How to Take a Butt Selfie

Your selfies on social media might be a killer, but do not you think they are too old for garnering so much excitement and attention? To be more frank, selfies are now a passé, and it is time for them to step aside as more advanced and popular form of selfies are taking over them. There is a new type of vanity-tastic self portrait craze sweeping social media by storm. Cannot make the right guess? It is belfie. The term is a hybrid between a high scientific equation (bum+selfie= belfie). If you still do not have any cues, you can check it with hashtag followed by the term. And as soon as you put that term on the internet, you can get to see millions of belfies.
The first belfie came from the iconic fitness star Jen Selter, who took everyone by surprise in 2012 when she posted her belfie in her Instagram account. As soon as her belfie went on social media, she had a fan following counting, and standing at more than 3 million. Everyone believes that her belfie gave a huge push for her fitness business. Her ‘girl with that butt’ image has been popularized amongst the users, and appeared as a great challenge for other celebrity belfie enthusiasts at the same time. 

Following this, we see a huge fanatical approach amongst booty pioneers and celebrity Instagrammers  including Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. After they took it as a part of becoming popular, people find it quite interesting tactic to steal a limelight.
Provided selfies, they are good as they advocate for your empowerment.  These are great ways to say to the world about how you feel proud of what you are born with. And when you pose for the selfie, you know well, which angle of your body makes you look super cool and hot. So, selfies are sort of a thing which boosts your confidence about your look. The same works with belfies too.

So, are you eager now to take your own belfie? It is not as simple and similar as selfie if you think. Taking a flattering belfie appears just impossible with the techniques of selfie. 

It does not require for those etiquettes involving in selfie such as a chin slightly raised, lips in a perfect pout, hair fluffed and eyes up. Belfie needs some more extra care and attention to get the perfect shot of your butt. There are some useful ways to take those killer belfies for you without making any error.

Butt Selfies – techniques and skills
Ever since belfie has been popularized, the boob jobs seem to be under threats.  You can blame it on Kim Kardashians and Rihanna, who have posted their belfies in sheer and backless dresses on Instagram. For a perfect belfie shot, most users want a perfect lifted and fluffy butt. So, when you want to go derriere delirious, why not try a belfie for yourself.

Get Inspiration From Iconic Asses Like Kim And Rihanna
Butt is an unreachable body part which does not have you getting a visual access to it. And hence, the belfie execution becomes tough for you.
You better get inspiration from belfie sensations Kim Kardashians, Rihanna, and Jen Selter to get that classic pose pat down.
Of course, you stand in front of the mirror, but position yourself away from it. From an upright position, twist your upper part and bring your hips out to keep it center and front. 

This is not easy yet though.

Decide If You Want A Lens Man Or Do It By All Yourself

You can go for self butt photography with your smartphone. It does not require for the perfect location and appears to be quite casual. You can easily handle it and send it as fast as possible.

However, it may have some snags as well. You get to take under poor lights and cannot have the perfect angle as those sensations.

On the other hand, the professional photography allows you to get a perfect scene for your butt selfie. You no longer need an assistance of your both hands. The perfect lighting solutions are the bonus. You can use filters to get the best ever butt selfie with best possible editing options. Sending instantly is little bit tough with this option though.

Decide On The Butt Apparel
It is important you find a fine apparel, which offers a greater visual pleasure and appreciation from all squares. A high-waist pant is always perfect for the butt selfie as it makes a clear distinction between your waistline and booty.

Choose The Pose
Every first timer is supposed to bend over their smartphones. However, it should not be the pose like this, as it appears as if you are going to ease yourself on your phone. Sounds funny? But, it is so true. When you really bend like this, it appears otherwise, and cannot get the feeling as you have imagined.
Have you ever watched those porn actresses in the soccer field? Even if you know what they were up to, you seem to give it a damn as you cannot make out how it helps you. But, their enormous asses filmed from a low angle vouch for a perfect belfie pose.
If you think, you currently cannot have those films in your hands; you can find cues from 

Rihanna. Get your right hand across your hip with fingers bejeweled in funky jewelries; twist your whole body a little with your butt popped out. This is just killing when you actually take that shot and post it on your Instagram account.
Go for another pose which is most admired and popularized by Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. It is a mirror centric butt selfie pose. All you need to do is look over your shoulder to focus on your head to establish your identity.

And yes, when you get the real job done, you post them. Praises will come pouring in for having showcased a saucy photo of your exposed asses.  

Follow these simple techniques to get a perfect belfie.