First Time Anal Sex

On a day to day basis sexual life, you are on a constant exploration for a novel approach and method to improve the experience of your sex as well as orgasm. More often sex conceals the deepest desires of individuals about how to make the most untried and unconventional things to up the ecstasy of the whole sex thing. If you lack the details and insights into the important aspects to stretch your limits, you are going to miss the right amount of juice, and deprive your life of the true sexual pleasure it deserves. For most beginners, any sex could be a stepping stone for them. While doing it with your partner sends your heartbeat racing at a higher rate, you try to accomplish the whole thing with precisions and deftness, so that you can ask for more from your partner the next time. The same physiological and mental state works in case of anal sex. When we talk of anal sex, it is quite a fearsome work, preventing many from trying it. However, it is like a horror movie, the more you fear, the more you want to crave for it. 

And you are tempted without knowing how to break the ice. Maybe, it is a touch job, but pleasure is guaranteed.

While doing it, don’t assume it is as easy as shown in the most porn movies. You need a good learning technique and lots of preparation before you hit the button.
So, never imitate from porn. Learn the tricks for having a mutually satisfying and comfortable anal sex without any fear.
Do kegels
We all know how kegels helps have a control over our pelvic muscles through contractions and release techniques. With a continuous practice, you can easily learn the techniques of pelvic floor muscle contraction and release the tensions. So, eventually you will forget about the tensions built in your pelvic area and relax your anus for a deeper penetration during an anal sex.

Doubling the range of sexual pleasure is always dependent on how you better get off with your partner. To prepare the road smooth ahead, you need to practice a lot with yourself so that you can learn nitty-gritty about your physiological conditions.
Masturbation offers you plenty of opportunities to explore more sexual scopes to satisfy yourself through anal sex. So, use a lot of lube for a smooth penetration to your own rectum using your finger. Gradually, you can use sex toys to improve the feeling of stimulation.

Try Rimming
Performing an oral stimulation to your partner’s anus is often called rimming. It is also called salad-tossing or analingus. It is extremely pleasurable, while it preps you perfectly for the next step of penetrative anal sex.
Just take your partner’s butt cheeks apart, and insert your tongue into her butthole to make circles. This is just way too good for a heightened arousal. However, be careful to avoid any infection through the anus as they bear bacteria from GI tract.

Try Spooning
For most beginners, spooning is the right sex position to try anal sex with your partner. The sex position allows a hand-free stimulation of your partner’s anal with a higher level of intimacy and visibility of her luscious bottom.
Spooning helps maintain a correct angle during penetration. So, maintain an alignment and improve your experience.

Clitoral Stimulation
During anal sex, you can up the raunchiness and steaminess of the act by involving into clitoral stimulation. This can be used as a great part of foreplay during a penetrative anal sex. Either of the partners can engage to do this.
The way you do this during masturbation, you can guide your partner or do it by yourself. Insert your fingers in your clit and make circles there to feel better.

Add Cannabis
It is proven that cannabis improves the blood flow to the erogenous zone to increase stimulation and also heighten the sensuousness of the whole anal play. If cannabis is legal in your state, you can get a handful of cannabis to the session of butt play to increase the sensation of the anal sex.

Pay Equal Attention To Other Areas
As with many sex, where you try every part of your body, the same follows in the case of anal sex too. So, get away from anus only to put attention to the entire physical parts of the body so that you can increase the arousal and double the pleasure. Focus your attention to those erogenous zones like nipples, butt, clitoris and his testicles too. Pair with clit and anal stimulation for an explosive orgasmic experience.

Slow Down The Process
You definitely watch on porn that how forceful is the giver to their partners to accomplish the job hurriedly, no matter if the other partner has any consensus of the core or not. Being a receiver, you need to keep a pace and guide your partner. If anyone of you feels the pain, ask to slow down. On the other hand, do not enter your entire penis or sex toys if it really hurts. Half is just the right.

Choose A Good Lube
To increase the intensity of penetration and make stimulation pleasurable, you need to lubricate your anus with a good amount of lube. Since, anus cannot self-lubricate, it can be dry soon. At the same time, anus contains mucosal membrane, which makes it dry rapidly. So, always choose silicone-based lubes to smooth your anus areas, and have a better penetration.

Many fear that the anal sex is a shameful matter. Sometimes, there works a feeling of insecurity as an excessive force can stimulate a poop midway. Simultaneously, it is assumed that anal sex is unhealthy and should not be tried. When none of you are aroused, it is better to introduce an idea of anal sex to your partner through a positive communication. Communication makes everything easy about the anal sex.  

Dirty Talks
Do dirty talks while having anal sex with your partner. It actually raises the eroticism associated with something that is a taboo. Make sure to share something with your partner, which both of you enjoy.

Practice makes it perfect. With the right skills, you can learn the process of making anal sex with your partner. However, at any point, if you think this is not meant for you, you can stop.