Dry Skin of The Penis- A Condition to Worry About

Human sexual orientation is decided by the sex organs which is a universal truth. And when it comes to the identity of men’s masculinity, the well-being of the penis – the male sex organ comes into the picture.  The male sex organ achieves the full size during puberty and helps in sexual activity such as reaching the ultimate pleasure of masturbation and sexual intercourse. However, the illness of penis such as the dryness to the penile shaft can hamper you from experiencing a great orgasm as well as routine activities.
How Dryness Of Penis Interfere With Your Daily Course Of Actions?
Every man once in their life faces this irritable condition of dryness of the penile shaft. The foreskin of the penis is affected when this disease happens.  Sometimes, this irritated condition may not bother some men, but for some men, the condition can be quite annoying and discomforting. The condition can become very severe for some men as they can experience flaking of the skin of the penis, chronic dryness, and even the peeling of it. According to studies, from a mere dryness of the penile skin, the condition can go from bad to worse when coupled with colored discharge, sores, blisters, discoloration, and odor.

The problem can interfere with your daily activity, add to your anxiety and create discomfort during sexual intercourse or masturbation. Some men can assume the penile dryness as key to causing sexually transmitted diseases (STD).  On the other hand, studies show that less than one percent men are diagnosed with penile cancer. Hence, there is no such fear of the deadly disease.  Although the condition is severe and much to worry about, it is a treatable condition. Without assuming uglier things, it is better to see a doctor.

How to Detect the Dryness of the Penile Skin
There are a few signs through which you can detect if you are likely to develop or develop the dryness of penile skin.
·         Blisters, sores, odor
·         Painful urination
·         Rashes or redness on the foreskin of the penis
·         Crack, flaking, and uneven penile texture
·         Burns of the penis
·         Penile skin discoloration and others
Be careful while detecting your condition and do not panic without any reason.
The reasons for this disease could be many and there are several factors involved. Let us see the causes of the penile dryness.

What Causes the Dryness of Skin of the Penis?
Human skin is soft and tender. Extreme exposure to the harshness can affect the skin badly. Additionally, the penile skin is softer than the body skin; hence a great deal of care is required to keep it healthy and irritation free. The most common reasons for the penile skin to be dry can be:

Abrasive Soaps and cleansers: One of the common reasons for dry penis skin is using harsh soap or body cleansers. The cheap quality soaps come with a smaller price tag but can cost you much later when you develop skin irritations. The cheap soaps use chemicals that cause itching and peeling of the skin of the penis. Hence, it is time to throw the low-quality soaps and cleansers out of your bathroom and replace them with the best one.

Friction: Friction is another key factor triggering the dryness of penile skin. Constant involvement with sexual activity and masturbation intensively for a prolonged period can worsen the condition coupled with the practice of rubbing yourself against the undergarment. This exercise results in the production of heat and friction in the penile area. The natural lubricating oil of your body can reduce dramatically with the constant practice of these activities, leading to the dryness of the penile shaft. The condition can be painful while indulging in the regular activities.
And this could hinder from excelling at work and leaving you exhausted.  

Allergy: Dermatitis or candidas can cause rashes, flaking, dryness, and irritation- all commonly known as allergy of the skin. Since the skin on the penis is delicate and sensitive; it is vulnerable to developing skin allergies when exposed to harsh chemical infused products. Hence, common products such as laundry detergent, soaps, deodorant, facial creams and other cosmetic products, and products with a metal composition may aggravate the conditions of allergies.

Yeast Infection: The common thought about women’s vulnerability to yeast infections is perfectly wrong. The prevalence of yeast infection is common in men with a mental disorder. Simultaneously, yeast infection also known as thrush can attack men too. The common signs of yeast infection are peeling of skin, patchy skin, thick penile discharge and wounds on the skin surface.  Remember, yeast infection is contagious. Therefore, you should avoid sex with your partner with this infection.

Cancer: Sometimes dry skin on the penis surface can trigger the chances of cancer development. However, the prevalence depends on some factors too. They are painful urination, bumps and swelling and others. In such instance, seeing a doctor is a better medical choice.

Psoriasis: The most baffling and irritable skin condition is psoriasis. The problem with this skin disease is that it is not curable. In this particular condition, the skin cell grows ten times faster than the normal skin. It can reach every part of the body. It is actually red bumps with large whitish skin flakes. Hence, the skin surface of the penis is easily vulnerable to being affected by this disorder. And when this happens in the region, a dry wound or lesion is common which appears to be red and flaky.
These few factors are the common reasons that cause dryness to the penile shaft. Well, if you are concerned about your well-being and really want to lead a comfortable life, you must take actions immediately.
Some men fear the development of penile dryness to be as STDs, hence; they feel shy to consult a doctor. But, if the condition is severe, it is advisable to see a doctor. The initial stage of the onset of the disease could be handled with a few home remedies.  

Proper Lubrication: As stated earlier, deficiency of proper lubrication can cause friction to the penis. Hence, lubricating the penis is the best option. Use vitamin enriched oil and tea oil to keep your penile surface properly moisturized. Using butter is another option to moisturize your penis.  Harsh chemical infused soaps and shower gel can cause dryness. You can use baby shampoo or soap to fight the situation. Additionally, drink plenty of water. This helps replenish the dehydrated body. Until your condition improves, stay away from any sexual activity.

Combat Yeast Infection: Diet has a great role in keeping your penis healthy. More often, fungal yeast infection finds their path to the human body through the diet. The foreskin of the penis is covered with smegma kind of a bacteria, keeping your penis protected. When a more defiant sort of bacteria replaces it, the natural strength of lubrication is gone and the skin becomes flaky.
Consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid processed and salted food, cheese, butter, and cookies. Get some extra virgin olive oil to apply to the affected area. If possible, get some aloe-vera gel from the garden and apply to the area. When having a problem with penile dryness, it is better to avoid condoms as the chemical compound of the protective gear can aggravate your condition. Since yeast is contagious, it is advisable to avoid any direct sex with your partner.
Another instance of fighting yeast is, dip your penis in the glass full of warm water which is dissolved in salt. Do this for several days, the yeast will be gone.

Proper Clothing: Clothing must be loose enough to flow air and helps in blood circulation in the lower bottom of your body. Skimpy clothing or underwear can be irritating and cause hindrance in a swift movement resulting in frictions. So, avoid skimpy clothing.
However, if you are apprehensive about the occurrence of STDs and the home tried remedies do not work for you; immediate clinical intervention is suggested. After all, it is your health and you must take steps to cure this disease lest the dryness of penile shaft interferes with your life and happiness.