Five Major Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

It is common for men to be insecure in their relationships. And they have a reason to. Cheating or infidelity is prevailing in today’s society, much to the horror of most men.What is creepier is that there are actually dating sites out there for people, even married people, to have a fling on the side. And these sites actually happen to have millions of members or users.
From research, it has been found that a potential teacher would think of sleeping with someone else in the span of the first 7-8 years of the relationship or marriage. This makes the mid-thirties a time to look out for the warning signs for your partner being unfaithful.Now that in no way generalizes things. There are still plenty of women and most of the women who would rather stay loyal and committed to their respective partners.
The purpose of this post is to let you know what to look out for in your relationship in order to ensure everything works out well. The following are the things to keep in mind:

1) Milestones are important
A milestone could be any major event in her life, her birthday, her work progress, a graduation, anything and everything that matters to her at the end of the day. At times like this, people tend to reflect back on their lives and begin to wonder things such as “what it could have been or what it could be like”.
Birthdays are exceptionally important in this sense because that is when most people judge their closeness with their near and dear ones and even expect things from them, and these expectations, when not met, can lead to your partner getting emotionally hurt and begin to distance themselves, which can never be good.
What you can do about it, is be there for them for their important moments. That is all it takes.Any thoughts on getting what they need from someone else or looking for someone new can simply be removed from your mere presence.If it’s her birthday, plan ahead and make sure you absolutely make her day and treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Do not hold back on expressing yourself.

2) Getting ahead in career
In today’s world, all people care about is getting ahead. At work, at school, in life. Once a short-term goal is completed, the mind automatically migrates to what could be the next one. Balancing one’s professional and personal life is one heck of a task.Women who make more money have been observed to cheat more. When your woman works hard and gets promoted, she expects you to do the same.
So, if your girl got a raise or a promotion, you may want to pull up your socks and start putting more effort into your work as well. While that might not always be a possibility, what you can do instead is appreciate her hard work and boast of her success as much as you can in order to let her know that you acknowledge her talent and efforts.If that emotional support is lacking from your end, she might start looking for it from some other place and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

3) Live in relationships
Moving in or living together is definitely a big step and along with it comes the fact that your conversations are going to go downhill. Being around each other 24X7, you’re not always going to be able to come up with something to talk about and in the beginning, there might be awkward silences that you think you are just going to have to sit through.
However, filling these silences is important because girls tend to mistake them for your loss of interest towards her. So the key here is to stay involved and let her know that the relationship is moving forward. It is very important for a girl to know where things are headed because she does not want to be part of a relationship that leads to nowhere.To stop her from drifting apart and looking for something different, always be upfront about your take on topics such as marriage and children, or in general, the future. Make sure that you’re both on the same page.

4) Wanting out of the relationship
When your relationship has hit rock bottom, you’d be knowing. So when this happens, your partner is very likely to believe that the easiest way out would be to cheat on you, as it would be an excuse to end things.If this is how you feel your relationship status is at present, you may want to consider letting go of your partner, because it is going to happen eventually whether you like it or not. Someone who would consider cheating to get out of a relationship is definitely going out of their way to end things with you and you don’t want to make them feel bound to stay with you when they clearly don’t want to.
Just accept it the way it is, try not to be upset and know that this isn’t the end of the world and you will find someone someday who will be a keeper.

5) Need for more sex
In some relationships, when the girl isn’t getting enough out of it physically, she would be dissatisfied. If she isn’t getting what and how much she needs sexually, the only solution is to give her what she wants because you shouldn’t be depriving her of it in the first place.Talk to her about it, ask her what she likes. Just ask and watch her describe her deepest, darkest fantasies. It will work wonders for not only her but you as well.
Want to make your relationship last? Are you willing to walk the extra mile? Then just do it.At the end of the day, the key to a good, healthy and strong relationship, is communication.When you have your doubts, insecurities, just go ahead and ask her about them. Talk, and you’ll see how it helps resolve the biggest of problems.