How To Finger Yourself To Orgasm

Want to have a tidal wave of orgasm? Well, when you are alone and want to do the chore all by yourself, nothing is better than the techniques involved in masturbation. Yes, that’s true. Having ability to please yourself by fingering is an ethereal blessing.  
However, anything which is sexual, techniques matter and make a huge difference. If you think you are a pro and do not need any guidance to make the job done, you do really need some extensive learning tips. That’s because sometime even a little unknown thing can make everything count for you and get you an exhilarating sexual pleasure.  
By the end of this lesson, we can bet that you can have a back-arching, toe-curling and of course screaming climax, which you never had earlier.

Let’s get a starter and see how you can accomplish everything sex with only your fingers.

Taking Up Safety Measurements
Perhaps, this is one of the most important aspects to make your solo sex more pleasurable without causing yourself distress and injuries. Since the whole job depends on your nails, trim them. It is important. Do not get over confident about your maneuvering that you can do it without cuts and scratch. But remember, even a small cut can ruin the ecstasy of the whole aura of the solo session, and deprive you of an intense orgasm. Do not cry over your nail art, get them trimmed if you really want to make a great self sex.
Now, it is time to get to the bottom of the real sex things.
Create The Right Mood
Do you think it is not so necessary to set the mood, when you can do the job quite easily? No, it is possible to finger yourself only to get a quickie, but for intense and heightened sexual pleasure, you do need to set the mood.

First of all, you need to be sure to get relaxed and stress free. This is important for achieving an arousal. If you fail to get aroused, it is not possible to reach the climax through energetic fingering techniques.   

Too much stress and fatigue can have a negative impact on the overall health, and drain your energy to get aroused. It creates a blockage in getting aroused even though the sexual stimulus is applicable. Science also proves that stress can ruin the feeling of arousal and prevent one from acting properly to that sexual stimulus.

While you are concerned about getting aroused, make sure to avoid any kind of disturbances. 
For many, the bedroom is the right place to explore your sexual extravaganza. But sometimes, this place becomes a center of distraction and disturbances when you share it with others. So, you should head to the bathroom or under the shower to try enthralling fingering techniques.
Amid everything, while you are paying attention to reducing your stress, you should not overlook to relax your brain as well. Yes, the brain is the biggest sexual organ of a human body, which needs to be aroused in the first place. So, set a perfect ambience with incense sticks and diffuser. In order to get aroused physically, you need to caress yourself, and explore your erogenous zones. If everything else fails, why not try porn to turn on.

This is a surefire way to get turned on. So, when you are turned on, use the right fingering techniques.

Tease Yourself
This is important to raise your sexual tensions right across your body. Teasing actually helps you reach the climax, every time you finger yourself. Have it like a fingering foreplay.

Now, when you are aroused, try to slide your hand from your breasts down to your belly to the clitoris, located outside of the vaginal opening.

Right below the clit, you can feel fleshy folds of skin on both of the sides of your vagina. They are called labia. The exterior fold is labia majora, while the interior fold is labia minora. When you rub the labia with your fingers, the act gets you to the heightened sexual turmoil, leaving your vulva wet. This is a natural lubricant that helps you in further exploration of the vagina through fingering.

Drenched in a natural lube, put your finger inside your vagina in and out to realize how it feels to you. You can run your finger along the walls of your vagina to feel different pleasure levels.

Actually there are no right fingering techniques for anyone as what feels super exciting and enthralling to one, maybe that technique does not work for others.

So, don’t think too much about the right technique, just keep concentrating on the movements that feel pleasurable to you. Remember, the fingering is not about going to the deepest level, but getting the most ecstatic pleasurable feelings.

Fingering Your G-Spot
While pressing your finger deep down and bump against something which feels really good, that is actually your G-spot. When you are deep inside your vagina, try pressing against the vaginal wall with a curled up finger. This is where your G-spot is. Stimulating G-spot gives you really intense orgasm. When you hit it with your finger and press it, it feels like a juicy and tender raspberry. In another way, it feels like a soft clump of muscular tissues with small ridges. 

Creating frictional movements inside help you achieve a never before sexual orgasmic blow.
Simultaneously, it is the G-spot that actually helps you squirt if you are dedicated, and pay a little extra attention to those pleasure points inside it. Remember, it is not possible to hunt your g-spot and get that maximum pleasure out the fingering techniques unless you are aroused.

The G-spot is near the bladder, which may trigger a feeling of pee and in due course, if you end up peeing, don’t feel shy; the whole thing is normal. While you stimulate your g-spot, if the feeling of pee is inevitable, it is better you pee before embarking on the solo sex act.

Sometimes, it is hard reaching orgasm even if you try different stokes together. In such case, you can use both of your hands, while one hand on your pubic mones, and other on your G-spot. Now, stimulate the areas with a slow movement. This will heighten your pleasure for sure.

Fingering is not a hard core job, which you cannot accomplish. All you need is to have some patience as it takes some time to find those nerve endings and pleasure points to satiate your satisfaction. So, just be sure to hit the right button that actually feels good to you.