Do male enhancement pills have side effects

What works and what doesn't have been tried enough male enhancement pills over the past year to know over the course of the past year, however, also many side effects based on the usage of these male enhancement products. The side effects are seldom advertised. Many companies claim that their product is side effect free, but can you really be sure that you won't have any negative interactions with a product unless you have tried it? 

Male Enhancement Side Effect #1: Increased Heart Rate – Rapid Heartbeat
Increased blood pressure and heart rate are the most common side effects that I experienced on many fast acting male enhancement supplements. There should not be any problem with these issues for most healthy males. This is quite normal since ingredients are mainly stimulants. The problem lies with men having a fast or irregular heartbeat or those already have pre-existing conditions. Taking any kind of stimulant when you already have a heart problem is a recipe for disaster, and most men know this. 

Get checked out by your doctor how to prevent this Side Effect which is the most obvious thing to do. Tell him if you have any family history of heart or blood pressure problems, or if you have ever had any significant interactions with any drugs or herbal supplements.

Male Enhancement Side Effect #2 – Nausea / Vomiting
Nausea is probably the scariest, and uncomfortable side effect I have experienced from male enhancement pills. While I have never actually thrown up, I have gotten to the point where I felt like I was about to. It can grill you for an agonizing few hours. Usually, this side effect subsides fairly quickly, but the ingredient causing maximum agony is called Yohimbe. As a very potent aphrodisiac, I have written about Yohimbe several times, even though it can make you feel very uncomfortable at times. Yohimbe may be on the verge of being banned in the US altogether and it is actually banned for use in several countries due to the side effects.

How To Prevent This Side Effect – take half the dose that you are instructed to take. First thing, get it checked by your doctor if you can use Yohimbe. While it is not always a good idea to split a pill into 2 because it may reduce its overall effectiveness, it is imperative that you see how your body will respond to the ingredient.

It's better to have a small amount of an ingredient in your system to lower the potential for several side effects. You should also be sure to take any product on a full stomach. Giving you a quick burst of whatever it is you are taking when the stomach is empty, pills and capsules break apart and digest more quickly. To lower the potential for side effects eating something before taking a product, could help.

Male Enhancement Side Effect #3 – a Headache
A headache is probably the most common side effect occurring as a result of using male enhancement pills. There is no one ingredient that will cause more of a headache than another and this can be caused by a wide variety of ingredients. Typically due to ingredients like Yohimbe, usually the headache is followed or preceded by irritability and anxiety.

Male Enhancement Side Effect #4 – Prolonged Erection
I have read a few reviews from guys that said they experienced prolonged erections, but I have never actually had this issue. A prolonged erection is defined as an erection lasting more than a few hours.  This is medically termed as Priaprism, affects less than 2 % of men, and Companies that Tell You No Side Effects.

You might have seen TV ads for pharmaceutical drugs telling you about all of the potential side effects that you could experience with taking their product. Sometimes, they often sound scary and can turn you off to trying a product the side effects sound worse than as the actual ailment themselves. Why supplement companies tell you that a product is free of side effects you may wonder? Well, besides obviously telling you that so that you buy their product, they are trying to put you at ease so that you don't feel like you'll have a problem with it. In addition, dietary supplements cannot make claims that their product can cure any disease or ailment, and you can find this on the box of practically all of these supplements.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself?
Other than the suggestions I mentioned above, there are a few other ways that you can protect yourself. For one, you should buy a product only that has been proven and time-tested, and has a reputation in the industry you should steer clear of products manufactured outside of the US and Canada. Alternatively. there are new male enhancement products coming out every day, but many of them have not been around long enough if they can have any potential side effects or know whether or not they work. 

Note: I am not a doctor, these are only my opinions about what you should do to avoid any potential problems. Before taking any supplement to make it sure to check with your doctor for suitability for your body.

What are Male Enhancers?
Allow us to tell you what you already probably know before we get into what these male enhancement pills are. 

The verdict is in, fellas. Size does matter.

Larger than average penises are preferred by women who seek deep vaginal stimulation.  The desirable vaginal orgasm which differs from the clitoral orgasm she can get by herself any time she wants for which deep vaginal stimulation is the path. Not only does penis size matter for her, it matters for you, too. When you aren't comfortable with the size of your penis, it can cause anxiety in having someone else see it. If you feel your penis is too small, It can even affect your overall self-esteem. Men are looking for ways to get firmer, longer lasting erections, even if they feel their penis size is "ok." About finding something that will permanently extend the size of your penis, you always want to find that extra edge that is going to help in the bedroom. This is with all of this pressure to be the right size and perform, it's no wonder one of the questions that get asked a lot is. For extending the size of your erections and helping them last longer, options are available. However, there are some options This article discusses all of the aspects of these enhancements – what they are, how they work, and which ones work best (in our humble opinion).

Understanding Enhancement
To give you stiffer erections, a larger sex drive, and a stronger libido, Enhancement pills are available which are formulations of various ingredients as designed.

