Do’s and Don’ts When Taking Penis Enlargement Pills

It is completely alright to wonder while taking enhancement pills, whether or not you’re doing it right. Research states that about sixty percent of men consuming enhancement pills are taking them in a form that is not prescribed by the manufacturers. Although with the variety of supplements in the market comes the variety of suggested intake of these supplements, there are still some things that are common to all these products.
Down below are some do’s and don'ts that should be followed while taking male enhancement pills in order to maximize the output. Invigo is one of the leading product in the field and this article will be a helpful way to go for Invigo as well as other similar inventions.

Let’s start off with the do’s list:

1) Read the recommended dosage properly
Almost all the supplements out there have a certain prescribed dosage that is mentioned along with the packaging by the manufacturer. It can vary from twice a day to three times a day or something else entirely. In some cases, the pills would have to be taken after every meal while in others it would be advised to start the day with it. These guidelines are important to follow as they ensure that the result or output of taking these pills yield maximum benefit without any complications or side effects.

Taking the pills in a prescribed way is significant as to the effect it is supposed to have on the body. Most of the supplements might not work if even one dosage is taken in a wrong manner or worse if missed. Invigo, however, does not cause such problems. It can be taken at any time in the day even though the best results would be achieved if taken in the morning right before breakfast. Taking it even an hour before the sex would give needed results.

2) Drink plenty of fluids
One of the most neglected requirements while using any sort of supplement is drinking healthy liquids. It could be anything, a bodybuilding supplement or a male enhancement supplement, but ultimately it just goes into the bloodstream and keeping your body hydrated becomes essential because a dehydrated body isn’t as effective in transmitting the minerals and nutrients that these supplements carry. If you perform an intense workout, you might want to consider taking electrolytes as a part of your fitness regime. Regardless, make sure you drink enough water to help with the process of making the supplements work their way into your system.

3) Keep track of your progress
You would know best how much and with what accuracy the supplement shows its result. Do not just blindly follow what the brand name says about the product. Believe in what you see for yourself. A number of brands in the market do not deliver up to their promised levels of progress and this disappointment is creating mistrust among the consumers regarding other supplements too. What you should ideally do in times like these is stick with a brand that actually provides protection for your purchase. Certain products have money-back policies which are surely the way to go, in case things don't work out as expected.
Coming to the don'ts list-

1) Don’t intermix your brand of supplement with other brands
Mixing your supplement with other unassociated products from different brands can be disastrous as when they enter the body and interact among themselves they may cause harmful side effects. It would also become difficult to find out which brand, in particular, is working out well for you if you take a number of them at a time. If you want to find out which one suits you best, it is better to take them one product at a time, individually and then come to a wiser conclusion. Invigo, for instance, is supposed to be taken all by itself, without having to be associated with any other supplement or product.

2) Don’t take it with nitrate drugs
If you are on nitrate drugs meant for chest pain or heart problems (this includes isosorbide dinitrate, nitroglycerin, etc. as well), taking enhancement pills at the same time can lead to a serious drop in blood pressure.

3) Don’t hesitate to contact a doctor
In case of any emergency or confusion and especially if your erection lasts longer than 4-5 hours or is painful in nature, go to a doctor immediately. Priapism or the condition of having a dragged out erection can cause damage to the penis.

Don’t take medicine for erectile dysfunction at the same time
Taking male enhancement supplements and medicine for erectile dysfunction is probably one of the most dangerous things you can do with your body. It has happened to ill-informed consumers, who were seeking relief from erectile dysfunction whilst also working on enhancing their manhood. Most of the male enhancement supplements out there contain vasodilators which are supposed to open up your blood vessels in order to ensure better blood flow. Medicines for erectile dysfunction also act as vasodilators in order to allow more blood to flow to the penis and enable the consumer to have an erection. When taken together, these two products can be dangerous as the blood vessels in the body would be getting doubly dilated which can become fatal as blood pressure of the individual could drop at an alarming rate. In case you have been prescribed a medicine for erectile dysfunction by your doctor, it would be best to consult them regarding whether you can replace it with an appropriate male enhancement supplement that would get the job done.
You must keep in mind that the enhancement pill of your choice should be getting its job done along with helping with the erectile dysfunction problem. In case it happens to aggravate the issue or if you are experiencing the dysfunction despite taking your pills in the prescribed manner, you might want to reconsider your choice of brand.
Invigo is a product which not only helps enhance the size of your penis but at the same time takes care of issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.