Best Sex Tips

Feel like your relationship has been missing out on the spark it used to have? Don’t you worry, it’s never too late to fix things. Here are the best sex tips to help you come through and make your relationship stronger than it ever was:

1)Doing kegels
Kegel workouts are a great help if you want to last longer in bed. Almost every man at some point in his life suffers from the problem of premature ejaculation and it can take a major hit on your sex life and as a result, your relationship with your partner. These exercises help strengthen the PC muscles of your pelvic floor which helps you get a control over your orgasms. 
2)Try edging
Another way in which you can last longer is by learning to delay your orgasms by training your body during masturbation. It can be done by bringing yourself close to an orgasm without allowing yourself to ejaculate and then stopping for a while and continuing the same a couple of times.

3)Using a vibrator
Since the invention of vibrators, they have been marketed with focus on female buyers but the trend seems to be changing as a study reveals that 44 percent of heterosexual men enjoy using a vibrator. The vibrations felt around the penis, especially the area called the frenulum make it a quite pleasurable experience. Some devices are available these days which are shaped like small vibrating clips that can be attached to the penis during intercourse.

4)Finding the right condom
Look for condoms that make you feel good when you use them. If you hate the ones you are using, you are probably using the wrong ones. Ribbed and ultra thins are the most popular choices out there. After all, condoms serve as birth control mechanisms and help prevent STDs, so it is probably worth putting in the effort to find the right one.

5)Try standing sex positions
You want to stand against the wall with your partner in front of you, stradling your leg so that they can balance themselves better. There are many positions that you can try while standing, experiment a bit to find the one that feels best to you both.

6)Using lubrication
To help make fast and comfortable penetrations into the vagina, using lube would be very helpful. Women get wet when they are turned on, but sometimes her natural wetness may not be enough to act as lubrication. Put some lube on your penis and make things easier for both of you.

7)Foreplay is key
There is no need to rush when it comes to sex. The more time you take to explore each other, the more amazing it feels. Foreplay also works as a great means to get to know the likes and dislikes of your partner in the bedroom. 

8)Try different stimulation
Even while you are inside her, you can try adding different stimulations to help make her get there faster. Try adding a side to side motion or putting up and down pelvic pressure on her clotoris.

9)Trying out fantasies
You can try and make a game out of it. Have yourself and your partner write down five to ten sexual fantasies of yours on chits of paper and put them in a bowl. Pick one at random and act it out. Set the atmosphere accordingly, drive to a restaurant to get a booth to set the mood if needed. In this way, you can get to know the kinky side of your partner and show them yours.

10)Tracing circles on her clitoris
According to a survey it was found that 75 percent of women like having circles traced on their clitoris. So use put your fingers and tongue into use and find out if your partner enjoys this type of stimulation as well.

11)Avoid direct contact with the clitoris
The clitoris is where most of the sensitive nerve endings are present, so your partner might not like for you to touch it directly. As it extends to several inches in length on either side, you have plenty of room ro stimulate it without touching it directly. You can trace these areas with extra wide strokes of the tongues or zig zag movements using your fingers. Rub in circles around her clitoris to excite the nerve fibres and bring her pleasure.

12)The V stimulation
While she is on top, increase the clitoral contact by making a V shape with your fingers, place the point of the V over her clitoris and rub it back and forth in order to stimulate her inner labia and clitoris.

13)Linger on other body parts too
Don’t be in a hurry to go down on your partner straight away. Consider the genitals to be off limits and touch the other parts of their body with your fingers, or a feather, anything that will turn them on. This works as a great way to build up some tension before you finally reach down south.

14)Try doing it on the washing machine
While all of us want to try out extreme sex positions, not all of us possess the strength to actually pull one off. You can make things easier by having your partner sit on top of a washing machine or a desk and wrap her legs around you as you enter her.

15)Be open to experimenting
The easiest way to keep the spark alive between yourself and your partner is by trying new things and seeing how you like the experience, hence getting to know what works best for both of you. You can use handcuffs, toys, or anything else that you both want to try. It can take some time for your partner to open up about experimenting in the bedroom and you should only be doing that once they are comfortable enough. According to a survey, it was found that around 66 percent of women were willing to try new things later on in the relationship, so give it time.