Give Her an Orgasm in 15 Minutes

A 15 Minute Orgasm Trip!
Take her to a Lavish Excursion to Heaven
Your sexual reputation can decide the pace of your self-esteem. However, getting into too much delay and excessive foreplay is also not the key. In this article, we have summed up the ways to give her the best orgasm within 15 minutes of duration.
So, you have this challenge to start with art and finish reasonably early. Also, leaving her fluttering for hours to come. Yes, we are not carving a fantasy here, but a truth. At Kinsey Institute of US, the experts have figured out that, a woman can experience orgasm even after 15-20 minutes post-sex. Also, a research which is based on the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy confirmed that, if you woman likes more orgasm, she may ask for an extended time amidst the sheets.
Plan a meet on the day when she has her yoga class scheduled. The idea is to spend time with her on the day when she has got stimulation throughout her vagus nerve. This passes through the pelvis and gets influenced by the abs exercises. Plan some soothing drinks afterward, as two glass of red wine, will rekindle her exhilaration for you. Slip your hand into her neck, the moment she finishes her drink!
3 Down out of 15 Minutes!
Your mouth on hers
Peck a loyal bite on her lips. Your three minutes of kissing her will ease both of you, leveling down the stress hormone called cortisol. While exploring her tongue, make a tilt towards the right which will make you appear caressing her. Nothing arouses a woman more than a touch of care and passion. As per a Germany based study, a gentle touch fills her system with Oxytocin, which arouses trust and heartens her to come more quickly.
Hot tip: A William Cane survey sums up the data from 50,000 women and confirms that a lip service on the neck makes them potential. But, for how long should you stay there? William confirms that “Slide of the lips to her neck occasionally so that her neck doesn’t become hard-boiled”.
Now, bring some alignment in this. Here is a spike moment tip. With every kiss on her neck, uncover one of her body parts. Removing one cloth with a gentle touch will fluently take away her body-confidence issues. Giving her this confidence is important as a research says that, “If she confident in being uncovered, she’ll come much sooner. Also, compliment your partner’s every body part while undressing it”. So, all she craves for is your approval to rip away her self-consciousness. In just a span of 180 seconds, experience the wildest side!

2 Down out of 12 Minutes!
So, now that she is undressed and you have got to go for the gold, but here is a twist. Take time, in removing her underclothes. Why not caress her with the soft fabric. Sex therapist Paula Hall suggests that “Focus on building expectancy rather than going straight for direct stimulation”.  Touch her like, you have got the entire time for her. Nothing turns her off more than a hurried injection. Suddenly, uncover her underwear to get her excitement level at the peak. Let your fingers roll inside her vagina as most of the women enjoy the focus on the outer third of the vaginal canal. This is the place which accommodates G-spot, PS spot and clitoris. So, take good use of your hands and show some dexterity!

3 Down out of 10 Minutes!
Work with Other Wet Muscles
Surprisingly, for more than 90% of the women, cunnilingus takes to a pleasurable orgasm. In the book, The Big O, the quickest way to get there has been described. It explains like, “With one hand, pull up her clitoral hood”. Afterwards, lick from side to side across its base, just above her clitoris”. To measure the progress, you can put one finger below her vagina way, which is called as perineum. The moment, she is about to come, you will know by her pre-climax contractions.

6 Down out of 7 Minutes!
The Final Gateway
Now, you may feel quirky about this revelation, but orgasms are not about foreplay. A recent study has proved that longer intercourse leads to orgasms rather than longer foreplay. The average time slot for orgasm is usually 6-4 minutes after the intercourse.
But, even this can’t be unplanned. Instead of going gaga with deep thrusting, try Coital Alignment Position. For good thing, it is a variant of missionary which will keep the close contact. During the missionary position, pull your penis little back, so that it touches her clitoral part. To keep your body in control, you can entwine your one leg along the bed foot and move back and forth. This is a gentle way to massage her clitoris with your phallus. It will also give you the throbbing sensation that you are in control.  A heated up lovemaking session!
Hall also mentioned, “Simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation is far and away the fastest route to orgasm”. Try this while giving her a grasp from behind.

Last Minute!
Keep Luring Her
So, now that she is wriggling amidst the sheets, do not disarrange her with too many changes. Dr. Joni Frater suggests, “Women hate too much chopping and changing of techniques”. Definitely, it disturbs her and rips the arousal away”. Do you want to start from minute one? So Frater says, “When you start doing something that causes a positive response, keep doing it, at exactly the speed and pressure”. Be a little patient with your newly discovered technique till the next time. So, now that you have stage-managed, a whole course of orgasm for her, she may ask for the same trip very soon.