Sex Position She Hates

Ever since, you started using condoms, you have tried various sex positions to enhance the experience of your sexual feat with your girl. For men, it is various sex moves and positions, which can ensure steamier and juicer sex experience every time you get off with your girlfriend. Most often, every sex position just works for you and helps you relish a good sexual orgasmic bliss. However, have you ever given a thought to your moves if they really offer the same amount of pleasure to your female counterparts? I guess you don’t. But, things which are really disheartening is that as many as five sex positions are there, which men try during their sex in everyday life appear to be quite drastic and unsatisfying for the most women.
So maybe, throughout the whole life, your sex life has been a lie as your girl faked 
orgasm to make you feel proud about your masculine strength. You on the other hand, unknowingly kept on using those positions repeatedly to give pleasure to your girl, which actually turned to be a great miss or mood dampener for your girl.

A recent revelation of a study concentrated on women’s most undesired sex positions through a survey unravel the cruel truth about men’s sexual maneuvers. A survey offered a sneak peek into how women’s reacted to the sex positions of the most used and usual positions like traditional doggy style, 69 and reverse cowgirl. Given a feedback about their experience on these sex positions, the readers of Women’s Health said they are frustrated and bored by these sex positions.

On the off chances, men have been in use to take cues from their old sexual armory, and using these positions ever since they have learnt to sexually get off in the act. However, to your dismay, maybe, these sex positions satiate you sexually and take you somewhere that no other sexual moves can do to you. But, on the other hand, women seem to be embarrassed by these moves and they better choose something else to get an orgasmic feat. Whereas men are concerned, they love those traditional positions like missionary, doggy style and 69 since they feel good and offer them a good sexual pleasure without any discomfort.
In order to avoid your partner’s frustration and up her sex drive, you can upgrade to some of the best positions or add some good techniques to the used or usual sex positions. Here go those insights into how you can upgrade your moves to satisfy your girl.

Doggy style:

Reasons She Hates It:
As simple as it goes, it requires going for a deep penetration, which is quite painful for her cervix. So, when you try to go deep down her vaginal cavity, it penetrates her cervix and causes her an extreme pain. This is quite annoying and frustrating for your girl.
During repeated in and out motions, she feels hurt as you go to and fro. For you, this is quite a sensuous move as you can view her whole assets to stimulate or caress them. But for her, she is deprived of some of the best view while there on the bed. At the same time, it does not raise any intimate connection between the partners, which works as a dampener for your girl.

Things to Fix The Errors: Don’t go for any long and deep thrust into her vagina. Opt for shallow and slow thrusts. With her vagina building with sensuous nerve-endings, you can stimulate her front third of her vagina using your penis glans.
Forget not to give her sensuous strokes on her neck, earlobes and run your fingers through her locks. These are enough to raise her sensuousness. Lean forward to give her deep kisses. As you enter her from behind, do not forget to give her clitoral stimulation. It will definitely raise her sexual intimacy with you as she becomes highly aroused with your move.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reasons she hates it: Not everything goes well when she rides you in a reverse position. The most erratic thing about it is she does not climax while being in this state. On the other hand, while you try to penetrate her from behind, you cannot properly angle your penis into her vagina. Chances are there, you need to put quite pressure to enter her, which in turn may cause a breakage to your penis.

Things to fix it: if you want to do this to get a total view of her naked body, it is better you use doggy style. It solves your purpose, while helping her reach orgasm.
However, that is not enough to up your raunchiness; you can switch to the bed and place her over her knees near a stable mirror. Now, enter from her behind, while you can have all the views into the mirror to stimulate you.  At the same time, this helps her get aroused as well.


Reasons she hates it: It does not mean to fit your penis properly, while missing important erogenous zones deep inside her vagina to give a proper stimulation.

Things to fix it: Use Coital Alignment Technique. This is closer to missionary, but a little different position wise. This requires your chest to rest near her shoulders while you elevate yourself a little bit up to one side. Let her bend her knees at 45 degree angle. This opens her vagina to you. And you can make a good contact with her clitoris using your shaft and help her orgasm.


Reasons she hates it: This deprives her of sexual pleasure and orgasm at the same time, while she focuses to give the same favor to you through a blow job. It creates a mental jolt to her and she seems distracted.

Things to fix it: Do not focus on the give and take policy. By this way, you can enjoy the most out of the oral stimulation. Always, offer the service at first, and she will enjoy to the fullest.
Women on top:

Reasons she hates it: the sense of body consciousness comes in her way and deprives her of enjoying the sex. She is fearful about how she appears being naked with you where her breasts and stomach are bare. Maybe, it looks quite stimulating to you and arousing, but she is doubtful about herself.

Things to fix it: go for “The Spork”, where you need to lie on your back in a side-by-side position. Lift her right leg and enter her. This way you can help her reach the climax.