Mind Blowing ForePlay

It is not that everyone pays a lot of attention to the importance of foreplay, and they prefer how quickly they can jump to the main course of sexual intimacy. Well, main course does always pertain to intercourse during sex. It should transcend this common concept of a sexual activity, and you should be more concentrated on how you can get all the things in a line to accelerate the level of sexual sensation, rather than that old and tedious climax within a few moments.

The Journal of Sexual Research stated in one of their studies that heterosexual couples spent nearly 20 minutes in foreplay, while half of the total time was used by the most participants in the activity of foreplay. To your knowledge, this part of the sexual activity is one of the most neglected things in a whole sexual affair.

However, with little care and dedication, you can turn this escapade into a scintillating and exhilarating experience and can enjoy your sex session for a longer if you know all the tricks of mind blowing foreplay.

There are lots of variations of foreplay from the oiled up massages to dirty talks and PDA; the techniques are just killing and effective to increase your sensations and excitement too. These are enough to inspire you to do them to your woman for an unforgettable sexual experience every time you perform them.

Just check them out.

Arouse Her Skin Sensitivity
When you are in the act, it should be your aim to excite her so that she is up to anything to do to you. Exciting her skin sensitivity is one of the best techniques to proliferate her sensualities. The act of skin sensitivity triggers the release of oxytocin- a hormone believed to aid in the bonding process.
So, why not go for a slow process of seduction to get her bowled over by your sensuous moves. Believe it, it always feels pleasurable to a woman rather than just those fast quickies from both of you.

There are sensitive zones in every one’s body. The area from the earlobe to down the neck is known to be quite sensitive and lusty. So, a gentle and slow stroking on the region raises the level of her sensation and excitement down right into her clit.

You can find another erogenous zone on her ring finger of the left hand. Place a kiss on her finger to increase her sensitivity. So, with sensuous stroking and touches, you make her aroused. And she is responsive to any touches as she is highly aroused.
Reveal Your Sensuousness Too
Bring your sensuality out to show that you are excited and ready to give her a better sexual experience. Plus, she feels more connected towards you, and both of you can provide each other an exciting and a fantastic sex session.
If you find her to be quite aroused and interested, you can take charge to give her a gentle and sensuous shampoo to blow her mind sexually.
For a spoilt and sensuous arousal, have her hair keep over the sink, while you rest her on a padded and well-cushioned chair to up the feeling of the entire work of mild shampoo. Use a mild, fragrant shampoo. Gently massage through her scalp, and build sexual tensions in her. If need be, you can take her to the lathery bath and give her that aesthetic stroke and touches to her through a shampoo. Get a towel to wipe her wet locks and, by now she is so excited and spoiled, that she would love to go at it immediately.

Be A Gentleman
Showing some gentlemanly consideration for your girl, in case you are gearing up for the first time, it will work for you. You must try to make her feel comfortable to get rid of her nervousness. Things you need to do at first are to remove her body consciousness. Turn on dim lights to see she is comfortable. Now, it is time to undress her or help her do it by herself. Don’t give a gazing look at her as it makes her shy. Instead, appreciate her body.

Use Honey
It really pays off when you use runny honey to use on her lips of the vagina. Smear the lips with honey and now give some gentle kiss on them as you lick honey off her. Roll over on your back while she kneels above. Have some drops of honey onto your lips to gently lick her lips once again. They really taste sweet.

Play With Her Clitoris
It is often assumed that stimulation of the clit is everything to excite her and bring her onto the edge of climaxing. However, it is not the way as it appears always. Keep an eye on her pubic mound. You can insert your index and middle finger together inside her clit two inches above the pubic mound. Push your fingers on this fleshy mound with a support of your padded palm. Increase the sensitivity and tension in the region by making small and circular moves in this area. This is probably helpful in sending her gasping in excitement and lust as you keep kissing her on her lips and stimulate her clitoral arm with another hand. The region is located just below the labia and they are highly sensitive to touch. So, stroke them until she feels the absolute point of no return.

Make Her Gasp
Not it is time for your penis to do the real job of sexual thrills. Avoid giving her some forceful thrust into the vagina. Instead, treat your schlong as a sex toy. Go for a penetrative motion into her vagina with a traditional in and out way. Do it in an alternative way. Don’t keep doing it repeatedly. Pause for a moment and then use your penis for an exhilarating thrust. Swirl your hips in a circular motion so that you can make circles inside her vagina and increase her pleasure level. Don’t forget to use thrusts in between.
Keep doing them. They raise your sexual tensions and help you enjoy your sex session to the fullest.