How to Increase Sex Power

Sex is the most powerful phenomenon to feel ecstatic about one’s ability to become full with orgasmic bliss and its true satisfaction of pleasure.
Every living being in this world wants to experience these beautiful and lovely treasures of love through sex once they get to know about their sexual preferences and importance.

However, do you think it is easier to become successful every time you get to do it with your partner? No it is not always. And upon not reaching your sexual goal, it ends up in dissatisfaction and frustration, and also embarrassment about your virility. However, maybe there are many reasons why you need to gather enough stamina to please your partner and also satiate your own sexual hunger with your performance. There are a couple of things hidden in your failure of successful orgasms and a robust sexual performance every night during sex.

We will uncover it so that you can increase your sex power and become successful with your sexual tryst.

The first successful attempt to increasing your sex power will be justified through making your sex duration longer. Now, it is to find out how long is the accepted duration to regard your sex a successful affair of heightened sexual performance.
For men, it is the duration of the sex that makes for the ultimate sexual pleasure and satisfaction for them. So far whatever you do to make your sex a better experience for you, you need to increase your stamina and sex power so as to make the most of it.
It is every man’s dilemma to come short during sex; hence they do not want to finish in the first position. Of late, it gives rise to the thinking of how long is really long and how much duration of sex is apt to be regarded as the manly activity of bold sexual performance.

We will learn about the actual duration and most requisite sexual activity between heterosexual couples from an article ‘The Conversationalist’ by Dr. Brendan Zietsch, a fellow researcher of psychology at the University of Queensland and his opinion about the exact duration of penetrative sex.
During the observation of the study, as many as 500 heterosexual couples took part in the research to gauge their exact timing into the sexual activity starting from penetration to ejaculation. So, while the study was to focus highly on the capabilities of the men’s penis, it was likely to be penis-centric sex. However, to any kind of successful sex and orgasms, it involves more than just penis and vagina, and their collaborative approach.

The lead author of the study measured the heterosexual sex act using data as provided by the participants that used a stopwatch to measure the duration of the act. The whole measurement act has been observed over four week long periods. Although a stopwatch is the right tool to get the correct data on the sexual act duration, it is not entirely accurate to offer the best results as syncing the act with the stopwatch is a subject to promptness and readiness of the participants, which is a difficult task as a whole.

The stopwatch was clicked during the penetrative act, and turned off during ejaculation. It was sort of a mixed response that was hardly successful to establish any accurate data about how long does sex last in heterosexual activity. The finding revealed that the majority of the heterosexual couples took between 33 seconds and 44 minutes to finish their core sexual activity.

However, the average sex duration from penetration to ejaculation was estimated at 5.4 minutes for average couples, indicating that every couple at least needs an average of 5.4 minutes for a successful sexual session.

With regard to this, you must know that the usual belief involving condoms restricting a successful erection is all a wrong perception. And be it circumcision or condoms, nothing comes the way to erections.

This study also proved that there is no influence on how long does sex last from the country of origin, except Turkey, that experience as little as 3.7 minutes of sex, which is significantly shorter than other countries and couples. In addition, the age of couples does influence the duration of sex act, hence the older the couples, the shorter the sex period is.
According to a study published from the United States and Canada in the year 2008, it is a different length of duration that categorizes men into a specific sex duration spectrum. Sex that lasts for one or two minutes is considered to be too short, followed by an adequate sex duration lasting from 3-7 minutes, while desirable lasts from seven to 13 minutes. Whereas the longest possible sex duration is considered, it ranges from 10-30 minutes. Usually, the sex duration of more than 10 minutes is ideally longer, but it rarely happens.

So, why this differentiated data of sex duration is probably there. That’s because different sizes of the penis. Yes, it is the penis size that influences men to ejaculate. But, if you want an exact and accurate data about a sex duration, on one could provide you with a specific answer. 

Rather, it depends on how you act it the heat of the moment to relish your pleasure. It is a quest of a true pleasure that makes you last as long as possible with the right combination of improved creativity, innovation and of course, a heightened sexual prowess.

But, it is important to have sex power to successfully accomplish this feat.

Why do you need to have strong sexual urge and strength at the same time?
While delivering your best tactics and skills, all your concentration should revolve around sexually pleasing your lady or girlfriend on the ground of her sexual preferences and physical needs.

Understanding women’s sexual desire
It is indeed crucial to understand female sexuality, sexual behavior and definitely sexual responses comprising excitement, orgasms and resolution. You cannot make the full use of your sexual power unless you understand these paradigms of female sexuality.

