at the base, and is so designed to maximize the woman’s pleasure. The roominess that this condom provided made the male testers feel like the condom had fallen off but the women seemed to enjoy quite a lot. It has been highly rated for the woman’s pleasure and comfort. It is not rated well in terms of providing natural feel.

4)Durex Extra Sensitive
This condom was designed with the sole purpose of keeping it super thin so as to feel less like a condom. The sleek design helps with keeping things as sensitive as possible. The testers of the condom said that it indeed felt like having sex without a condom on. This was helpful for many of them to be able to maintain an erection for a longer period of time. It is rated highly in terms of natural feel and comfort. However, when it comes to the woman’s pleasure, it does not help much.

5)Lifestyles Skyn
The material used to manufacture this condom is polyisoprene, which is believed to be more soft and stretchable when compared with latex. Some of the testers thought it to be too thick, while some enjoyed the fact that there was no latex smell. One of the testers said in their feedback that it gave a slick feel without having any actual lubrication. It has a high rating in terms of comfort and natural feel. But when it came to increasing the pleasure experienced or helping the guy to last longer, it did not do so well.

6)Trojan Twisted Pleasure
This condom is one of a kind with its large head, shaped like a spiral which helps create friction by twisting around during intercourse. According to the testers, it created a corkscrew-like sensation, which turned out to be a completely new sexual experience for them. But when it came to buyers, it turned out that only 7 percent of the men seemed to like it. It has received a high rating for fun but when it comes to helping with maintaining an erection, it was rated pretty low.

7)Durex Performax
The tip on the inside of this condom has a coating of a lubricant that contains Benzocaine and is activated by body-heat, which helps with reduction of sensitivity. As it slightly numbs the penis and decreases sensitivity, it gives you more time and helps you last longer, increasing the chances of the woman reaching climax before you do. 

8)NaturaLamb Trojan
This condom is made from natural animal membranes, making it latex free. It has a fresh aroma, with a thin and flexible texture which feels almost like a second skin. However, there is little protection that it has to offer in terms of STD, so it would be recommended for couples who have been tested. It has been rated high for giving a natural feel.

9)Trojan Magnum Twister
Voted as the best condom for thrill seekers, it is 15 percent larger than standard condoms. Any kind of penis can enjoy the decreased restriction provided by these condoms. The twisted shape at the end and the extra latex helps create an additional amount of friction that provides more pleasure. It has been highly rated for comfort, but when it comes to reliability, it does not do too well.

10)Kimono Micro Thin Aqua Lube
While it is not the best on the list for condoms that barely feel like they are on, it still does pretty well. Along with providing protection against any kind of STD, it also gives minimal feel of anything being present in between the couple’s private parts. It happens to be almost 20 percent thinner than other condoms of similar build, and it was even able to pass when tested vigorously. The water-based lubricant makes things extremely smooth, while also being non-messy and the thin texture helps make sex more intimate and enjoyable, for both men and women.