Musli - A Wonder Drug for Erectile Dysfunction

Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum) also known as a white musli has been in use for impotence treatment and worked as a potent aphrodisiac adrogenic herb in Ayurveda and herbal science since ancient times.
Besides being used in Indian traditional medicines, it is used in other forms of medicinal territories including Unani, and also homeopathy.

Among all herbs, safed musli is highly regarded as the best effective property to correct men’s sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunctions or popularly known as impotence and involuntary ejaculation. The roots of the herbs have also been used to treat men’s overall health by improving their stamina, vigor, increasing desire for sexual activity and addressing other medical conditions like arthritis, cancer and diabetes.  It is a known fact that underlying health complications are linked to a loss of interest in sexual activity with no improved sex drive, thus bringing sexual frustration and embarrassment to your long sexual relationship.

But, while there is a wide range of erectile dysfunction pills, drugs and supplements available, is this traditional Ayurvedic herbal root capable to addressing men’s sexual dysfunctions and impotence? We will unravel it layer by layer.

Musli And its Effectiveness
In the recent times, a range of erectile dysfunction supplements infused with Musli has garnered a huge popularity with commercial potentials domestically and internationally. Despite having no adequate evidences regarding its effectiveness to help with erectile dysfunctions and involuntary ejaculation, it has a mass appeal among the users.

However, a study carried to establish its effectiveness seemed comprehensive and true in respect of its successful treatment capabilities.

We all know that erectile dysfunction is associated with degrading sexual interests towards gaining enough stamina for arousal and getting and maintaining a successful erection, thus ending the whole activity abruptly. The study was aimed at establishing if the solution of musli with extract of its roots is effective in maintaining the health of semen and testosterone levels in healthy and young men. Both these parameters are essential elements to decide a man’s virility.

The trial was conducted on men aging between 20 and 40 years to decide the effectiveness of this herb in the context of its treating capabilities.

Over the 12 weeks, the solution of the CB tuber roots and placebo was administered in those participated men with two different doses of 500 mg. Whereas erectile dysfunction is concerned, it denotes an inadequacy of proper semen counts, their volume and sperm motility in men, making them unable to have a successful intercourse right from erection to ejaculation.

Meanwhile, the study was successful to establish the effectiveness of the solution with regard to those parameters responsible for men’s sexual weaknesses and infertility in comparison to placebo. Therefore, it is clear that any medicinal solution with musli can largely treat the conditions related to men’s sexual health, including erectile dysfunctions and involuntary ejaculation.

Recent Trends That Popularized The Applications Of Musli
The existence of various herbs associated with Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicines has played a major role in improving the male sexual health, their sexual performance and also improving the quality of offspring.

With lifestyle changing at large in the recent times, it has wrecked heavily upon both the genders, impacting their sexual performance, especially men on a global spectrum. At the same time, the incidences of impotence, lack of sexual desire, and loss of interest in sexual performances for intercourse have gone up largely in the recent times.

While the cases of infertile couples are on the rise, 50% of infertility cases belong to men, pushing almost 7.5-10% of men in their reproductive age to suffer from infertility. In addition, a total population of 10% of men is on the verge of developing erectile dysfunction.
In the recent past, erectile dysfunction has become alarming, and many conventional methods of treatments have been developed. However, these chemical medical therapy options remain to be unsafe due to unwanted and adverse side-effects.

Therefore, more and more men seem to run after this traditional Ayurvedic medicinal property since it is associated with fewer side-effects.
Despite herbs like safed musli being considered to offer a higher degree of improved sexual functions with vitality, there is a lack of proper evidence to validate its scientific efficacy. Therefore, it is crucial to prove its scientific validation towards the treatment of erectile dysfunctions and other male sexual health related complications.

Benefits Of Musli
Chlorophytum Borivilanum, CB or safed musli has been used in different types of male sexual problems. According to various Ayurvedic research and study, it is effective in offering male sexual health, adaptogenic activity and improving overall health by using its improved and enhanced properties like Shukrala, Rasayana, and Balya. Its tuberous roots are a key ingredient in the whole Ayurveda medicine, which keeps sexual health in checks.

The first traces of this herb as a useful medicinal property to keep men’s sexual health in checks have been first published in the document called Rajanighantu. This herb has been in use in the clinical and cultural fields as a key component to address men’s sexual health. And for having this unique property, this herb is targeted and promoted as an herbal aphrodisiac to promote sexual desire and endurance for sexual activity.

Due to its widespread use as an herbal aphrodisiac, it is promoted as an herbal Viagra, thereby reducing side-effects to a great length as compared to synthetic erectile dysfunction drugs.

Considering its sexual benefits, it is worth discovering how musli enhances sexual performance and work as a leading herbal component to ensure sexual health in men.
Safed Musli being a very popular aphrodisiac agent, it is largely used in the preparation of nutritive supplements and tonic to treat sexual weakness, overcome impotence and enhance sexual power. Men with issues like low sperm counts and low libido can use safed musli.

Since long, it has been addressing the men’s sexual issues. Found in the dense forest, it grows in bushes with white little flowers. Nutritive syrup made from the extracts of these roots has long been used as a first choice for many men to treat their sexual weakness.

