Condom Sizes: The Right Fit For You To Try

Condoms are one of the easiest items to get and the best ways to prevent the transmission of sexual diseases and avoid unwanted pregnancies. Condoms are pretty cheap to acquire and can be bought at almost any supermarket and you can definitely get them at a medical store.

Condoms have changed the way that people have had sex, it has allowed for people to be more casual about it as they don't need to worry about the spread of diseases. With the introduction of Condoms as a safe sex method STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) have reduced by 80% throughout the world.

Safe Sex or Pleasure?
Condoms have come a long way since their production to being accessible very easily and considered as the most convenient way to practice safe sex. Most men think that condoms will ruin sex for them and another majority of say that they’d rather just not use condoms at all.  But women find men wearing condoms very pleasing, as they love the feeling of the condom and they also will have a peace of mind.
Condoms come in very many different varieties so that it can be more appealing for men to buy. Some condoms can be ribbed or have dots on them so that the woman and man experience more pleasure. Some companies have also released condoms that are flavored to entice people. Even though there are so many different types of condoms out there, men still don't want to use them as they believe that it ruins their sexual pleasure.

Do Condoms Ruin Sexual Pleasure
Most men have a problem with wearing condoms cause they believe it inhibits their pleasure. But technically condoms should be fitting perfectly and would be skin tight that they wouldn’t even notice that a condom has been placed on. The condom is thin enough for the stimulation of the nerves in the penis for a man to experience pleasure.

Condoms don't ruin pleasure for a man, but rather the man choosing a condom that isn't the right fit for him is what causes the problem. Most men buy a pack of condoms which are bigger than their penis; when this happens, as they put on the condom and try to continue with sex, the condom would fit very loosely and would stimulate as much and would feel very unnatural. Most men tend to purchase bigger sized condoms only because they overestimate their own size as well as they are scared what others might think when they purchase a slightly smaller size condom.

Only 10% of the men in the world's population tends to have a penis that would fit into a Xl sized condom. Men who have a smaller penis size and buy this condom would find that it will fit loosely which mean it will move around a lot and they will definitely feel like there is a something irritating them and not be able to reach their full erection potential or even reach peak pleasure.

Finding Your Size
FInding the correct size for you is not exactly an easy task as different brands will have different sizes for a particular size. A condom made by Company “A” under the size medium can differ in about an inch or two from a medium sized condom from company “B”. This difference is very common thus you will have to try out a lot of different brands until eventually, you find one that will perfectly fit for you. And also making sure that the condom might be an inch smaller than your measurement would allow for the condom to stick perfectly and even induce more pleasure.

Now, how to measure yourself? This is very easy most condom brands base their sizes on the girth of the penis rather than the length of it. In order to find the measurement of the girth of our penis, all you need is a measuring tape. Once the penis is erect, grab the measuring tape and wrap it around the erect penis to find the circumference of the penis, it's as simple as that.  Condoms that are sold in The United States follow FDA regulations, and according to that the smallest condoms to be produced have a minimum size of 47mm so if the girth if your penis is smaller than 4 inches the condom will fit loosely for you.

Different Types of Materials
There a quite a few different types of materials that condoms are made out of. They all have their own uniqueness but all serve the same purpose.
Latex condoms are the most common ones and are available almost anywhere. Condoms made from latex are very stretchable and durable as well. Most condoms you buy on the market would be made out of this.

Some condoms are made from a membrane which is found on the inside of lambs intensities, and these are commonly called as lambskin condoms. These condoms are a bit rarer but they offer a more natural feel compared to condoms made from other materials but they lack the ability to prevent STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) from spreading, although they can prevent unwanted pregnancies.

There are quite a few people who are allergic to latex and wouldn’t be able to use those sort of condoms. For these people, there are special condoms made from either polyurethane or polyisoprene. These special condoms are made from natural rubber. Polyurethane condoms are much thinner than latex condoms and can be more sturdy and fit a little better. While polyisoprene condoms are a lot softer but stretchier than the former and can give a more natural feel.

XL Condoms
Extra large condoms normally fit people who have girth size of 5.5 inches at the minimum and mostly a size of more than 9 inches. So if you have an average sized penis then this would just look funny when you wear an XL condom.

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