An Interesting Relation Between Penis Enlargement and Girth

An excellent penile function is important for a greater sexual satisfaction. To execute this penile job, does the size of the penis matter? This is quite an intriguing question that drives so many crazy, especially men. For most women, it does not matter, but most women prefer large penis for the ultimate orgasm. The truth behind the large penis, offering a woman excellent sexual pleasure has been based on different studies over the periods. Actually, the penis achieves a brilliant girth when enlarged and fits properly in the woman's vagina to give her sexual pleasure to the fullest. Well, does the size of the penis really matter when it comes to sexual arousal and satisfaction? Before we move on, let us know about a few facts about the male sex organ.

Facts about Male Sex Organ
The penis size varies from man to man based on their height, and the appearance of their physical structure.
The average penis size is about 5.56 inches when erect. However, in some cases, we can find the size of penises ranging from 1.6 inches to 10.2 inches long.  The interesting fact is that no equality can be found in case of erections. The sexual acts such as oral sex or intercourse dramatically increase the size of the penises while a huge difference can be seen in the length of the penises after masturbation. In addition to this, smoking does have ill effects on the penises’ flexibility and elasticity, leaving the average penises to reduce by 0.4 inches. When the discussion is about penis and its size on; how could the girth of the penis be behind? For long, the importance of girth in sexual satisfaction has been overlooked. Well, many women believe that they enjoy the longer sexual time with their partners with a good circumference of girth.

How Does Girth of A Penis Matter When It Comes To sex?
Though neglected for long periods, the girth of a penis is as important as the length of the penis during sexual activity. 3.67 inches is the average girth of a penis while flaccid; it becomes pumped and boosted and grows by 4.59 inches while erect. Given this, women enjoy sex with male partners possessing an ideal size of penis measuring between 7.25-8.25 inches with a circumference or girth of 6.25-6.50 inches.  

More to your surprise, women prefer girth to size during a one-night stand as it gives them the ultimate pleasure to raise a great level of orgasms in them. Why? Let us see the facts behind this desire.Women vagina is adaptable to the penis irrespective of its length and girth. So, when the penis is inserted into the vaginal cavity, the clitoris is brought closer to the wall of the vagina. And the climax of sexual pleasure occurs for the highest level of satisfaction. This is quite true in the case of a one-night stand where women want to spend a long time in sexual activity. In most cases, the fact is true when it comes to routine sexual pleasure too.

The role of large penis size for exciting women
Although for some women, the penis size does not matter, it matters sometimes for some women who love having deeper vaginal stimulation. In such cases, the length of the penis size and girth matter.
Women with a specific type of orgasms always want to have sex with partners with long penises. And these orgasms can be of two types where women get a climax with an ease known to be frequent vaginal orgasms. Women preferring penile-vaginal sex also love long penises.A small penis can be daunting for some men. The experience can be so intimidating that it can add to the anxiety to their lives too, and make them unhappy about possessing small penis size. With time, they develop a phobia too.

What feeds the fear?
As per the reports published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it is an emotional thought process that makes men worried about their penis size. It is true that many men from a well-to-do- family are ashamed of their penis size. They actually suffer from inferiority and assume the problem as a physical deformity. Some men expressed their apprehension to be watched by others over their trousers for having a small penis. However, there is nothing to worry about this.

Ways to Keep Penis Healthier for A Pleasurable Sexual Performance
With age, every human tends to get smaller and shrink in size. However, with the daily practice of physical exercise, you can fight the shrinkage of a physical structure.  The same way the contraction of the male organ can be controlled for a long and good sex life with regular practice of exercise and stretching. The penis has some extra layers of skin that need a real care with a pull and stretch to give your penis a volume and elasticity for the proper erection. The penis enlargement workout is believed to provide you that much-required prowess to enjoying a lasting and effective sexual orgasm. Simultaneously, the workout is necessary for stretching the tissue attached to the penis skin and adding to the permanent length to this. As stated earlier, the girth of the penis gives the ultimate sexual pleasure, the exercise is meant both for the wellness of your penis and your physical satisfaction.

Several Exercises for the wellness of the girth
Workout # 1: hold the glans of the penis and elongate your penis upward. Keep it there for a count of 10. Follow the same steps downward, left and right for the same count. Do this twice a day for at least more than five minutes.
Workout #2: grasp the penis to the tip and stretch it in both directions away from the body. Hold this for a couple of seconds and begin it again. Practice this one or two times a day.
Workout #3: grasp the penis with your both thumbs and compress the skin back into the body. Do this for 10 seconds. If you stop before the stated time period, it may break off the blood flow to the penis and desired result cannot be achieved. Practice this for five minutes every day.

Well, be mindful as these workouts are recommended for penis in a flaccid state.

How these workouts can be performed:
·         using a chair
·         taking a direct guidance by looking yourself in the mirror
·         holding yourself against the wall

Advantages of these workouts:
·         Becoming fertile, energized and achieving endurance during sex
·         Better production of sperm
·         Better ejaculation prowess
·         Improved male hormone- testosterone
·         Helpful in avoiding infection of the prostate

The importance of the girth of the penis is undeniable for sexual pleasure, but the tricks of foreplay also play an important role in arousing your partner. So, it is better to learn the tricks in sync with keeping in mind the health of your girth.