How to make your penis bigger

Guys often tend to worry about how well endowed they are. Well, no matter what size you are at, there do exist ways to work your way up the scale. 
Here is a good news for you: Research suggests that many men who are often worried about their package in reality turn out to be normal or average in terms of size. The porn industry has been handing out unrealistic body images since quite some time now and this has lead people to feel insecure about their own selves. It has also lead men to believe that a big penis is what it takes to make a woman orgasm. This is completely false because studies have concluded that it takes a combined effort of passionate kissing, genital stimulation and oral sex to get a woman reach climax and as it turns out, none of these have anything to do with size.

The point being that you do not need to be worrying about your size, as your penis is fine just the way it is. However, if you are considering to increase your size, there are a number of ways to do that. Even though they are painful, expensive and not always guaranteed to work, here are the most popular ways to make things bigger down south:

1)Getting an implant
There happens to be a specific type of operation that can make the penis longer and increase the girth as well. This is done using a silicone implant. It is claimed that this process can give about 1.5 inches of increase in length and 2.5 inches of increase in girth on an average. The drawback here is that the surgery is extremely expensive and the patient run a risk of getting an infection or suffering an implant breakage.

2)Getting a plastic surgery
There are surgeries that can increase the length of the penis where the process involves cutting of a ligament which in turn helps it in hanging out a bit more, hence making it seem bigger in size. However, it has its risks. The person undergoing surgery could suffer from problems such as scarred tissue, experience of pain during erections, loss of function or sensation or infection. It is also quite expensive and according to studies, the process adds a bare amount of half inches to the actual size, which doesn’t really seem worth all the trouble.

3)Injections of fat
The process involves liposuction of the patient’s own fat from their body which is transferred into the shaft of the penis surgically using a syringe. It gives about an inch of increase in the length, slightly over an inch in terms of girth and an overall heavier member. These results do not usually stay for long and you could just shrink back to your normal size after some time. As is the case with any surgical procedures, it has its risks. The fat injected may travel to other body parts, which can even get fatal.

4)Injections rich in platelet plasma
Another relatively new method involves taking plasma rich platelets out of your body and injecting them into your penis which is supposed to stimulate blood flow, hence making it appear bigger in size. It is not advised to choose this as a solution due to the lack of research on the procedure and the risks and drawbacks that could tag along.

5)Using extenders for the penis
Certain devices can make the penis grow in terms of both length and girth by gradual stretching. These are wearable devices that can be worn under your clothes daily. You might need to wear these for hours in order for them to show results. Some examples of such devices which have been around for quite some time now are: Golden Erect and Andro Penis.
These devices have proved to be effective according to research and roughly added half an inch in terms of length. However there might be slight discomfort and drawbacks such as scarring that may happen while using these devices. Also, these devices usually work on increasing your flaccid length which actually has nothing to do with how big you can get when hard.

6)Trimming the pubes
This might be one of the easiest ways, and it is free of cost too. Isn’t it obvious how getting rid of your pubic hair would make your penis look bigger? The length that gets hidden due to the hair would also become visible and it would help you witness your actual size.

7)Losing weight
The excess fat that may be present around your pubic area and stomach might make your penis appear smaller than it actually is. When you shed off some weight you can increase the length by a good one or two inches as the pubic region would then be fat free.

8)Considering medication
Pills that are meant for problems such as erectile dysfuntion like Viagra, Cialis, etc. might not help you increase your size but they can definitely help improve blood flow to the penis. In this manner, if there is anything that is holding you off from reaching your maximum erection, these pills could solve your problems. You might want to consult a doctor first if you think you have that problem. Supplements that help improve your vascular health and flow of blood and nitric acid can help you attain stronger erections. 

The bottom line is that no matter what size you are at, you do not need to be worried about being able to satisfy your partner because there is a majority of people out there for whom size does not matter. Ultimately, sex is about finding the right partner with whom you find yourself compatible and then there is always ways to get there, with the use of sex toys, oral stimulation and many other ways. So maybe instead of focusing on getting your size altered, you might want to focus on finding the right partner to be with.