How to take male enhancement pills

Do you have a troubled sexual life? If the concern is due to your performance and vigor related, like many guys the first thing that comes to your mind to get rid of this dilemma is to look out for male enhancement pills.  A male enhancement pill is designed to spruce up your sex life.
In an elaborate manner, a male enhancement pill is a pill or dietary supplement that facilitates sexual pleasure in double folds, increase of the penis and erection size, including your stamina for a longer possible sexual tryst in the bed with your partner.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Worth Buying To Address Your Sexual Performance?
Based on the data available on the effectiveness of male sexual enhancement pills, there are a few proven and clinically tested sex enhancement pills out there on the market to address erectile dysfunctions.

These pills and dietary supplements are FDA approved, and are a prescription drug. One of the key causes of sexual failure is erectile dysfunction, which inhibits the natural gain of erection with the full flexibility as the penile shaft remains rigid.

The first prescribed drug to address this issue is Viagra, and different generic versions of this drug known as Sildenafil, Spedra, Cialis, and Levitra. Along with this, Yohimbine, a natural supplement is also effective in improving erectile dysfunctions and sex drive to boost performance.

Other than these drugs and supplements, many products are touted illegally to be safe and useful for your sexual performance. Remember, these products contain unregulated ingredients and they pose health risks.

The Functions Of Male Enhancement Pills
Male enhancement pills are drugs or any other types of pills that claim to increase the feeling of sex drive, including penis size and erection length in men. Not only do they come in the forms of capsules, but they are available in pills, supplements and tablets also.

As the list goes on, the male enhancement pill market is booming and it never runs short of the stocks. You can get hold of these drugs, pills and supplements, whenever you want.
It is easily available as it is sold on various online retail shops by the manufacturers. The outstanding features of these enhancement pills advertised online are-

·         Boost pleasure during sex
·         Enhance the penis length and girth size
·         Help you get and maintain an erection as long as you want during sex
·         Help you achieve harder or firmer erections, which is every guy’s first priority when it comes to sex
·         Transform your penis in bigger dick than earlier

These are the superlative descriptions about these illegal and rogue enhancement products, but do they really work? Well, if they offer any effective results or not, it gives birth to much of the skepticism during purchase online. Hence, it is a clear indication that you do not have a total faith in the making of such illegal and unregulated products; still you get lured to purchase them for you.  
Never go for buying unregulated and untested products from online without any prescription. It is always better to ask your general physician before you make a purchase.
How the male enhancement products work?
No medical evidences till date proved to be true that suggest the penis size increment after the adulthood. Any male enhancement manufacturers that claim these unreality is actually fake and illegal. This is just a scam to siphon off your money.

However, the possibility of treating your erectile dysfunctions and improving your performance is always there. Viagra is one such example that addresses your sexual concern.

A lot of research has been undertaken to find the causes of erectile dysfunctions and other related sexual dysfunctions. Therefore, if you want to achieve vigor and stamina, and improve sex drive, you can use it to get an effective treatment from your doctor.

Your doctor can prescribe you pills or male enhancement products that address your erectile dysfunction. Remember these drugs or pills are designed to treat your condition temporarily by supplying the blood to your penile region to help aid erection and maintain it for a penetrative sex. Therefore, if there are any physical symptoms related to erectile dysfunctions, the male enhancement pill can work, but for underlying causes, you need some robust treatment plan.

Different Types Of Male Enhancement Pills
The market is over brimmed with the stocks of male enhancement pills or drugs.
However, generally three types of male enhancement pills are available on the market. They are:
·         Prescription pills – Viagra, Sildenafil, Spedra, Cialis, and Levitra
·         Nonprescription pills- any pills that are not regulated or tested
·         Natural supplements- yohimbine, horny goat weed and many
 As far as the study goes, prescription male enhancement pills such as Viagra, Sildenafil and their various generic forms have been tested effective and safe in humans.  At the same time, they work to address your sexual dysfunctions like performance problems and stamina.
How Safe Are Male Enhancement Pills?
Provided the safety of prescription male enhancement drugs and pills, they are safe so far, except little to no side-effects. However, the degree of side-effects varies from person to person. 

Although these drugs cause mild to temporary side-effects, it is always advisable to consult a doctor to have a prescription before a purchase.

Meanwhile, there are many who shy away from disclosing their sexual health concerns with their physicians, and find online market that does not ask for prescription very feasible. Never forget that they are dangerous and pose severe health risks as they are not regulated by the FDA.

Now, you can come to a conclusion that only those prescription male enhancement pills are effective for your sexual health affected by low libido and performance issues. On the other hand, natural supplement like yohimbine and horny goat also work to increase your libido to boost your sexual performance.

Now, despite the truth about the illegal and unregulated male enhancement pills, should you still use them?
Should You Use Male Enhancement Pills
If you should look out for these enhancement pills or not, only you can make a correct answer to this based on your physical and sexual needs. However, if you think you should give this enhancement pill a try, you must follow a correct dosage so as to garner the best result.

