Get a healthy penis

Your penis needs every bit as much being taken care of as your other body parts do.
Here are some things you can do to ensure you keep it in the best of its health-

Fall asleep immediately after the last thrust
One of the things that you have probably already been doing for your penis without even knowing its vitality, is falling asleep right after making love.
It is good for you because your penis gets erect for a good five to six hours while you’re asleep, and in the meantime gets nourished and oxygenated, in short, it recharges itself.
These erections help keep the muscles down there stronger and help maintain durable erections even as you age.

Put it out
You need to rid yourself of your cigarette addiction if you have one, because it may lead you to become incapable of getting hard. Not only is smoking known for causing impotence, it even degrades the erection size.
Studies have shown that size of a smoker has been found to be less than that of a non-smoker. Not only does smoking damage the blood vessels, it also causes harm to the penile tissue reducing its elasticity and ability to stretch.

Stop ramming your penis into hard objects
And when it is said hard objects, that includes your partner’s pelvic bone. One mislaid thrust and you could end up damaging your erectile chambers that are responsible for running the length of your penis.  
A serious rupture would require immediate attention and surgery within 24 hours in order to prevent internal bleeding and chances of permanent damage. Even a partial tear should not be taken for granted as it can cause problems later on. As the tissue heals, its elasticity is going to reduce, with the passage of time and there is going to be discomfort and pain in the aftermath of injuring yourself.
So it is better to keep yourself safe from such penile trauma. What you can do to prevent it is to be careful while she is on top, as that position holds maximum risk.

Walk it off
No matter what, walking is going to help. A study has found that men who walked a mere 2 miles per day had lesser erectile issues than those who did not. It can even be substituted by 20 minutes of jogging or 30 minutes of weight training. Walking is going to improve your blood circulation and help produce more nitric oxide, which is utmost desirable in order for you to have better sturdy erections.

Kiss your mistress goodbye
It has been found out that men that are having an affair are more prone to erectile dysfunction and related issues. A major reason behind this is that cheating on your wife is going to make you feel guilty and guilt triggers anxiety, which is the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Yawn more
It may be hard for you to believe but as per your body works, yawning and having an erection is effectively the same. So much so that when you are yawning, there are chances that you nearly missed out on an erection.
This is so because both of these things are controlled by nitric oxide. After being released in the brain, they can either go to the mouth opening and cause you to yawn or travel down your spinal cord and get you erect. Sometimes both of these things can happen simultaneously, which explains why having a big yawn gets you hard down there.
So what you want to do is yawn as much as you can, in order to prime up the pathways that lead to longer, durable and stronger erections.

Lose your fat gut
Abdominal fat is responsible for blocking the testosterone that should ideally be available for you and as a result, hampers the functioning of the penis.
Having diabetes is going to make you prone to celibacy. So you may want to keep those blood sugar levels in check. Diabetic patients are known to have suffered from problems with the penis such as impotence. It makes the stimuli translation slow across the nerves of your body, and as a result ends up in even numbing the penis, which can never be good.

Do a ball check
Between the ages of 15 and 40, testicular cancer is known to have caught some 8,000 men a year, but not to worry, in 95 percent of cases it was also found to be curable. However, if left undetected, it can spread to other parts of the body. You can prevent that from happening by keeping check every month. If you feel any unwelcome bumps, it would be best to consult a doctor, just to be sure.

Eat more fish
Omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish are good for the health of your penis. However, you might want to avoid large bluefish, farmed salmon and striped bass as toxins like PCBs present in these can end up reducing your sperm count and lowering your testosterone levels.

Moderate Drinking
While red wine is known to spur one’s libido, too much of it is going to mess with your ability to get an erection. Studies are proof to the fact that alcohol acts as a depressant to the brain and suppresses anxiety but at the same time, too much consumption of it can have an absolutely opposite and unwanted effect.

Relax and unwind
Stress can be a major factor behind problems related to the penis. When you are stressed, it causes your heart to beat faster and that increases the blood flow to all parts but your penis. Not only is some particular cause of stress to be avoided, any chronic form of it should also be eliminated. What you can do to ease it out is by indulging in a healthier lifestyle, from diet to exercise, trying meditation and getting the required amount of sleep.
Now that you know how to take care of your most sensitive body part, do it right by following the above-mentioned advice.