Foreplay Tips to Please Your Woman

Every man who wants to please their women should know the perfect skills to do it the right way. See it through the eyes of a real fitness geek, who knows how it works for them if they forget to check with their warm up session. It reacts the same way, if you haven’t warmed up properly while having a sex with your girl. More often, it is more than just a bad sex experience which can end up in a disastrous and dangerous sex act for both of you.

When you are in the act, everyone is busy jumping at the good stuff in no time, and she is no exception in such case as well.

Maybe a sex done in a prompt and quick way gives you something you look for quenching your sexual thirst, but you deprive your girl of something which is more intense and sensuous kind of lovemaking. While an immediate sex is like a roller coaster ride for you, foreplay is always an electrifying and interesting way to taking your sexual experience to higher and higher for her before you get lost in her.

Many men believe that foreplay is of no use and nothing more than an annoying task.  However, if executed properly foreplay can be enjoyable and pleasing. And who else can vouch for this rather than your woman. Almost every woman knows how important it is to a well rounded sexual act, making it an integral part of every sex act.

Do not try to neglect the act of foreplay as it leads to nowhere rather than frustrations right before the intercourse. Don’t just get at it and head home. Learn the real tricks to nail it and give your woman like-never-before sexual experiences she has been desperate for.    

You are really keen, but do not know how to please your woman through foreplay, learn these essential tricks and tips to have her coming back to you again and again.
A Warm Up Massage
Any sex act should start with a gentle massage so as to ease her tensions and remove her body consciousness.
Start by massaging her legs. Slide through her upper thighs down to her ankles.
Move on to focus everything down. Give her feet and heels a good touch of sensuous massage. Do not forget her toes. Suck them if possible to heighten her sexual hunger.

Forget Not To Ask What She Wants As A Turn-On
If you are confused about the things which could please her, it is better to ask what she loves during sex.  Asking her preferences actually makes her feel better that you try hard to satisfy her. It         reaps good rewards for you as she tries to return the same you give her during foreplay.

Quality Matters
Working on things using different motions only to take the plunge, she is less likely to get excited. It is important you pay attention to improve the quality of the acts without lingering too much.

You should focus on the things you love to exert and really enjoy. If you want to explore how her twins feel, give them a gentle stroke. Or if you like her butt, nudge them. If she finds you working hard, she gets turned on easily.

Go Slow
Foreplay remains incomplete unless you give her clitoris a real jig. Don’t focus hard to give a direct stimulation to her clitoris as many men do since this can be painful for your girl. Do not go straight to her clit, instead rub her clitoral hood or stimulate the area along the clitoris. During oral sex, clitoris reacts better when teased. You can use your tongue to lick it or suck it in between. First tease and then back off immediately before returning to it once again.
You can exert more skills with your tongue so she gets excited by the strokes and mix. She will be more likely to feel aroused with the stimulation.

Use The Figure 8 Technique
The figure 8- technique is the most exciting part of stimulation, which arouses every nerve ending of her. So, when you are down south, give a figure-8 stimulation to her clitoris. Suck her clit, until it swells up. And for a better accessibility use your finger to expose it. Slide your tongue to form a circle using the slippery texture of your tongue. And back off on it, and move to make a figure 8 once again. Switch between these two acts to build a pressure.

Pay Attention To Labia
Never overlook labia as it has nerve endings and is responsive to touch. Massage it with your forefinger and thumb.

Praise Her Entire Body
A woman’s body is more than just genitals. Focus on other parts of her body like her breast, neck and thighs. Focus these erogenous zones and caress them.

Don’t Talk Too Much
Unnecessary talks may ruin the mood. So, be careful so as to set the arousal buildup. However, you can have dirty talks in between to raise her sensuous feelings.

Give Attention To Her Feelings
It is important you give her attention while making out with her. If you find she is not comfortable with the dirty talks, stop it and move on.
At the same time, giving attention to your own choices regarding an early ejaculation is important. Become more aware of your trait and retain it if you feel the sensation.

Don’t Give Kiss A Miss
The passionate kissing is always helpful to get your girl back to the motion if you find her she has lost interest. While giving it, focus on areas like nose, forehead and eyes with a closed-mouth kiss.

She Deserves A Reward
When she takes the first step to initiate the foreplay, you must approve it by expressing your intense love. Your approval is important so that she does not think it had made you uncomfortable.

Know The Perfect Time To End Foreplay
So when you know it has been enough of the foreplay, you can get away from it. And now, you know what you need to do. Just take an instant step to reach your destination.