Ways To Take Male Enhancement Pills

The safest male enhancement pill is Viagra that addresses your erectile dysfunction, and boosts your libido so that you can have an intense orgasm behind the door.

As three different types of Viagra are available on the market, there dosage plan is different as well.

Viagra is available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg doses.

Your diagnosis of erectile dysfunction urges for an initial dose of 50 mg. You must take it once a day. The maximum recommended dose of Viagra is 100 mg. However, it is recommended when the expected result falls short depending on your health condition, and your physical reaction to the drug. The improvement in sexual performance may reduce the dosage to 25 mg.

The consumption of dosage depends on how you want it to work. Take it just before half an hour or hour before sex with water wholly. However, it only works if you are sexually stimulated, and helps aid achieve erection and an intense orgasm.

Remember, in many a case this male enhancement pill does not work if you take other medication, and cause other physical reactions. So, never forget to tell your doctor about this.

This male enhancement pill offers the same functions as Viagra by inhibiting the chemical compound PDE5, responsible to trigger erectile dysfunctions. Once this pill suppresses this chemical, the penile arteries become dilated and transfuse blood properly to the penile region for a perfect erection. Hence, it assures stimulation of the penis, and thus causing it to become and maintain an erection. It contains active ingredients like tadalafil, and it requires as little as 30 minutes to get started.

As compared to Viagra, the effects of Cialis remain for a period of thirty six hours. Therefore, it ensures an enhanced stimulation for that specific period, and within this time frame, if you are aroused, you can enjoy penetrative intercourse with your partner.  
Whereas its dosage is concerned, you can take 10 mg and 20 mg of cialis tablets, if you are determined to have sex on the same day. Since, its various dosage units are based on its medication strength; it determines how healthy you are to achieve erection. However, the dosage cannot be taken every day. If you want to get erect every day, you must consult with your doctor, who can prescribe you 5 mg of dosage for the purpose.

It functions as same as Viagra except one difference being its key compound vardenafil, which is a PDE5 inhibitor, causing an erection for an intense sexual boost. It excites your sexual performance, removing the woes of performance anxiety.
The action of this medication starts within half an hour to an hour after consumption. The effects of this male enhancement pill stay as long as four to six hours. This time frame does not ensure you of having a rock hard erection, but you can get an erection once only you are sexually stimulated. Take it an hour before sex. It is highly recommended not to consume Levitra more than one pill per day.
If you have other health complications, you should not take this medication, as it causes severe negative physical reactions to your conditions.

Natural Male Enhancement Pills Or Viagra
Natural enhancement pills or Viagra is a great substitute to chemically designed aphrodisiac properties like that of Viagra and other sex performance pills.

Horny Goat Weed
This is a natural herb, each and every type of horny goat weed species is popularly known as ‘yin yang huo’ in the traditional Chinese medicine.
Being used as a great source of aphrodisiac, this herb is largely used for improving sexual dysfunctions by treating erectile dysfunctions and involuntary ejaculation or premature ejaculation.

Since, this herb can address many ailments and health concerns; you must be sure about its perfect dosage. There are different factors determining the exact dosage amount to enhance your sexual performance. At this point of time, there is not much data that suggest a proper amount of dosage for your purpose. At the same time, being natural does not constitute to be safe at all. Hence, consult with your doctor before you use it.

Yohimbine is a bark extract that works to improve libido and impotence in men. It is a popular herbal aphrodisiac to address your erectile dysfunctions and increase blood flow to your penile region to trigger an erection. This natural herb is effective in regulating your erection and other sexual dysfunctions by reducing the effects of blood vessel constrictions in the penile region using its compound alpha-adrenoceptor blocker. It allows for a more intense sexual experience and performance by increasing the adrenaline that excites nerve endings for sexual stimulation.

The dosage of this natural herb depends on its type of supplement. If it is a powdered formula, it is better to consume 135mg-540mg per day. You can have the same amount of dosage two-three times a day. For liquid extracts, get 30-40 drops thrice a day.
Referred to as Peruvian Viagra, maca reinstates normal sexual behavior in men by addressing their sexual dysfunctions with hormonal balance. Despite not approved by the FDA, this herbal sexual booster is quite popular among the users. It treats erectile dysfunctions and reduces the chances of infertility in men. A study published in the journal Andrologia, men aged between 21 and 56 have an improved sexual desire as compared to men on placebo. The similar study proved its efficacy in treating mild erectile dysfunctions in men, and improving their sexual performance within the initiation of the dosage.

1,500-3,000 mg is the standard dose of maca. It can be taken daily alongside food. However, it is better to ask for your doctor’s recommendation.
Whereas other unregulated male enhancement pills are concerned, you should take a note of the label to know more about the products, as though the manufacturers do not disclose enough data about the ingredients. Hence, it is you who should be responsible and careful about the consumption of this type of unhealthy sex booster pills.

Lest they impact your health, you should always ask for your doctor’s recommendation.