Men, Weights, and Sex: How Does Gym Affect Your Performance In Bed?

For a man who loves to play with weights, it can be a major concern: How does weight training affect his sex life? Does frequent workout affect your libido or vice versa? Read on to know more about the connection between gym and bed!
It is a common practice for the professional athletes and sportsmen to abstain from all sexual activities, right before an upcoming major game. The ‘old school’ belief is that both sex and masturbation somehow reduce a man’s stamina, focus, and physical strength, thus affecting their overall performance in a big tournament, event or game. Is this the truth? We agree and disagree at the same time.

A survey was conducted on a group of athletes to measure their daily testosterone levels. After the athletes abstained from ejaculation for quite some time, it was found that the quantity of testosterone in their blood remained constant for 6 days. However, on the 7th day, the levels jumped by 50%. It means one could easily achieve higher testosterone levels by controlling their urges. However, at what cost? Avoid sex for a week in order to have a killer leg the next day! No, it definitely does not sound convenient. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, the subject of every woman’s dirty dreams, defied the idea. He believes that having sex before or after exercising helps him relax better. This may be because physical activities cause vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels), thus resulting in a better training output.
If a person indulges in a workout session that is appropriate for his body, the level of testosterone in his body shoots up, but overtraining is the biggest killer of male sex hormones.

How Testosterone- the Male Hormone & Daily Workouts Affect a Man’s Life?
Testosterone is one of the key hormones in the body that affects the physical performance of a person. In addition, it just happens to be the main sex hormone. One can easily establish the connection between the two. It is a universally known fact that high testosterone level in male increases their libido. When the level starts declining, due to old age or poor health, the libido diminishes in time. If the problem persists, doctors may suggest testosterone replacement therapy to restore the old levels.

The experts believe that low testosterone levels may cause erectile dysfunction. In simple language, anything that you do to increase the production of testosterone in the blood can enhance your sex drive. This is where weight training comes into play.

If a person indulges in a workout session that is appropriate for his body, the level of testosterone in his body shoots up. However, you must note that overtraining perhaps is one of the biggest killers of testosterone. Do not indulge in a very large volume of training that will ultimately work against your body hormones.

How Weightlifting Damages Your Body?
Weightlifting is not meant for people who are sick or in an exhausted condition. It increases the DHEA levels in both testicles and the main bloodstream. Since the testicles cannot utilize this DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone, an endogenous steroid hormone), the body fails to gain or maintain a proper erection. When you find it hard to maintain your erection, you end up applying more pressure on the penis. You constantly rub it to get it hard. Since it is stressful for a male to rub his weak or semi-hard penis for a long time, he gets nervous and emotional. This emotional stress transmutes into a factor causing premature ejaculation.

Another theory states that prolonged endurance (resistance) and acute exercises stimulate the production of prolactin and cortisol in the blood. For the folks, who suffer from sexual exhaustion, the release of cortisol may disrupt the functioning of the HPAT (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal-Testicular) axis, thus causing premature ejaculation and unsustainable erection.

How to Improve Erection Quality Post-Workout?
Refrain from indulging yourself in rigorous weightlifting exercises before your body fully recovers from sexual exhaustion. Take a healthy diet and plenty of liquids to replenish the nutrients in your body. You can also take up natural supplements or herbal medicines to regain the lost strength.
Regular workouts will keep your body in shape, thus increasing the chances of having frequent intercourse.

What Improves Your Sexual Stamina?
Some exercises affect your sex drive better than others do. For instance, squats definitely help in improving the testosterone levels in the blood. When you go for a full body squat, it boosts testosterone production inside the body by stimulating muscle fibers.

Besides squats, certain compound movement lifts, such as Bench Press, Stiff-legged deadlift, Bent-over row, Lunges, Back Squats, Shoulder Press and Pull-ups play a crucial role in increasing your sex drive. Incorporating these exercises into your regular workout routine is highly beneficial for you.

While this is true that weightlifting exercises do lower the testosterone levels in the blood, but it is temporary and lasts for just first three hours post-exercise. However, if men watch a pornographic movie for 15 minutes or more, the testosterone levels may elevate by 100% afterward. The theory holds true in case of women as well.

Arousal itself seems to have a drastic impact on the testosterone levels. The hormone remains elevated at 75% for over 90 minutes. If you are somehow able to maintain this, you will definitely last longer.

How Muscle Building Affects Your Overall Strength?
We know that physical strength directly affects the stamina of a person. So, the next important question is how does muscle building affect your strength levels? If you observe your body pattern, you would realize that most people feel relaxed and sleepy right after they have had sex. This happens because the oxytocin levels in body shoot high after sex. It makes you sluggish and drowsy, and your body demands rest to restore the normal hormone quantity in blood. Thus, indulging in training sessions after you have had sex may not be the best approach.

The idea is to fall into a practical routine, wherein you can balance your daily workouts, night-time activities, and sleeping patterns. It is best advised to rest for at least 3 to 4 hours until the body stabilizes the hormone level since it helps you recover your strength and energy. Do intense exercises in the morning, followed by a warm bubble bath and daily activities. Take proper meals throughout the day, and a refreshing cup of tea in the evening to do away with exhaustion. When you retain your strength, you can perform better in bed.

Last but not the least, your focus affects sexual stamina as much as it affects your workout patterns. Maintaining focus in bed and in the gym is critical. In order to do this, some men mentally program themselves to work harder in the gym, as it is directly linked to their desire to become sexually appealing. Regular workouts will keep their body in shape, thus increasing the chances of having frequent intercourse.

In the end, we would just like to conclude by saying that those who are active in their daily routine and follow a good diet are more likely to experience fewer problems in bed. So, you do not need to worry about physical activities impacting the ability to please your partners.