How to Hit Her G-Spot?

Make her come back wanting more!

A finger or a prick?
Women believe that the G-spot exists. Researchers confirm the existence of G-spot but are still not sure about the location. This ambiguity has led to an unawareness amidst men. The surveys confirm that more than 50% men could never find the G spot of their partners. Surprisingly, about 35% men are not even aware of the G-spot. You can remain tight-lipped upon the discussion of G-spot, but doing the opposite can make your sex life heavenly great.  
Yes, men have to be really wary while digging deeper on the subject of G-spot, but it is worth the efforts. The pleasure of G spot orgasms can be enthrallingly different from the clitoral stimulations. While hitting her g-area, you would give her a shuddering pleasure which will linger all over her lower body. It’s up to you that how would you like to serve the dish, with a finger or a prick?

Hand Use:
Start slipping your index and middle finger inside her. Make sure that, they are nicely lubricated to avoid giving her uneasiness out of roughness. Gently, fondle both the fingers in and out. It should be more like caressing her vaginal walls. Slowly, you have to reach few centimeters above the vaginal hole, which is where; the G-spot is located. To be exact, the G-area is about one or two centimeter up inside her genital wall. You will know, that it is aroused if it enlarges a bit than the normal size. Dr. Pam Spurr adds, “To begin with use a rhythmic stroking movement with these two fingers together”. As she gets increasingly aroused, vary this with slight circular motions to give her different sensations.” He also gives an interesting alternative, in which you can gently tickle the G spot with fingers. He says, “Surprise her with these different sensations and, if required, add more lubricant as you go”.

So, you can’t be perfect in everything. Hitting her G-area with your tongue is one of them. Unless you can make your tongue pencil-thin and ultra-flexible, it’s impossible. The better option is caressing her clitoral area with your tongue and keeping G-spot for a stimulator. Most of the men, do a common mistake of keeping the head between her legs. Instead, keep your head just below the pelvis area. This will allow you to play with her G-spot area more freely. You can move the vibrator around the g-area to give her a better stimulation.

Doggy style
Dr. Spurr explains it like, “A top position for stimulating her G spot is what I call the lazy doggy style”. A different doggy style will definitely give a pleasurable night to both of you. So, try giving a bend to her pelvis area, so that, you can touch the tip of your pen to her G-spot. Naturally, this provides a natural slant down towards her g-area. You can also try some other variations, as you can spread your legs, a bit more to go even deeper. Dr. Spurr adds, “Try to get a little ‘circular' movement in your hips to make sure you hit her G spot and the surrounding areas”.
So, whether the researchers approve of the location or not, women’s front vaginal area has a very sensitive spot which can draw the most out of those delightful hours.
Here is an interesting twirl in the story. Since the female genital area is quite a condensed setting, one thing leads to other. Hitting just the G-spot is quite not possible. Most likely, you will move her other parts also. This makes it little convoluted, which needs a constant redo.
If you don’t want to get lost on the way, follow the below guidelines:
Start This Way: G-spot is most likely situated in the front area of vaginal area. So, this gives a rough idea of about 2-3 inches inside the vaginal part. So, this gives a target area to work upon.

To propel the stimulation levels, you can always rely on applying pressure to her mons (mons pubis). Putting a straight thrust on this area rekindles the excitement in her lower body. Depending on her position, you can press your hand or body over that area.

She Mounting You:
She topping you, provides a great deal of thrust inside her vagina. Also, she has a lot of leeways to move, which serves as a great pleasure to both of you. If you help her tilt back a little, she will feel her sweet spot more promptly. Dr. Herbenick mentioned, “Since all men’s penises point and bend in different directions, this will allow more flexibility for your parts to fit together”.

Make Your Muscles Move:
Formally we call it, clasping your pelvic muscles and simply we call it, “making your weapon whirl”. If you try, giving a squeeze to those muscles, your penis will get a kick-movement. You get more control to slide it upwards the vaginal area. This is a proven way to get even closer to her genital areas and arouse a sensual stimulation.

Her Legs Up:
If she gets little peculiar about the same doggy style every time, try it in missionary. Of course, the simple missionary can not help you much in this. So, you can try putting her legs on your shoulders. Make you sit on the knees and gently lift her one leg at a time. This position works because it creates a slant like penetration which can straight away hit her G-area. Make her lie straight on her back, so that, she can have it quickly and more comfortably.

While, these positions may sound like a little discomfort in the routine pleasures, but trying them, will never leave you dismayed. They are so catalyzing that; they will fill a fresh spark in your bedtime coition. Although, you can use a vibrator to bring her to sweats, using your fingers can be even more interesting. This provides a leeway to look around her other horizons to touch and caress.
Have a fun trip down the valley!