Sex with Your Ex-Girlfriend

She's in Bed With You Again!

Didn’t you ever think of having “one more time” with your ex? Chances are higher that you have. No matter you contacted her on Facebook or she bumped into you in a bar. All the ex-girlfriends have a unique style of attraction. If your current relationship status is messy, then when not try hitting your ex one more time. Yes, it’s hard to impress her because of the messy breakup, allegations, and broken heart. But when it comes to seducing her, wash out all the bad feelings for her from the mind and concentrate on how she can you lure her. Look at her face. What she is wearing and notice the minute details of her personality. Start thinking of her and once you start, it’s hard for you to stop.  Then plan to take her to the dinner. Ask her politely to have a formal dinner once only.

Take it on your Own and Get Ready!
Just like your favorite football team, if you're trying to make her feel affection, it's easier to "play at home". The girl relaxes and opens when it enters your domain, it can lead to its own environment and it will be easier to reach its ultimate goal. Invite her to dinner (best to cook) and do not forget to prepare. Clean your room, vacuum, clean the floor, and make sure that your place is ready to be treated with white gloves, you do not want to escape after discovering part of the old pizza under the bed. Grow a romantic and pleasant atmosphere, soft lighting and great candles, music, air freshener and condoms by hand on a bedside table, under a pillow. It's up to you! Do not be fooled, your partner is probably as stressful as you. And do not think you have no idea what to expect! The girls are not as innocent as they believe us!

Take the initiative and show her who the boss is
When a girl walks through the door, you should know she believes you. She knows it's her territory, and she expects to show her what to do. You will get the aura of leading the relationship. If she had not been home before, take a tour to show her that you are not hiding and trusting her. This will make her more comfortable. People always feel a little nervous about their first visit to a place they do not know, and if someone they know shows their presence, it helps them feel more comfortable.

Music in the House
Once dinner is over, try to organize things to maximize the opportunity for physical contact. Well, by offering, for example, a common viewing of the movie. If you have one, its okay, otherwise move the device from the living room or play a DVD on your computer. This is the perfect excuse to make your partner right at the scene! When you are finally in your room, your behavior should change and gradually develop. Warning Words: Do not Manage Surfing! Differences in sound and picture, especially with commercials, can disrupt this romantic moment.

Get ready for the Main Act
Girls are not stupid, your partner knows that if she enters your room, there is a possibility that she will go in a certain direction. In addition, you have already made your place, you have created a relationship of trust in preparing and sharing food with it, and have spent the good night together, all means you will want to go this way in this direction. Once you're in your room, the tricky part is over! Just slowly start a physical contact, touch her arm or put it around. It is important that you choose your time from now on. Kiss her gently; slowly move your arms over her legs and arms without moving too quickly to her breasts or between her legs. Take time to develop sexual feeling.

Express your Loyalty
That's how women work: the less you touch the areas that interest you, the more you get excited. Show her you have feelings for her. She wanted to feel loved instead of what she wanted just (Well, so if you do not feel for her, just pretend, do not leave her!). While you kiss and kiss, it's time to let her know what you mean. Tell her you love her. However, it reacts, it is important to obey rather than forcing it.

Fix it with the love and talk moment
If you have a negative experience of the past, let them know that you are different and that you want to act only on the attractions and feelings that you have for her. Ask her questions about your relationship: what are the possible positive and negative aspects that could come to end? Touch tenderly as you talk about it. You want sex to become reality, and you want your partner to become less nervous and he decides she wants to do it with you.

Share Something Special with her
Be as straight as possible; do not go around the branches. Tell her you want to share something special with her, and emphasize that you generally do not talk about such things with other people in general. It's what feels like you, and now you want to show her how powerful her influence is on you.

Start stripping
Once you're ready to deal with who you want, it's time to start touching and stripping each other. Fortunately, you do not have to spoil your mood because your condoms are helpful! And one more thing, because it's not the first time with this her, move slowly and take the time to learn and understand the changes in body, desires, and pleasure. As for the others, it's up to you!

The Climax!
Don’t leave her after you have done with your job, ask her if she wants more or what’s her status of getting the sexual satisfaction. Kiss her, pamper her, hold her in order to woo her heart and make her your lady! This sex with your ex will create the everlasting impression on her mind.