The Basics
It is important to understand the basics of the penis to understand how enhancement pills work. The average erect penis for most men is 5 to 6.5 inches with an average circumference of 4-5 inches. 3 to 3.5 inches is the size of the flabby or soft penis range.

There are three main parts to the inside of the shaft of the penis. Inside the shaft of the penis, there are the urethra, the corpus spongiosum, and the corpora cavernosa.

The urethra carries urine or ejaculates to the outside of the penis. there 

The corpus spongiosum is tissue around the urethra that fills with blood when you are sexually excited.

The corpora cavernosa are on the top side of the penis and are also full of blood vessels. When you are aroused, the blood flow causes an erection.

The majority of a penis is made of spongy tissue, just waiting to be gorged with blood. At the base of the penis, there are four muscles located. But muscles like chest or bicep muscles these are not muscles that can be "built up" like chest or bicep muscles.

Do They Work?
In the market today, male enhancement products of so many different types and variations of available. Most are produced by reputable manufacturers and have credible ingredients backing them. However, there are some less-than-reputable formulators who are taking advantage of the need in this area and preying on people's hopes. – To weed out the bad products and highlight the good ones, this page has been developed. 

Yes, there are male enhancement products that work. There are also some that don't work. To male enhancement pills and related supplements, you should take a realistic approach.

How Do They Work?
Formulators want to increase is blood flow to the penis when referring to pills, the primary mechanism. For the natural process of getting an erection, Nitric oxide is an element in the body. 

A wide range of ingredients is seen when reading the labels for available sexual enhancement pills. You will notice as following these are some of the most common and most effective.

Tribulus Terrestris: In many male enhancement pills, this ingredient is a potent factor. In addressing mild to moderate ED, one study found that Tribulus Terrestris could be helpful.

L-Arginine: To produce nitric oxide L-arginine helps and is an essential amino acid. Improvement in sexual function and performance is observed for men who received doses of L-arginine in one study found Zinc. One study showed zinc supplements resulted in higher levels of testosterone and increased sperm count but Zinc alone doesn't do much to help the size of your erections. 

Withania Somnifera: This ingredient also helps with nitric oxide production and have been used for centuries in the treatment of sexual health concerns.

Curculigo Orchioides: Curculigo orchioides Studying the effects on sexual performance has been involved in several clinical trials. In 2007, Rating and Review of the Top 3

This review will include three of the top selling products online in the market. To evaluate further, we've included VigRx Plus, Male Extra, and Pro Solution Plus as examples.

How We Evaluate:
Which one might work best for you, but we also provided our definitive rankings. Understanding how we determine our reviews of 3 of the top products is important to know 

Here are the other factors we considered:

Reputation – The reputation of the manufacturing company matters a lot. The quality of the Supplement pills is very much dependant on the company who makes it.  How good is their reputation online?  How long have they been in business?  How is their customer support?  Do they seem shady or fly-by-night?  Do we even feel comfortable discussing them?

Science and ingredient analysis – Whether the product have been tested and the product itself has been tested for the constituent ingredients. To translate into rock hard erections for you we scour the papers to see the real results and how they might support.

Price – Price is definitely another aspect we look at as part of our review process, we aren't interested in products that regular males can't afford. 

#1  VigRx Plus
A study shows how VigRx Plus increased sexual satisfaction

Our Top 3 pulls VigRX into it because the clinical scientific study available for VigRx Plus is the primary factor that pulls VigRX into.  Regarding the reputable study, there is a ton of information available on their website, but the table below gives the most important features. 

VigRX Plus - Product Box
VigRx Plus does what it says it does. Based on the data above it gives us confidence. Their potent, multi-herbal ingredient list is also impressive. For even more erection boosting effect, they even improved the formulation.   

Evidence-backed, Clinically studied,             

Verified with back up                                           

Proven increase in sexual satisfaction Only available online

67-Day Risk-Free guarantee

Can be cost prohibitive, but cheaper when  

multiple months are ordered

#2 Male Extra
Male extra-Arginine is the main ingredient in Male Extra with a full dose of 600mg per day. For increasing production of nitric oxide, studies have shown L-Arginine is effective. More than 150 thousand satisfied customers have bought over 12 million Male extra pills so it is clearly working. You can read our exclusive review here or click here for to order.

Clinically studied ingredients              

Increase in blood flow to penis Not available in stores

60-day money back guarantee 

Large consumer base

No scientific product study

#3 Pro Solution Plus
Pro Solution Plus - graphic showing improvement in premature ejaculation

Picture of ProSolution Plus, male enhancement formulaProSolution Plus not only includes herbal and all-natural remedies, but they also include vitamins and minerals shown to help with sexual satisfaction. 

The product has scientific study                              

64% improvement in premature ejaculation     

67% improvement in the quality of erections 

78% improvement in sexual satisfaction

Can be expensive

Only available online