Penis Enlargement Oils-Can They Actually Increase Your Size?

Feeling that his penis is not big enough is a common concern that most men have had at least once in their lifetime. This is the sole reason for the enhancement supplement industry’s growth. It is common for men to look for ways to improve their sexual potency, often by taking supplements.
An affordable way in order to be able to do this is by using penis enlargement oils, but the question that arises is about how effective they are. Let us have a look at what they are made up of and then we’ll see.

What are these oils made up of?
The very purpose of these oils is to increase the size of the penis. The products out there contain a mixture of ingredients that work together in such a way that the size of the penis gets enlarged during sex and allows harder, longer erections to take place.

Aphrodisiacs and natural herbs are what these oils mainly consist of. In order to maintain a hard erection, it is necessary for the blood to flow into the penis with better circulation and that is ensured by the use of the above-mentioned ingredients.
The manufacturers of these products usually do not reveal the contents of these formulations as they do not want the competitive brands to copy their invention. It is, however, important to determine what the oil contains because that is how one can ensure the effectiveness. It is also advised to choose a brand that has proved to be trustworthy with a good record in terms of both, quality and effectiveness as a product.

In case of trusted brands, you needn’t worry about any allergic reactions or skin irritating substances. This is why it is safer to use natural, herbal products.

Do they help with intercourse?
Manufacturers of these products ensure that these oils are regularly tested for effectiveness and potency results. Better blood flow and circulation ensures a better sexual experience.The oils not only increase the length and girth of the penis but also cause harder and longer erections. They promise to help with the problem of erectile dysfunction as well.

How to use:
There is no hocus pocus involved in the application of these oils, it's actually pretty simple.The manufacturers of the product usually describe the application process on the box that it comes in. The usual instruction is to pour a few drops onto the shaft of the penis and gently massage it into the skin around there.
This has actually been proven to be entirely wrong and can even cause harm instead of helping. The correct way to apply is:

1) Apply the mentioned amount
Applying more oil than mentioned in the instructions is not going to help in any way and will only end up in side effects like rashes, irritation and burning sensation.

2) Don’t use your entire palm
The right way to do it is to use your thumb and index fingers to gently massage your penis with the oil. Because if you use your hands you might end up getting aroused as your body might misconstrue the activity as that of masturbation which will lead to ejaculation.

3) Avoid cold environment
For an hour at least, after application of enhancement oil, avoid exposure to the cold environment or cold water.

4) Don’t apply for too long
If you find that you’re sensitive to the product, do not apply it for more than 2-3 minutes of time.It will only lead to stimulating your penis and getting it excited.

5) After applying, tie a warm beetle leaf
An alternative would be to keep a warm piece of cotton over the shaft of your penis and get instant results.
Often it is instructed for this to be done about three times per day and the results can only be seen after a few weeks. Do not apply excess oil thinking it will have a faster effect because that will only end up in getting rashes or experiencing skin irritation.
Hence following the instructions is of utmost importance. You don’t want to make matters worse.

Exercising is a good idea
Achieving desired results by any particular method works differently for everyone and what works for someone you know might not work for you. However, it has been found that exercising, and lifting weights can help with the growth of the penis. Exercising or being active helps ensure that the nutrients and biochemicals present in the oil reach where they are supposed to and remain active, giving best possible results.  

How long does it take to effect?
It is very rightly said that good things take their time, and penis enlargement is no exception to this rule. It may take weeks, or even a couple of months to reach your desired size. All you have to do is be patient and let the oils do their magic. It can typically take up to even 9 weeks for getting the ideal outcome. You could very easily end up with a flaunting 9-inches, just for an example’s sake. One must only remember to be regular in application and hope for the best.

Are the effects permanent?
Apart from increasing the size of the penis, these oils also help boost one’s stamina. The effects, however, are not permanent, hence the need to keep applying them regularly.
What these products do is increase the blood flow to the penis to make it erect and after it is done, the penis returns back to its natural state. What this means is that even though these oils will make your penis bigger during intercourse, the effect on size is not an everlasting one.

These oils are usually supposed to be used with some other supplement or some sort of exercise which ensures the effectiveness of the product.The best way to go would be taking some sort of supplement in addition to the application of enhancement oils. This will definitely improve your sex life and of course the size of your penis.These are a much safer alternative with better results in comparison to prescribed medicines for male enhancement.