Penis Enlargement

The idea of penis enlargement was something that existed initially in the sleazy advertisement section of porn magazines but the advent of the internet bought those ads to our emails and saucy sites. If I could have a dollar for all the times I could remember seeing an oscillating manhood advertising pills and devices that promise a bigger/longer/thicker penis on the internet, I’d own a Maserati by now. Things seem to have changed in the second half of this decade when the same promises are made not by seedy scams and emails but by professional plastic surgeons.‘Penoplasty’ or penis enlargement has turned out to be the most popular operation performed within the realm of male cosmetic improvement.
Cosmetic alteration and grooming have always been associated with women, considering the number of women who undergo boob-jobs and lip-jobs and eyebrow lifts, not to mention the millions who head to salons every month or so. But ever since the beauty industry laid the foundations for male grooming, it appears that a lot of men too have been waiting for their turn to go under the knife. A top surgeon explains that now that men have the option to alter the things very personal, many are eager to take up the chance.
A study by the Harley Medical Group in 2013 showed that one in five British men underwent non-surgical cosmetic procedures. A survey by a private healthcare group in Delhi recorded an almost equal number of males and females having undergone some sort of surgical or non-surgical procedure. While that makes it clear that the male yearning for cosmetic operations has certainly witnessed an increase, what I really want to know is ‘where does this demand come from?’ and ‘who are they trying to impress with it?’

How it’s done and what it includes
The operation is mostly simple. A package offered by a clinic in the famous Harley Street of London involves lengthening and thickening and lasts around 2 hours, costing approximately 4000-6000 pounds. The suspensory ligament is snipped and re-attached to the pubic bone 1-2 inches lower than before. A small amount of fat is removed from your lower abdomen and re-injected into the penis which is sliced vertically for this. The first step adds to your length and the second, to your girth. But the newly injected fat has to be massaged around your love machine for up to 12 weeks post surgery or you risk having it turn into a short and stumpy stick. But what comes as a huge surprise is that all the money you shell out and the pain you undergo only rewards you with a measly 1-2 inch growth. That’s the maximum you’re gonna get. Contrast that with the significant change a breast augmentation offers to a woman’s chest size/shape and it appears kinda unsatisfactory, doesn’t it?

The Clients
A conversation with a doctor told me two things – that the men who seek such procedures fall short of the average (when erect) and that the motives for these procedures aren’t always sexually driven. The clients are more concerned about the penis in its flaccid state. However, I’m still quite unconvinced by the ‘rising’ number of men seeking solutions to their penile anxieties. I am still unaware of anyone in my acquaintance who has undergone the procedure. Also, the doctor’s claim of the lack of sexually driven motives for this appears dubious to me. So I decide to seek a penoplasty patient. I start my search on an internet forum dedicated to male cosmetic surgery.
The male obsession with cock was only something I had vaguely heard of from my friends but going through conversation threads in that forum proved that men definitely love talking about their dicks. Members of this thread were quite fastidious about listing every conceivable measurement, often encouraging others to share their progress. One particular contributor's measurements are notable for their improvement. With surgery, he went from 5.5in and 4.75in (erect and flaccid respectively) to 6.5in and 5.25in. There appeared to be a ‘standard’ for a normal penis. 6in and above seemed to be the standard here. The idea that I took away from the thread was that just like women desired designer vaginas, men wished for designer penises.
After having left a few messages on the boards for a week, I finally receive a text response from a guy who wished to be identified only as Zach. We agree to meet at a bar and truth be told I was slightly nervous, wondering if I’ll encounter one of those schlong obsessed men who dominated the boards. But he turns out to be a really nice guy, easy to talk to. Great job, nice car and a sense of humor that reminded me of Carlin. He was sure to have been a hit with the women. And as our conversation turned to that angle, Zach tells me how life was for him before he made the decision to go under the knife. His penis was below the average – 5.2in length-wise and 4.4in girth-wise. He opted for one of those classic packages, which gave him an extra inch in length and girth.
As the drinks flowed, he started revealing how desperately insecure he had been about his penis size, that he avoided gym locker rooms and that his sex life was a disaster on account of the fact that it didn’t really exist. Very emphatically, he states how the surgery was the thing that changed everything for him. He was now sleeping with more women and had gained enough sexual experience to realize the bigger penis made him a better lover as well. I mouthed a screw you to the doc who had told me that sex wasn’t a motivator for this surgery. But what Zach said next made me want to take it back. He said that the penoplasty had made him way more confident of approaching women and facing situations that involved nudity. It was this ‘confidence’ that had turned his life around. I believed him, for how else could he share such intimate details without flinching, unless this was the change he had truly desired?

The Porn Star's Word
Now that I had the word of a layman, I felt like I needed the input of someone from the porn industry because I believe that the idea of the ‘designer’ penis certainly comes from
the world of adult entertainment. I had a meeting set up with a notable performer. Let’s call him Huck. We talked about how things had changed and not changed in porn and when I finally asked him if men should take inspiration from the well-hung actors they see in porn, he flatly says ‘No’. Porn actors with huge penises end up hitting the cervix of the female leads and that is hardly sexy, Huck says. Its painful. As someone
who’d slept with plenty of women, he stated that being well-endowed hardly helps you in the long run. Majority of the women prefer normal sized penises. There is definitely such a thing as ‘too big’. He suggests that good cunnilingus skills are far more likely to earn you a top spot than a huge penis. In other words, being hung up on size and shape prevents you from thinking about the other ways you can pleasure your partner.
Which also reminded me of the manner in which the members of the penoplasty forums treated the reassurances from their girlfriends with hostility. What Huck had said definitely made sense but what about the guys who were below the normal or the average? Zach was one of them. And I could see from the way he beamed proudly about his 6in long penis that the surgery had definitely given him what he needed the most – self-confidence. And the reason people choose to make improvements to things which they believe are hindering their selves is that they CAN. If a certain amount of money is what stands between you and a lifetime of belief in yourself, why think badly of it? A psychologist I spoke to, surely does. Using such a procedure as a balm for male anxiety isn’t useful in the end, she says. You end up with a prettier penis, for sure, but does it really make you a different person?