How to give a 30 Minute Orgasm to your lady love?

Just Your Tongue and Traps!

If you are thinking to woo your lady love when it comes to climaxing, then you must read on. In general, the female orgasm lasts for around 15 seconds only. So you must have to perform the best in order to satisfy the love of your life. As stated by the American experts Alan and Donna, it is possible to extend these seconds for as long as half an hour. Besides, according to the Brauer’s extended sexual orgasm, the technique with which you orgasm your lady is also important. The best 15 seconds can create a beautiful impression on the mind of your girl can last up to 24 hours after indulging in sex. If you're able to do something to a woman that feels so incredibly good that she completely relaxes you're highly likely to make that woman climax.  Here we are sharing some important tips to give the best 30 mint orgasm to your girlfriend.

Give Her Time before Bed
Educate her with the kegel pelvic exercise in order to achieve the best kind of orgasm. Kegal exercise includes squeezing, holding and releasing the pee which helps to control the pelvic muscles. Once she wanted you to do the job, ask her if she’s prepared. Help her to be prepared for the job by letting go her worries, stress, and sorrows. Also, help her to be prepared for the sexual feelings. You can even start foreplay with her. Kiss her gently and touch her breasts in order to help her to get started with the orgasm. If she is ready for the orgasm, then sit comfortably and let the moment begin.

Let the Lube Roll Around
The steady and smooth friction is essential for the female orgasm. Without using any lubricant, it will become very uncomfortable for you and your girl to use your index finger for the vagina. Lubrication increases the speed and comfort which ultimately penetrate her vagina and prevents the grind in the clitoris. Try a couple of drops of Vaseline or oil that you preferred to use. Let her lie down comfortably or sit make her sit in a comfortable position. To begin the act, apply some lube outside the vagina also.

Time to Concentrate on the Valley
After lubrication, slightly stroke and tease her for 5 minutes without stimulating the clitoris. Massage her, pamper her and kiss her. Then slowly begin to stimulate her clitoris. Draw circular motion around it by using your index finger. Touch the clitoris with the index finger once per second. If you are not able to get the correct pressure and rhythm, take her help and ask her if she is feeling the pressure and rhythm. Continue massaging her and stimulating her for the getting the best pressure and rhythm.

Know When She’s about to Cum
As you continue to stimulate her clitoris, she should begin her pelvic floor squeezes. Notice her breath as she squeezes her pelvic muscles, she breathes heavily from the stomach. If all is going to smooth, she is just a step away from orgasm. If you aren’t able to know that she is reached the climax or not, you can ask her and can even motivate her for the ultimate scene. When you know that she is about to come, watch and feel the regular two seconds of contractions in her vagina. This indicates that the orgasm is happening. Once it started, stop stimulating the clitoris and immediately move to stroking the inner walls of the vagina. By using your fingers, push them in or out or sweep them in the circular motion slowly and in rhythm. Continue the motion in and out of the entrance of the vagina.

After Orgasm Fiesta
After your lady is satisfied with your job, you should notice and feel that her vagina start to draw back. But you must aim to prolong the contraction. So all you need is to keep your fingers inside her vagina and continue stroking her until she stimulates and wants more. Again repeat your act of pressure and rhythm with the inner wall of the vagina. Continue stroking and hitting the vagina in the circular motion to trigger more contractions. For providing the finest level of contractions all you need is to move back and forth from the vaginal to clitoral stimulation until the contractions are occurring and every one to five seconds.

Keep Hands Busy
Continue stimulating the clitoral along with the back and forth movement in the vagina for about 15 minutes. The vaginal wall begins to draw away less and less and the contractions should start to become continuous. When the vagina pushes out in a continual wave-like motion, you are in the final phase. So get into a position where you can use both hands to stimulate the clitoris and the inner wall of vagina one by one.

Why Avoid Nipples?
If you are feeling adventurous then possibly she’s also feeling the same. Research shows that some of the women can feel the climax from nipple stimulation. Lightly trace circles on her nipples with your fingers or you can even use your tongue in order to create pressure as you go. Try wooing them with a suck, in order to make her feel loved and special.  The end result should be the mesmerized one, as she will experience the wave of multiple orgasms.  Giving her just one orgasm is cause for celebration. But any woman who can climax once can probably cross the finish line again and again.

Set Back for a While
In this way, you can give a mind-blowing orgasm to your lady love. After your act, she will feel sexy and very grateful to have you with her. You can expect some sumptuous blowjobs as well. Are you ready to try this extra 30 minutes orgasm on your lady? Tell her tonight to be ready for a heavenly warmth.