Renowned as a ‘Divya Aushad’ by an Ayurvedic literature, it has cured sexual complications in men and women unparalleled and it has gained popularity in less time.  Besides being used as a great aphrodisiac, it is also being used hugely in traditional medicines to increase vitality in men as well. Its popularity and acceptance widely all across the globe has made it a must have 
Ayurvedic treatment options for sex and vigor.
It offers more than sexual boosts and stamina; rather it improves health conditions like diabetes and arthritis.

How Does Musli Work
We have very little numbers of researches on humans in regard to the usages of musli. However, it has proved its efficacy in animals, mainly rats. Cultivated as a traditional Indian herb and widely used in Ayurveda, musli contains adaptogenic and aphrodisiac properties to enhance men’s stamina and sexual strength. Its roots are regarded as the active ingredient in the making of drugs or supplements of white musli. Besides, safed musli contains polysaccharide and saponin along with a fine balance of water extract like that of alcohol and methanol. Due to these enriching properties, musli acts as an aphrodisiac and proerectile agents, meaning it can trigger sexual arousal and erectile benefits while influenced by stimulation. These proactive qualities of musli have been largely established based on the research on rats.

Many studies have also proved the effectiveness of musli as the most potent herbal agent which easily increases the sperm counts and increases the penis size, although it is study-specific if it really works to increase the size of the penis or not.  
In addition, this herb contains anti-inflammatory properties and works as testosterone hormones that boost sex desire in men and help aid in sexual performance.          

Safed Musli And Erectile Dysfunction
We have already come to know that safed musli contains a good number of properties. These properties easily work their way up to build sexual stamina and vigor by influencing the blood flow to the genitals. It boosts immune health, improves the blood circulation all through the body, supplement your body with adequate amount of amino acid, and restore stamina by eliminating sexual weakness.

Safed mulsi has been found to reduce asthmatic problems to increase stamina and works as a booster to increase sperm counts and improve lower sex drive. Hence, if you have a lack of sex desire that pushes you over the edge of declining a successful sexual tryst with your partner, safed musli can help you.

Male impotence, which is highly regarded as a hurdle to successful fertilization, and finally a successful pregnancy are the primary cause of the childless parenthood for thousands of couples across the world.

Infertility in men can be easily addressed with the proper use of safed musli, which is a renowned aphrodisiac to trigger an erection. It influences the adrenal glands and mobilizes the supply of testosterone hormone in a proper direction to trigger the blood supply to the genitals and cause a powerful erection. Hence, it ensures to improve your erection difficulties and help aid a successful erection so that you can participate in a successful intercourse and properly ejaculate.

Since it is a ‘divya aushad’, it offers many other benefits rather than just addressing infertility. It improves overall well-being, reinstates sexual prowess and boosts sexual performance in men.
Premature ejaculation is another sexual hindrance that prevents you from having a successful sexual intercourse and staying longer in bed with your partner during sex.

However, with the use of safed musli, it increases your endurance in bed for a longer and better lovemaking session with your partner. So, you are assured of having enriched and heightened orgasms with a little recovery time and prolonged session of lovemaking.
It keeps reproductive health in checks as well, so that the flow of testosterone remains in a good condition to enable you a robust sexual performance.

Besides, safed musli is widely used for treating erectile dysfunctions. This is a condition that prevents men from achieving a full length erection due to muscle inflexibility and poor blood circulation.

There are various underlying reasons leading to the erectile dysfunctions in men, and determines its intensity either chronic or temporary. However, of late, a large number of young adults is suffering from erectile dysfunctions most often, hindering them from sustaining and maintaining an erection. Many experience this sexual problem most frequently, and if you feel the traces of this phenomenon every now and then, you should consult your doctor immediately and seek medical help. It is crucial as it leads to infertility and prevents you from fathering your own child.

During sexual performance, this dysfunction appears as a major block ahead to a successful intercourse, and thereby lowering your self-esteem. Upon failure of achieving intense orgasms during every session of sex, different emotional problems, including stress, anxiety, and depression can hover over your mind. In many cases, there are various underlying medical conditions like prostate cancer treatments, low testosterone levels, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity can contribute to erectile dysfunctions. Simultaneously, unhealthy lifestyle and habits such as consuming alcohol, smoking, and substance abuse have been linked to erectile dysfunctions in men.

Much to your rescue, if the problem is temporary and occurs to you infrequently, there are many ways to treat your condition. In regard to this, safed musli has been regarded as a wonder drug to cure these sexual dysfunctions in men and restores their sexual stamina, vigor, vitality and finally virility. This herb has a proven track report of treating low libido, boosting sex drive, improving sperm counts, and also reducing sexual weakness. By improving semen and sperm motility, it improves your stamina to help aid sexual activities at the best core.

Safed Musli to treat Erectile Dysfunctions
You can find safed musli capsules or pills as an Ayurvedic supplement to help you with erectile dysfunctions. It works at the molecular level in addition to other aphrodisiac agents to boost your energy, physical strength and increase your stamina. It doubles your sexual experiences by improving your blood circulation and adding to the muscle mass, thereby giving you extra time and pleasure during sexual activity.

Safed musli or Chlorophytum Borivilianum is a diverse herbal agent to boost your sexual stamina that easily addresses your erectile dysfunctions. However, in case of chronic erectile dysfunctions, you indeed need to check with your doctor.