Is Your Penis too Small?

Ever Wondered What a Greek Standpoint Says about a Man’s Phallus?
So, whether you think it that way or not, the way you scrutinize your genitals helps a lot. So, right addressing can give you an appropriate on the look. As per the survey, most of the men do not favor the size of their penis as a good one. Also, as per a study of Pittsburg, more than 26% of the men called their penis size as under-average. During that survey, only 5% rated their sizes as a good one. Also, it revealed some shocking results which showed that 87% men didn’t worry about penis size when they were provided proper knowledge about it.
So, here comes the agenda. Get to the tape and ruler. Now, following the instructions, get a good measure of your penis and align it with the sizes in study results.

The Deployment Length
To get an idea of the length of your droopy penis, go for an immediate measure. This is because, if you expose it to a very cold or very warm room, it can manipulate the actual length. So, measure it before room temperature affects the length. To this Dr. Hunter Wessells suggests that “Position the tip of the ruler gently against the point where the shaft meets the abdomen”. So, this suggests that you need to attach the ruler end to your shaft and then measure the length. So, on an average basis, the usual length is 3.43 inches. Voila!
Suggestion: However, it is the best if teens do not pay much attention to their penis seizes because it is a growing age. Usually, a penis continues to grow until the time of puberty. So, it comes in varied sizes, long, short, wide and thin. So, it will be futile for your compare your size to other people’s sizes. You can’t label one size as “normal”.

Upright/Erect Length Measurement
So, for this, you need to be little extra quick. Get your tool hard and give it a measure. Here, you need to follow the same steps. Place the ruler on the penis after it becomes erected and wait till is completely straightened. Also,  you will measure the peak length of your erection. This means, getting the ruler at the point which is far from testicles. Here, usually, the average length comes till 5.03 inches.
Suggestion: But, does size matter that much? Amidst this hullaballoo, if the length, let us enlighten yours with the fact that, smaller penises have also carved good stories. For example, in the year 400 BC, an ideal Greek man was described by Aristophanes as, “a gleaming chest, bright skin, broad shoulders, tiny tongue, strong buttocks and a tiny prick”. On the other hand, a huge penis was addressed as comical and ludicrous.

The Circumference
Don’t let your erection go in vain. Also, know about the circumference. For this, you just need to wrap the tape around from the bottom. Note the size and you will be happy to know that, an average of it is 5.14 inches.
Suggestion: Here comes another perspective which says that, although a penis in porn movies project the idea of masculinity and valor, it is more like an object of stunt. So, it is not appropriate to measure your size with screen phallus.

The Erection Angle
Align yourself straightforward against the wall, besides a mirror from the side angle. While a 90-degree angle will point in the straight direction, a 180 degree will be upwards towards your chin. Usually, an average angle is 105.7 degrees which makes a bit upward from normal horizontal.
Suggestion: For beginners, a penis with wider length promotes more clitoral stimulation. So, this theory disapproves the idea of bigger length. Any vagina has an average depth of 4 inches, so it will be anyway a shallow pathway for your phallus. The major part of stimulation goes along the vagina wall. So, this confirms that girth is more important than a mammoth like a length.

A very small penis is obviously a thing. In the biological term, it is called as “micropenis”, which is applicable for 0.7 of the men. They may have something called as the smallest penis. An SPL which measures up to two-three inches is called as micropenis. Since the surgery is a risky affair, it is quite not recommended to go after it after a length of three inches.

Inconspicuous Penis
As Palmer explains, “Inconspicuous penis means a penis which is hard to see”. The inconspicuous penis is more like an umbrella term for the micropenis, a shaft which is too tiny.
Palmer also explains with the help of a story that how a teenage patient was in sheer torment because of his small sized penis. He went under the examination and it was found that it was completely a standard size. The reason for his agony was more of the unrealistic world of pornography. This projected an entirely ruthless agenda of the male anatomy.

How much can a Surgery Help?
Almost everywhere, men get the drug suggestions to enlarge the penis size. Palmer clears the air while saying, “There is not much to make the penis larger. Also, surgery cannot help much with the size factor. Unless there are any noticeable complications, surgery cannot do much in this”.
Here, whatever is considered medically short is something which is very rare. Statistically, just 2.28% of the population makes this category of erected penis size of 2.76 inches. Of course, all men wish for a larger penis, but seemingly, men with average penis size take the most trouble about a small penis. Measure it wisely, and impart yourself to genuinely small penis categories.

The most nagging thing is to get a bumpy penis, which is the hardest to deal with.