Can male enhancement pills cause prostate cancer?

Sexual dysfunction is behind the performance problem for many during sex. And for a prolonged sexual dysfunction, the victims prefer avoiding the open discussion regarding the issues with their doctors. Instead, the male enhancement pills and their touted ads from the manufacturers are fast catching up with their needs.

The market is not short of different types of male enhancement pills that promise to improve one’s sexual dysfunctions, and help with their erectile dysfunctions including premature ejaculation. These   two primary causes are a key to male sexual dysfunctions.

As sexual dysfunctions in men happen due to premature ejaculation and failure to achieve a firm erection, it leads to performance anxiety and brings sexual dissatisfaction to your sexual life.
Simultaneously, the fast-paced and easiest route to this male sexual health problem is the over-the-counter male enhancement pills or male enlargement pills. These performance enhancement pills are touted by the manufacturers to increase your penis size and length without any need of surgery or medications. Since they are easily available, you don’t care enough to talk to your doctor, and make advancements to the drug store. This is where you make the blunder in your life and invite perils to your health.
You must know that the claims made by the manufacturers are a simple way to entice guys like you to increase their sales, and cash in on your sexual issues. The products do come with potential hazards that can be threatening to your life as well.

One of the dangers that these male enhancement pills carry with it is permanent erectile dysfunctions. Yes, this is true. Excessive consumptions of the male enhancement pills can lead to the occurrence of many health complications. While erectile dysfunction rips you off all the sexual bliss from your sexual life, it poses another degree of sexual threat to your life that is prostate cancer.
Male Enhancement Pills And Prostate Cancer
The different range of male sexual enhancement pills containing a range of constituents or drugs is supposedly dangerous to health. Manufacturers of these products use unsafe ingredients in the making of these types of enhancement pills, and produce billions of pills- and likely to generate thousands of millions, if not billions of dollars with the sale of these types of illicit products. Most interestingly, they do it free of legal entities oversight.

These sex enhancement pills claim, they target on boosting one’s libido and improving erectile dysfunctions, including premature ejaculation. As the primary focus of these supplements or pills is treating sexual dysfunctions by increasing the volume of testosterone, it actually increases the risks of prostate cancer. Yes, the testosterone supplementation is believed to increase one’s testosterone levels, thus helping with sexual dysfunctions and improving performance.

As though, there is very little data validating a relationship between the supplementation of testosterone and prostate cancer, a surge in the use of these types of performance enhancement supplements in the recent time frame, has once again given rise to the debate about their safety and efficacy.
A study published by the Journal of Urology, threw light on the validation between the use of testosterone and the development of prostate cancer.
In order to generate awareness of the risk among the people, an elaborate research was carried out by the department on a number of patients, who were diagnosed with clinically significant prostate cancer and likely due to overuse of testosterone.
Methods To Identify The Use Of Testosterone For Sexual Boosts
The study used six different medical records of urology practices to identify the level of this ailment in patients, who were supposed to develop prostate cancer after being exposed to testosterone exogenously to treat their sexual dysfunctions and gain sexual rejuvenation. The whole study focused onto reveal the pathological and clinical parameters pertaining to prostate cancer.

Consequence Of The Study
As per the study, a total of twenty patients’ conditions was diagnosed after they started their testosterone therapy. The study was successful in detecting the presence of prostate cancer in 11 of them, who developed prostate cancer within the two years of initiation of the supplementation. The tumor of the prostate cancer ranged from moderate to high grade.

With the use of medium serum prostate specific antigen and digital rectal examination testing, the presence of prostate cancer was detected.

During the detection process, these two methods were performed more frequently. At the end of the study, the researchers came to a conclusion that testosterone supplementation may increase the risks of prostate cancer within a few months to a few years of the initiation of the testosterone supplementation.

Hence, users should always remain cognizant about the risk factors of prostate cancer associated with the use of testosterone supplementation.

Why Should You Worry About Prostate Cancer?
Prostate cancer is one of the most common non-skin cancers, and it is the most common type of cancer in American men. 1 out of every 11 American men is diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

The prostate is a small gland located between the rectum and the base of the penis and between the groin regions. A prostate is not a very vital organ of men, but every man needs to have a healthy prostate to prove their masculinity, so that they can procreate as the prostate glands is the only source of seminal fluids that carry sperm. The vital organ of men’s body grows in the period of adolescence, which gets a developmental boost from the male hormone testosterone and its byproducts dihydrotestosterone.

These two hormones known as androgens combined regulate the male sex characteristics as well as reproduction. This process runs smoothly as long as androgen functions properly. 

However, when something goes wrong, prostate cancer develops. As we all know that cancer is a condition, which grows uncontrollably without any signal. The cell growth defines its spread. 

However, in general prostate cancer does not traverse the prostate gland during the diagnosis process since it is a slow-growing cancer type.

Once it is developed, it fuels on the androgens, and spreads its growth. Prostate cancers that are formed of abnormal cells multiply faster and grow in a metastasis nature to spread beyond its normal territory and reach different parts of the body.
Different factors contribute to the growth of prostate cancer in men. The number of risk factors involves family history, age, geographical conditions, including that of genetic disorder. Other risk factors that contribute to the growth of prostate cancer is smoking, consuming alcohol, calcium and definitely testosterone supplement that results in more aggressive cases of prostate cancer.

