Can you masturbate too much?

Masturbation is supposed to be an activity that gives you pleasure. It helps you explore your body, get to know your better, and even find your erogenous zones. After all if you don’t know them yourselves, how will you tell your partner about the things you like in bed? So, masturbation is quite helpful when it comes to having a good sex life. But too much of anything can become a problem. Most of you must have wondered at least once in a lifetime if you have been masturbating too much, but the true fact is that there is no such thing as a particular number of times that it is okay to masturbate. That being said, your masturbation might become a problem if it starts to disrupt your day to day life and schedule. When that happens, you need to check yourself and cut back on it.

Too much of masturbation can interfere with your studies, cause interruptions in your work and day to day life, which ultimately leads to lower productivity. It can also take a toll on your relationships as you spend lesser time around people and more time by yourself. 
As an adult, you develop a routine for everything. Masturbation too. It could be twice a week or twice a day. Sex therapists and counsellors suggest that there is no fixed number of times when it comes to masturbation. How often you do it does not really lead to any problems unless it starts to have a negative effect on your living. Here is how you know when a harmless habit turns into a problem:

1)You end up hurting yourself
Some men have suffered a problem of hurting themselves by masturbating too much. Injuries that can occur from excessive masturbation include mild ones like chafing of the skin, and some serious ones like Peyronie’s disease, or the buildup of a scar tissue in your penis’ shaft which is a result of applying too much pressure while jerking off. If you find that you are hurting yourself or causing injuries from masturbation, it might be time to hold off for a while or cut back on it.

2)It interferes with your career
The urge to touch yourself can be such that it can make you want to stay home on Fridays instead of out partying with friends, make you arrive late to meetings because of giving yourself a treat down south in the restroom, or anything of the sort that comes in the way of your work, social life or even sex with your partner is a sign enough for you to do something about it. 

3)It takes a toll on your sex life
Certain people who masturbate a lot develop a habit of getting off to a specific type of stimuli- which could be anything ranging from a particular category of porn to a certain type of hand movement. However, when it comes to actually having sex with their partner, they are unable to achieve similar levels of excitement since they get so used to that certain stimulation. Watching the same porn video or using the same particular hand movements every time you masturbate makes your body accustomed to reaching climax with that way alone. This could cause some serious problems while it comes to having sex with your partner. You could have a problem getting aroused in the first place, and even in making yourself reach an orgasm. If you face such a problem, it means that you definitely need to make some changes and add variety to the stimulation you provide while touching yourself.

4)You think about it all the time
You are always thinking about it. You wake up in the morning and you want to touch yourself, at lunch you can’t help but think about a porn scene that you jerked off to. While on your way back home you can't wait to pull of your pants and get the deed done. If you can relate with any of these things, and you often find yourself thinking about when and how you can masturbate next, it might be time to ease off and change your habits.

What to do when you realize you have a problem?
When it starts to cause issues with your life on a daily basis, it might be time for some change. For instance if you get late for work because you have to touch yourself before you leave home, or if you are starting to avoid having sex with your partner because you would rather jerk off and stimulate yourself, these are clear signs that you are in too deep and need to hold back. Masturbation can also seem like a way to escape reality, live out fantasies, which can make a person emotionally disconnected and hence not able to enjoy as much with their partners as they would by themselves. Like any other harmful habit, if too much masturbation begins to disrupt your daily routine, you should definitely consider limiting yourself. For example, you could make it a rule to only do it at night. Set rules for yourself and make yourself go by them. If you have a problem doing that, then it might be time to consult a sex therapist. 
You can cut back on the addiction by replacing it with other activities that get adrenaline rushing into your veins, like: going out for a run or jogging, spending time partying with friends, indulging in a hobby. 
After all masturbation is supposed to be a healthy sexual habit which has its benefits, if performed under control. Here are some benefits: reduction of built up stress, better sleep, lighting up the mood, relaxation, pleasurable activity, reduction of cramps during menstruation, relieving of sexual tension, better sex life, better understanding of one’s sexual needs. Moral being, it is completely natural to masturbate and it is good for health too, as long as you don’t let it become an addiction or a habit that causes problems.