Sex Tips All Women Wish You Knew

If you want to meet more women, spice up your sex life and become the best lover of your girlfriend or wife, then you should read this list.

1. She wants to be French kissed
Long, the deep and sexy French kiss is very intimate - and if you want to change a woman for sex, she is very excited, then kiss her deeply and return to sex and kiss. Without a kiss, sex cycle is like repair - its wheels can change but they will not be able to snatch them well.
2. It is easily bored with regular sex
If you do the same thing, she will lose interest in sex with you, even if she loves you. The reason for this is that when women get bored, they get excited, and sex without excitement looks bad and painful if you try to make sex fresh and attractive, you wake it up and it will be with you. He says, "If you want a happy home, keep your wife happy" is also true in the bedroom, if you talk to your spouse and take the time bond, it is emotionally close to you, what women will do for them. Emotional proximity detects sexual relation. The key is warm, the real conversation in which you trust and open to each other

3. She wants to have orgasms
Women do not realize that they do sex every time get intimated. But most of the time this should not be done, many men do not know that only 30% of females reach an abdominal hyperbolic artery. She wants to stimulate her clitoris with your tongue, fingers, vibrator or trio, usually for 10-20 minutes, which it takes for nirvana

4. Anger and dissatisfaction kill his libido
If you want a good sex life, think before solving an issue between you - and do their jobs until they are resolved, and if you leave the problems solved then you have won the demand for your ego and it 'loses'. It would be like dream cobra being absorbed in the bed.

5. She worries that her genitals are off-putting
Many women are concerned about their partners who keep their face close to their genitalia - especially for oral sex. She loves you with your tongue, but she will dislike taste as her smell and panic in the form of hell. How much wax loves your intimate parts and you end up with its sexual self-esteem. Score the big brownie points.

6. She wants to accept her shortcomings
Beating his cellulite and bits, then pointing to your bop and thin legs and laughing together, their imperfections tell them to continue to worship and why, as part of their naked body. She feels more acceptable and desirable, excessively losing her hesitation in the bed and trying to please you.

7. She needs to feel valued
In relation, women love gift-giving, in return, they should know that they are valued and appreciated. She says that women love to have sex, and men love to have sex. If you show that you love it, appreciate it and make it valuable, then it makes things pleasurable.

8. She needs a lighter contact
Most men actually touch women who are touching more slowly. The reason for this is that the woman's skin is thin and more sensitive. The skin of the woman is more susceptible to pain because it has nearly twice the number of men's skin nerve fibers. So when you touch it, use more than half the pressure, as much as you need it.

9. She loves more than one orgasm
Generally, the desire for a sex session on one woman more, their intensity can be registered at two or three of the first sexual intercourse on the Rictor scale, but three-four sex intercourse felt until they do, then contraction seems to be closer to Nine and the ejaculation. There is a very pleasant feeling, there is more chance of being after a number of sexual intercourse, break it for a few minutes and then stimulate it again.

10. She needs her vagina to be shaved
Shaving her vagina is more inconvenience than you may think. As long as you cut off all your pubic hair at some point and know how terrible it is when it grows. She feels comfortable and pleased if you will shave her pubic hair with great love and care.

11. Watch a steamy movie
She wants to spend quality time with your and in order to stimulate her feelings and her libido, no other thing is as good as watching movies. If you want to please your lady love, then please her by watching some steamy and sexy movies. Enjoy the sex scene together and also try it out which will enhance your overall sexual intercourse.

12. Find her G-Spot
Some sex researchers believe that the spot is called something, which may present G present in the vagina, and female ejaculation. How to bring: After both hitching it, both keep within its index and middle fingers, and if you keep leaving your thumb, then it hits your fingers on the G-spot against the walls of your vagina and is then excited to get together the spot and G-spot two.

13. She needs a hug from behind.
When you embrace her and whisper in her ears, she loves it. Don’t miss a chance to hug her from behind while she is bathing or cooking a delicious meal for you.

14. Use your pillows
Use two or three pillows to get out of bed at the angle at the bottom of her butt. Increase clitoris contacts the missionary position when you tilt the voice more than you will rub her

15. Increase her confidence
He appreciated praise from those who cared about him, what is good, wins his hair, shoes, voice work, and so on. A confident sex partner is a bold sex partner.

16. Enjoy her lingerie
Some people know that a woman is still as much in love with her bra and panties, so she is never too early to have a nude idea.