Being the second leading cause of cancer, prostate cancer is highly prevalent among the older people. But, middle aged individuals are not immune to this as well. Despite the incidents of prostate cancer being high, it is confined to the prostate only, thus facilitating the treatment scopes as opposed to other forms of cancers.

The survival rate of the patients with prostate cancer is 99% that reinstates one’s life expectancy by 5 years. However, it is a lethal disease, and it is the second leading cause of death in the USA, raising the mortality rate to 88 each year.

Prostate cancer And Sexual Life
The therapy of prostate cancer can highly affect your orgasm and fertility.
In order to defy the ill-effects of prostate cancer and its spread, various types of treatments like surgery, hormone therapy and radiation are used. But, they turn cruel to your sexual happiness. These treatments fail you to get an erection, preventing you from getting orgasms and also ejaculating properly. It also affects your sex drive as it lowers the volume of testosterone. Sometimes, aggressive treatments like radiation can shrink your penis size, depriving you of achieving an erection. The whole thing can also lead to erectile dysfunctions as well. As a whole, prostate cancer can pose a risk to your sexual life heavily.  

For erectile dysfunctions, a range of male enhancement pills are also used like that of Viagra. 

Although Viagra is being prescribed by the doctors to correct erectile dysfunctions, it is a highly counterfeited male enhancement drug that men use to boost their sexual performance. However, there are many ‘all-natural’ sexual enhancement alternatives, including Rock Hard for Men and Lighting Rod available on the market. But, they are not safe at all.

Why Male Enhancement Pills are unsafe?
A study reported in the JAMA Internal Medicine by Peter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and college collected some specimen used in these male enhancement pills, and suggested them to be highly unsafe for men.

Various male enhancement pills or similar so called ‘natural’ supplements for men appear to have contained dangerous drugs, which have never been examined on animals and not even suitable for humans.

If we focus on the erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra, it actually addresses this sexual dysfunction by widening the blood vessels to facilitate the blood supply to the penis, and cause sexual stimulation. This helps achieve orgasms during sexual intercourse. However, most counterfeited 
Viagra contains tainted chemicals. This applies to other forms of men’s sexual enhancement pills as well.

The key problem of the drugs is that they can be ordered online using a credit card payment. Since the rogue websites of the male enhancement pills do not ask for any prescription, the rate of ill-effects of these drugs is on high.
 The packages of these pills or supplements never contain any ingredient list on the label. On the other hand, these products contain as many as 45 agents, which have never been approved by the FDA. So, using these supplements increases your health risks by ten folds.
Individuals with heart disease should never use any prescription erectile dysfunction drugs, including that of enhancement pills as they are linked to causing a drop in their blood pressure at its lowest level. But, men driven by the quest of heightened sexual pleasure, and intense orgasms, unknowingly consume these male enhancement pills instilled with unsafe active ingredients, which never run through stringent safety checks.

Various Male Enhancement Pills With Unapproved Active Ingredients?

Lighting Rod- this sexual enhancement pill claims to contain all herbal natural ingredients. But, the FDA found the containment of sildenafil in it, which happens to be tablets, as though the manufacturers endorse it as power capsules. Since, sildenafil a more generic term of Viagra is linked to addressing erectile dysfunctions; Lighting Rod does not address this as though it is meant to boost sexual performance.

Rock Hard Weekend – This enhancement pill contains harmful and unregulated chemicals like tadalafil and glibenclamide, mainly used in the drugs of diabetes. Hence, the use of this product can erroneously decrease the sugar level in the consumers. The FDA issued warning against the use of this product.

Vicerex- This pill also contains tadalafil, an active ingredient used in the prescription drug Cialis for erectile dysfunctions.

Mr. Magic- this male enhancement pill from the manufacturers of Don Wands is advertised to be as a supplement, aiming to boost male performance. However, in 2010 the FDA wrecked heavily on the product to contain two active ingredients like sulfoaildenafil and hydroxyhomosildenafil. The product overlooks the containment of these ingredients that treat erectile dysfunctions.  Moreover, the product is not clinically tested.

Vigor 25- the manufacturer of the products claims to use all natural ingredients in this dietary supplement as touted by them. However, the product contains an active ingredient like sildenafil used in Viagra. Hence, the consumption of this capsule can cause an interaction with nitric oxide, and lower the blood pressure.

All of these products contain more or less the traces of Viagra ingredients that are aimed at treating erectile dysfunctions. These are more concentrated to stimulate your erection, rather than improving your sexual performance, thus causing severe health concerns for you.

Non prescription male enhancement pills fail to offer an elevated performance to those who seek a respite from their performance failure. Rather than boosting the performance, they cause a different health risks, including prostate cancer and erectile dysfunctions.

Now, everything lies in your hand as the danger is lurking in the male sexual enhancement pills and supplements. You need to be aware of the harmful effects of such products and stay safe from unknown risks. Whereas your performance is concerned, it is better you consult with your doctor, who can suggest you a solution.