When it comes to female sexual behavior and their responses, you must know that they are endowed with thousands of nerve endings that trigger sexual stimulation and help aid arousal so that a successful intercourse can take place, and finally it facilitates an intense orgasmic experience for your lady. Although intercourse alone is not enough to stimulate that sexual feeling, it should be coupled by several influences including foreplay, clitoral stimulation and of course oral stimulation. More and more women prefer oral sex or what we refer to as cunnilingus to penetrative intercourse. Simultaneously, it takes more than 20 minutes for every woman to reach the climax as opposed to their male counterparts. This is supported by different studies as well. And female sex being fickle in nature, you need to be patience and use the right tactics to accomplish the goal for her and also for you. Since, it involves a lot of patience and endurance; it needs you developing a good amount of sex power or stamina. There are various ways, which you can use to increase your sex power and use it during sex to improve the experiences for longer duration.

Ways You Can Use To Increase Your Sex Power
Libido or sex drive does fluctuate, but even in your late life; it remains at a high level. Since your energy level depletes, it saps your energy to splurge on sexual activity. This is where you need to focus so that you never run out of adequate sexual energy and get a maximum amount from your indulgences.

Low stamina or energy can lead to loss of interest in sexual indulgences, and prevents you from trying your best during sex. Lest you lead a sedentary life, here’s going several ways to increase your sex power.

Bust Stress
Stress can destroy your health at large, including your sexual h health that receives sexual stimuli from testosterone hormone responsible to raise your sex drive. Cardiovascular health is largely disrupted by stress, causing a steep increase in your blood pressure. These health complications when coupled with psychological stress restrict you from achieving a successful erection and also orgasms. Exercise is the best way to combat this. Meanwhile, you can discuss about your stress with your partner.

This can alleviate your complications and strengthen your relationship also.

A few of the workout programs are really good to address your problems.

Swiss Ball Press Up
Try this workout to build a great and robust sexual physics. The objective of this workout is to support your lower body weight on the ball as long as possible. It increases your endurance, which helps you get more pleasure during sex.
Place your shin on the ball and press your upper body to the ground being in the press up position. Lower and push back again to repeat the same.

Hinge Bow
Hinge bow aims at strengthening your leg muscles, giving you an enhanced mobility during sexual performance with an improved hip flexibility.
Kneel with your upper body and thighs at a 90 degree angle. Now, lean back from the position. Repeat it after 2-3 seconds.

Hip flexor Lunge
Stand straight and step forward with your one foot a meter away from another. Now, bend down your knees slightly, and go forward with your pelvis as far as possible. When you feel a stretch, you can leave it and repeat it after 30 seconds by swapping your legs.
Lying gluteal Bridge
This is what bears a good level of relevance to your quest to increase your sexual stamina or endurance during sex lest you get off too early. Lying Gluteal Bridge is a workout that works for you and helps increase your endurance by aiding supporting muscles to quit too soon.
Lie down on your back, while your knees are bent. Keep your hands by both sides of your torso straight. Now raise your upper torso and glutes until it is formed as a straight line. Be in this posture for three seconds.
Maintain Fitness
Cardiovascular exercise is the best way to remain fit and active so that you can increase your sex power, and stay stronger in bed. Studies prove that sex itself is an exercise and it helps release a chemical toxin called oxytocin in the brain to alleviate stress and tension in the muscles. So, indulging in regular sex helps you stay healthy too, and you must try it almost every day. However, lest you fall short of potential sex strength, you must break a sweat every day for at least thirty minutes. This will keep your heart health in checks and also keep you going strong. You can take different cardiovascular exercise to boost your sex power, including swimming, running and cycling.

Maintain A Healthy Diet
When incorporating your diet with certain foods, they help the blood supply to the penis, and increase your sex power.

Onion and garlic when taken in a moderate proportion may help increase the blood flow, thus improving your blood circulation in the groin region.

Don’t forget to take bananas to have potassium rich nutrients on a regular basis as they are good at improving blood pressure, and finally enhancing your sexual parts in the body and helping aid in sexual performance.

Chilies and peppers contain capsaicin compounds to help circulate your blood flow all throughout your body, including your genitals, thus enhancing your sexual power.

Besides veggies and certain seasonings, you can opt for some meats and foods as they help increase your blood flow.

Eat fish like salmon, tuna to get the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids, known for increasing blood flow.

Different types of peanuts, pork and kidney beans contain essential nutrients like Vitamin B-1, that plays a key role in transmitting the signal between the spinal cord and the groin region.  So, you can receive a healthy erection.

Remember when you age, it also affects your sexual prowess. Hence, you need to focus to stay healthy and pay attention to your underlying medical conditions so that these are addressed much ahead of time lest they impact your overall sexual health.

Last but not the least, if you think if you fail to last longer in the bed, it is probably for your lack of skills and practice. You can increase your endurance by practicing masturbation.

Pay attention to these needs, and you will finally reach your goal of increasing your sexual strength.