Is Blue Balls real

With a heightened sexual arousal, you have an erection. But it pains when you cannot ejaculate. How should you narrate this incapability of ejaculation despite highly aroused? Blue Balls. Yes, this is a sexual frustration, which men used to refer to this as “blue balls” ever since the dawn of time.

Incapability of ejaculation results in a frustration both on mental and physical health, as you cannot achieve your orgasm, and experience pain in the testicles. This condition lets you get away from the act, creating ruckus in your relationship. However, there is a real issue when your testicles turn into blue tinge or dark shade due to a pressure on your testicles. For most men, the blue balls cannot be a matter of concern. But for many men it wrecks havoc on their physical health, and it causes them serous pain.
Things triggering Blue Balls
Let’s start from the beginning when the phrase came into being. Scientists and clinical experts have a more standard term for this uneasy sexual condition called as epididymal hypertension. 
And it was during the 1910s, when this scientific term earned an easy and colloquial term as “blue balls”.

Why this happens? Basically, when a man engages in loads of convincing foreplay, there is an arousal. This sexual excitement triggers the blood to flow down the penile region, making the penis erect. An erect penis is engorged with blood. But, by this time, if you cannot release his sexual tension through ejaculation, the body sends another signal to flow the blood supply to the rest of the parts. Your testicles do not release any blood to circulate and remain high with loads of blood. This adds pressure to the balls, and causes you slight pain in the groin region.

A prolonged erection can be another reason to cause pain resulting in blue balls. The penis during erection get oxygenated blood, which is absorbed by the genital tissues, resulting in minor aches in the testicles. And the whole state of the aching balls turns the blood into blue hue.

As you can see, a blockage is the primary culprit to trigger blue balls, hindering the release of sexual tension through ejaculation.
Remember, not everyone experiences this frustrated sexual phenomenon. Drugs used to treat erectile dysfunctions or devices to restrict the blood flow to the groin region in an attempt to multiply the sexual pleasure, can add to your worries. As a result, you can see your testicles turn blue and cause you a mild pain.

Can Blue Balls Cause Long Term Problem?
Blue balls is a natural sexual frustrating issue, which does not put its impacts for a longer period or cause a long-term damage. A thing it causes is a mild discomfort at not being able to ejaculate.

When you have a restricted ejaculation, or your orgasm is disturbed, you are more likely to experience this phenomenon. However, once the tension removes, you become relieved.
We have do not have an elaborate scientific explanation why this phenomenon takes place and what are the things which influence their occurrences.

Back in 2010, a report on a 14 year old boy published in the journal ‘Pediatrics’ failed to sum up why he was gripped with scrotal pain following a messing around with his girlfriend during foreplays without releasing his loads through his penile tract. This led scientists to find no real reasons behind his physical condition.  
So, we do not get enough of the evidences or explanation as why this blue balls happens.

Victims Of Blue Balls
The higher is the sexual tension, greater the chances of being victims of blue balls. So, in your youth, you are blessed with frequent attacks, and become hard randomly.
Young teenage men are twice as much more likely to experience this phenomenon as they are more easily sexually stimulated. And of course, the teenagers, those who are involved in outercourses like dry-humping and heavy petting and not to mention the constant erections, face the irritations of blue balls when they do not release.

That said, the wrong techniques of masturbation with jerk-off techniques could put teenagers to blue balls effects.

Do Women Experience The Same Phenomenon?
Yes. Women have the similar feeling of blue balls when they have blood flow to their clits as men. Just like men, women get erections too. But, there is little for a visual scope due to the bizarre female clit anatomical features.

However, when you can spot blue lips as similar as those blue balls, it regards the same experience for women too.

There is no such term as ‘blue lips’ though, they do appear as just like the blue balls and the lips do turn into blue tinge.

Ways To Cure Blue Balls
Of course, there is a cure for this uncomfortable phenomenon and every teenage boy is equipped with it. Releasing the sexual tensions through ejaculation is the first and foremost way to get a respite. Since achieving an orgasm can alleviate your tension, it does not matter which methods you adopt. It could be masturbation. So, when there is a vasocongestion in your penile tissue, release it. Go straight to the bathroom and use a sex toy to ease the process of ejaculation.

Any hindrance in the middle of sex or some obstruction can cause your vasocongestion to die down faster. So, you can use some techniques to get your focus away from the sexual tension.
For young fellows, to get rid of their blue ball frustration, you can pour down your throat a glass full of alcohol. This cools you instantly and distracts your mind from the act.
Another effective way to eliminate the tension of blue balls is to apply cold water or ice on the penis to relieve the pressure of blood flow. However, this technique seriously lacks any scientific support.

Last but not the least, an instant distraction from the sexual arousal is the fastest way to douse off the likelihood of blue balls instantly. Fix your attention to something and try to focus your brain on a fixed object. This takes you out of your fantasy in no time.