Make Your Sperm Faster, Stronger and More Fertile

The reproduction power for baby-making depends on how healthy and stronger sperms you produce. Maybe, you lack the right amount of length to ejaculate full glaze as those male porn stars, but the volume of your seminal fluid decides the fate of yours having a parental bliss. As per reports from the National Institutes of Health, 15 % of couples are facing troubles becoming parents because of an inadequate proportionate male sperm counts.

It is true that in those nine months you get to carry your baby, but dad-to-be has to offer an important role. The healthy sperm productions decide the bundle of joy for you. If your partner does not produce a good amount of sperm, it is time to check the matter and correct it to yield the benefits.

To your relief, there are many ways; including some key considerations to make lifestyle changes so as to you can improve the health of your sperm. Based on the study of Israel, the quality of sperm improves and proliferates during the season of winter and early springs. At the same time, distressing yourself on weekends is the best method to become successful on your endeavor. Let us find the best ways.
Prefer Antioxidants
One thing you must know that sperm are little to no tadpoles. To your surprise, at least 90 percent sperms become distorted and misaligned to readily connect with the eggs. For the distortion of sperms, you can blame none other than excessive free radicals. It is free radical, which creates barriers in the way of sperm production.
There are many ways you can follow to boost the production of sperms and enhance the process of sperm-egg interaction. Consume foods enriched with antioxidant lycopene. It is one of the best solutions to remove the hurdles.

Workout to increase your sperm count
It does not yield results only by sweating hard inside the four walls of your bedroom. Venture out to work out a sweat in the gym to help boost the count of your sperms. When you pay attention to your job, if helps you produce as much as 150 million sperm.
At the same time, you must know that working out help increase the testosterone levels, which is a great sexual boost. So, in turn you can be highly aroused with your libido soaring and you can produce 33% more sperms than those who perform physical exercise the least.  

Keep Their Mobility Strong
It is aimed that sperm must accomplish their tasks within 12 to 14 hours. And the success rate of the sperm depends on their capability of how fast they can swim and meet the egg.
To help the process, you need to stay away from your Smartphone. Each Smartphone releases electromagnetic waves, which is causing a drop in the total sperm count. As a result, sperm of men with a higher degree of Smartphone use has a lower level of mobility as compared with those who do not use their Smartphone.

Help Them Stay Alive
You do it more often. To make your penetration smooth and easily achievable, you use lube. Isn’t it? However, here you need to be active while using lube during sex. In order to make your sperm alive and make them stronger, you need to choose something manufactured only for procreation.
Be aware, while choosing a brand as many of the products are designed with acidic or alkaline compounds even though the companies claim to use all natural products. As per a study reported by the researchers in Australia, lubes of many brands have the capability to destroy your sperm counts by 72 percent in as little as 30 minutes.

Have A Check On Your Weight
Maintaining a healthy weight helps you keep your sperm counts in check. Being underweight and overweight- both have the negative effects on your overall sexual performance. It puts an effect on your sex life as your libido goes down. You can make your sperms strong and healthy by choosing a healthy diet, containing lots of fruits, lean proteins, vegetables, cereals, grains and also dairy products. Along with this, stick to a well-balanced physical activity.

Add Folate To Your Diet
So, what do you think folic acid is must for mums-to-be only? No, it is equally important for men, who are eyeing to be a proud dad soon. According to a study, inadequate levels of folic acids in the men’s diet can trigger a drop in the sperm counts as well as foster the growth of abnormal chromosomes in the sperm.
It is likely to cause birth defects and miscarriages in the first trimester due to the presence of sperm with abnormal chromosomes.
You can find a rich source of folic acid in various natural resources like leafy greens, beans, whole grains, citrus fruits, pastas, and many more. Try to consume at least 400 mg of folate each day.

Abstain from Smoking
Smoking puts a huge impact on the health of fertility, and it gradually slows the movement of sperm in men. So, if you want to boost the performance of your sperm, you should quit smoking cigarette immediately. If you it is not possible at the right time, it is crucial you leave at least three months prior to helping your woman conceive.
At the same time, it is important you maintain a distance from various recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine and other substances. This is important to avoid the probability of miscarriage.

Try To Stay Cool
You know it well, it is for testicles that sperm gets good going, and it can thrive properly in a cool place. Since our body temperature is too hot, it is designed to be located outside of the body to ensure proper growth of sperm. Therefore, you need to make sure to keep your physical temperature regulated so that it does not interfere with the production of sperm.  

Given your sperm health, you can do some prolific changes to yourself and help foster the growth of sperm in abundance, required for baby making.