Secrets Of Female Masturbation

A man’s way to orgasm is quite straightforward: some lube, a browser open with some porn and a grip on his penis, which helps him reach climax in no time. However, it is not so simple in case of women. For one thing, they can not simply do the deed anywhere they would like to, neither is it always about reaching an orgasm for them and they definitely do not shuffle through an erotic novel while they do it, the way you would imagine them to. Read along to find out what female masturbation is actually like: 

1)She can get there faster by herself
Women happen to take more time than men to reach an orgasm. It can easily take upto 15 to 20 minutes of foreplay to stimulate a woman’s nerve endings and get the blood flowing down to her genitals. 
However, when she is all by herself, she might get there faster. The reason behind this could be that she knows exactly what she wants and how she can get it, as she is primarily focused on her own pleasure while she masturbates. A typical woman who takes 2 to 3 minutes to get there might end up taking 10 or more when with a partner or not get there at all, in some cases.
2)She doesn’t do it as many times
If you wake up with a morning boner, you know are most probably going to give yourself a treat at some point of the day. Research suggests that 25 percent of men indulge in masturbation at least 3 times per week, while 55 percent of them jerk off at least once a month. In comparison, the women statistics stand quite low. While only 10 percent women touch themselves thrice a week, hardly 38 percent of them masturbate at least once a month. The social stigma about female masturbation could be one of the reasons behind this number. Unlike men, who start masturbating at early ages, most women do it after having entered their 20s. For women, it is not something that needs to be quickly done with. It is more about getting to love themselves.

3)Their preparations are different
While men can just whip it out and give themselves a rub right about anywhere, it is not the same in case of women. The surroundings matter. They need to be completely comfortable and need their heads to be completely in it. Using some lubricant, lighting up some candles and drawing up a bubble bath are their preferred way to go. Anything that distracts them in the slightest manner can completely turn them off and they won’t be able to continue.

4)They have a softer touch
While masturbating, men use a firm grip with their fingers tightly clenched around their penis as they use a rough up and down motion to get themselves off. On the other hand, women tend to be more gentle and subtle when it comes to touching themselves. While touching a woman, you should have that in mind and know that she is used to gentle touches, not harsh ones. 
There are twice as many nerve endings in the clitoris as there are on the head of a penis so it makes them more sensitive to the softest of touches. Most of the women like to be eased into gently and the ones who like it rough will probably tell you of the same.

5)Its a time for full body exploration
While men manage it with the one and only tool that they have at disposal, a woman likes to make masturbation about traversing her entire body. She tends to focus on all the areas that feel sensitive to her and turn her on, for instance, her neck, arms, breasts. She would want to spend some time on each of these places before heading down south to get the real party started. 

6)The goal isnt always to reach an orgasm
One of the biggest difference between male and female masturbation is how the primary goal of a man jerking himself is to reach an orgasm, whereas a woman is more into self-loving. She might be satisfied with her session of pleasuring herself without even reaching an orgasm.

7)They can go at it multiple times
While men can get tired after ejaculating once and need time to be able to get things going again, it is not the same with women. Unlike men, they do not have long refractory periods to wait for until they can try again. So while some women hardly ever aim for a climax, others dont call it quits at just one.

Female masturbation definitely needs to be discussed more. There are women out there who are not even aware of the fact that self pleasure is a completely normal and healthy thing to indulge in. We live in a society where it is completely normal for men to joke about their sex lives and masturbation but at the same time a woman is made to feel shameful about enjoying anything related to sex. It is not something to be kept secret. To anybody who is pro sex, it would seem completely normal for a woman to be able to pleasure herself just like a man does, but unfortunately, in the society that we live in, such people are few in number. It is a shame that women do not explore themselves sooner. It is known for a fact that women who are able to pleasure themselves turn out to be better lovers as they are more comfortable in their skin and know better of their sexuality. Women should be able to talk about female masturbation out loud, without feeling ashamed because there is nothing for them to be ashamed of. The only way this can be done is by bringing about a change in the mindsets of people, discussing it until there is no more embarrassment regarding the topic and then maybe we can talk about achieving true empowerment.