Can Consuming Too Much Caffeine Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Watching what we eat and consume on an everyday basis, from the food that we eat to the beverages we take, is important not only for one’s physical health, it also affects the sexual wellness of a being which is majorly affected by the nutrients that are lacking in our diet.
One of the major concerns is a common problem faced by men, that is known as erectile dysfunction. Most men are unaware of the fact that young men are just as prone to developing this ailment as old men are.
Almost 20 percent of men in their 20s face this problem. It is not necessarily a disease that needs to be associated with old age. It has become a common issue for the youth and aged alike.This condition can be avoided by taking measures to avoid intake of food or beverages that trigger it.

What causes erectile dysfunction?
The prime cause of this condition is poor blood flow, which is more often than not caused by the certain food we eat that shrink down our blood vessels and result in lesser blood flow.
Of the many food items that affect blood flow, it has been found that caffeine is a vasoconstrictor which results in the reduction of blood flow in the blood vessels. On the basis of this finding, it is claimed that caffeine does cause erectile dysfunction. Let us see how accurate these claims prove out to be.

Despite the fact that caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor, its effect is only temporary in constricting the blood vessels and reducing blood flow, because after a point of time it goes ahead and encourages the perforation or vasodilation of the earlier constricted blood cells which ends up improving circulation and flow of blood.
Caffeine is also known to be a stimulant which makes it an aid in fighting against erectile dysfunctioning. It works towards exciting or stimulating the nervous system which considerably reduces chances of occurrence of this problem.
As we know, the nervous system is what drives the signals that instruct the blood vessels in the body to unbolt and allow more blood to pass through and eventually reach the penis. This very phenomenon of signaling performed by the nervous system is one of the major enablers in the process of getting an erection.

Yes or no to caffeine?
As caffeine has been found to be capable of acting both as a vasodilator as well as a vasoconstrictor, what is of importance here is the timing when it is being consumed.
As stated above, since caffeine initially behaves as a vasoconstrictor, it would be a bad idea to consume it right before having sex. If you have it planned as to whether you’ll be getting lucky on a particular day or night, it would be best to hold off on coffee or tea (or any other caffeine products) until afterward.
That being said, we are also now aware of the fact that in the long run caffeine acts as a vasodilator, which means that if properly planned and taken ahead of time, it can actually help improve blood flow by opening the blood vessels, helping one to be able to get an erection when it’s time. Thus, what ultimately matters is when one consumes it and accordingly gets the associated results.  

Another fact regarding this matter is that even though the products that contain caffeine have their cons, they do still have other chemical contents which are very much capable of simply outweighing these negative things.
Tea and coffee, for instance, are filled with antioxidants and other chemical compounds that benefit the health of an individual’s body, which also includes good functioning of the blood vessels. They also help in minimizing inflammation which is yet another cause of harm to the blood vessels, which ultimately results in issues such as erectile dysfunctioning.

Consumption of caffeine
Having established that caffeine is actually beneficial when taken as much as say, 2-3 cups a day, for most people, it is, however not meant to be consumed in an excess amount. Not only from the erectile dysfunction point of view, excess consumption of caffeine ends up causing problems such as palpitations, headaches, anxiety and sleeping disorders. Caffeine pills, in particular, should be avoided unless one consults with a doctor in the same regard, as these pills happen to contain a fatal amount of caffeine dosage.

Other helpful food beverages
According to research in the field, it has been found that pomegranate juice shows the most effective antioxidant behavior. It happens to increase the blood flow, hence improving the ability to get an erection and allow the muscles down there to relax.Some Chinese research yielded the result that consuming green tea with Panax ginseng helps men improve their fertility.

Apart from beverages, the following food can help make that erection last longer:

Cherries- Improves an individual’s blood circulation.
Dark Chocolate- Contains flavonoids that help better the blood flow.
Watermelon, papaya, banana- They contain potassium which helps dilate the arteries, resulting in better blood flow.
Nuts, milk, and cheese- Contain zinc which is good for testosterone.
Salmon- Contains omega-3 fatty acids which allow blood to flow better to all the body parts by reducing stickiness.
Garlic and Onion- Allicin present in them helps improve blood flow.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction:

Damage near nerves to the penis which is known as Peyronie’s Disease
Neurological condition
Low levels of testosterone
Drug or alcohol consumption
Down below are a few changes that one can make in their lifestyle in order to eliminate this issue:
Limit alcohol consumption
Relieve stress
Lose Weight

All in all, one simply needs to be aware of other possible causes of erectile dysfunction whilst also avoiding things that lead to it and maintain a healthy diet in general because that is a win-win situation since healthy food intake is key to a healthier lifestyle.