Kama Sutra Positions you should try

Tired of the same old position you have been doing it in? Looking for something new? Kamasutra has got everything you might be looking for. Kama Sutra, is the ancient book which beholds the art of love making in the most awkward and bizarre positions that very few of us have ever even thought of trying. But don’t get disgruntled, after all Kama Sutra has been a goto guide since a long time now. 
Kama Sutra experts from around the world continue to suggest some positions that every couple must try at least once in their lifetime and these seem to be totally doable too. To start off, you need to make sure that you have a positive and excited vibe going about so that you can both enjoy and take pleasure from the position regardless of the alignment.
So here are the top positions that experts recommend:
Although you would have never thought of trying this one, it is one of the easiest ones to begin with. The position requires for the woman to stand with her back against a wall and her legs spread as wide as she can open them while the man enters her. This position involves lowering of the woman’s body so the ones who are short in height might need to find something that they can stand on. Or if the woman is flexible enough, her tall partner may do away with some kneeling. 
Even though this position might seem a bit awkward in the beginning, it actually turns out to be a great position as it is quite passionate and romantic due to the eye contact that is made possible. As the woman supports herself against a wall, this would also allow for the man to give her some of the deepest penetration that he could.

This position might require some fitness on your part so people going to the gym or having fit bodies can definitely get the most out of this. This position involves the man lifting the woman up in the air, securing his elbows under her knees and placing his hands on her butt and holding her in that position while she latches her hands around his neck to hold on. This position offers a great deal of penetration, coupled with the passionate eye contact, and it also looks great. See it for yourself by standing in front of a mirror.

This is a position that is laid back and comfortable enough for you to try out at any time. It requires for the woman to lie on her back and pull her knees towards her chest while she rests her feet on the chest of the man kneeling in front of her. While the man has his knees on either side of the woman, he raises her hips on top of his thighs as he enters her. With the legs up, the woman feels tighter around the vagina, which gives her more pleasure. She can also try pressing her legs together or crossing her angles to apply some pressure that makes it pleasurable for both. 

You might have heard of this one, as it also goes by the name of reverse cowgirl. It can be seen being used quite a lot in the world of porn. It is definitely worth a shot in real life as well. Every girl on top position is a hit since it makes her feel in control, strong and sexy and this position also gives the man a great view of her ass. The position requires the man to lie down on his back with the woman either sitting or kneeling on top of him, facing towards his feet. The woman lowers herself onto the man and leans forward to grip his ankles. It is a relatively tough position to master so it takes practice.

It is the perfect position for a quickie. There is no deep penetration involved in it, but it keeps things short and fast. The position needs the man and the woman to stand facing each other. With a hand under her knee, the man raises one of the woman’s knees off the floor, which turns the orientation to resemble a tripod (hence the name), and then he enters her in this position. All standing positions have an advantage: you get the maximum possible blood flow towards your erogenous zones, which helps with the sexual functioning.

This position requires a bit of flexibility but can surely get things all hot and steamy. The position requires for the man and woman to sit down facing each other, either on a mattress, bed or a floor carpet, and the woman needs to wrap her legs around the upper body of the man while he begins to penetrate her with one of his legs placed around her in order to hold on.

This could turn out to be a great position for a couple where the woman likes the man to take charge in the bedroom. The position does not involve penetration, but is instead about oral stimulation. The woman can lie on her back and allow the man to sit or kneel on top of her with his thighs wrapped around her legs, forming a fence. Once positioned comfortably, both can indulge in mutual masturbation while they get a good view of each other. 

Kama Sutra is not just about having sex, it is more about having a fruitful relationship and a rewarding life in the long term. And sex is of course, without a doubt, very important for mental as well as physical health. You must however keep in mind, that you perform only the positions that your body is capable of handling and do not injure yourself at any point. So now that you know the secret to the ultimate goldmine of pleasure, go ahead and try them out and experience some mind blowing orgasms for yourselves!